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KDE GL Utilities for the Chart of Accounts Migration


KDE GL UTILITIES FOR THE. CHART OF ACCOUNTS MIGRATION. Kristin Lambert - OET. KDE GL Utilities. KDE recognizes the prior chart of accounts change ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: KDE GL Utilities for the Chart of Accounts Migration

KDE GL Utilities for theChart of Accounts
  • Kristin Lambert - OET

KDE GL Utilities
  • KDE recognizes the prior chart of accounts change
  • (Data Integrity) placed a heavy burden on
    Districts to
  • align with the new standards.
  • KDE has charged MUNIS with creating utilities
  • and program changes to assist in identifying
  • and changing to the new account standards.

Utilities to Ease the Transition
  • KDE is providing five MUNIS utilities to ease
  • the transition
  • Account cleanup/purging.
  • Identify current chart of account changes and
    provide some mass-change capabilities.
  • Improve performance of existing Account Change
  • Account Description Synchronization
  • Verify compliance (current and past) with KDE
    chart of accounts standards.

Account Cleanup/Purging
  • Why Purge Old Accounts?
  • Reduces the number of accounts that must be
    addressed through the migration process
  • Creates a cleaner more efficient chart of
  • For many Districts the number of old and unused
    accounts comprises 10 25 of the accounts in
    their chart!

Account Cleanup/Purging
  • Process
  • Purge Journal History transactions through and
    including FY2004 (KDE web document Purge GL
    History MSA-3)
  • Purge old Budget Projections
  • Mass delete old projects through and including
    FY2004 (KDE web document Mass Create BGL-5)
  • Mass delete closed accounts
  • Close fully expended projects
  • Identify and purge accounts with no history

Mass Delete Closed Accounts
  • This program purges closed accounts with no
    transaction history
  • To run Program Financials -gt General Ledger -gt
    End of Period -gt Purge GL Accounts
  • Allows you to select ranges of Orgs, Objects, and
  • Must print or spool report before proceeding
  • Note Limit account selection to expense objects

Mass Delete Closed Accounts
Utility Identify Accounts w/No History
  • Identifies expense accounts with no history and
    produces a basic spooled report.
  • District uses report to manually delete accounts
    from their chart.
  • Although not required, KDE suggests running the
    utility and purging accounts to facilitate the
    migration process.

Utility Identify Accounts w/No History
  • To run the No GL History Utility
  • Login as root
  • cd /fms
  • ksh nohist

Utility Identify Accounts w/No History
  • Select one of two options
  • Takes a few minutes to process

Utility Identify Accts w/No History
  • Use this report to manually delete individual
    accounts under G/L Account FM.

Utility Identify Post Changes
  • Identify all changes currently proposed (object
    code, function, object code description, segment
    code description etc.)
  • Produce a report of active inactive accounts
    requiring change and list type of change
  • Allow posting of selected changes in mass to
    alleviate manually performing changes

Utility Identify Post Changes
  • Types of changes/District requirements
  • Outdated objects (include extended objects).
  • Program Reports outdated objects only. District
    manually moves/inactivates/closes accounts.
  • Object/Account description changes.
  • Program Mass post object and account description
  • Move object codes accounts.
  • Program Reports accounts that must be moved.
    District manually performs account moves.

Utility Identify Post Changes
  • Types of changes/District requirements
  • Segment number changes (not Org changes)
  • Program Mass post segment changes
  • Outdated Segments
  • Program Reports outdated segments. District
    manually moves/inactivates/closes accounts.
  • New Objects/Segments
  • Program Auto-load new objects/segments. District
    manually creates any new accounts.

Utility Identify Post Changes
Utility Change GL Acct Enhancements
  • Enhance the Account Change function within this
    program to
  • Allow spreadsheet style interface to enter
    multiple account changes prior to processing
  • Add an Import function to allow Districts to
    import a comma delimited file of account changes
  • Add an option to change account status during
    Account Change
  • Improve performance of move

Utility Change GL Acct Enhancements
Utility Change GL Acct Enhancements
Excel/CSV Example (Column headings for
illustration only do not put headings in your
Utility Change GL Acct Enhancements
  • Working in Excel Importing Changes
  • In Excel, format the entire worksheet as text to
    preserve leading zeros on the org, object and
    project codes.
  • Work with the file in Excel until all changes are
    made then save in Excel (xls). Once finalized
    save in CSV format.
  • Do not make any changes in the CSV file only
    the Excel file and resave in CSV format. Changes
    made in CSV will cause leading zeros to fall

Utility Account Description Synchronization
  • Two categories of changes, Object Code
    Description and Account Code Move, can result in
    accounts with what appears to be two different
  • The descriptions differ since the account
    description no longer matches the object code

Utility Account Description Synchronization
Utility Account Description Synchronization
  • Login as root
  • Type cd /fms
  • Type ksh syncdesc
  • Select L for Live Database or T for Test

Utility Account Compliance
  • Utility contains a list of all valid objects,
    valid segments, and reports discrepancies.
  • Utility can be run at any time by District.
  • Invalid Objects Reports accounts with invalid 4
    digit objects and associated extended objects
  • Invalid Segments Reports accounts with invalid

Utility Account Compliance
  • Separate function to identify payroll records
    using inactive or closed accounts
  • Employee Master
  • Job Pay
  • Allocation table

Utility Account Compliance
  • To run Program Admin gt Miscellaneous Admin gt
    System Update

Utility GL Compliance
  • Obsolete Objects Objects and accounts listed in
    this report should not be used in the new chart
    of accounts.

GL Compliance
Obsolete Segment
Segment Type
  • Obsolete Segments Segments no longer valid in
    the new chart of accounts.

Utility PR Account Verification
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