Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism MEDIUM TERM EXPENDITURE FRAMEWORK 2005/06 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism MEDIUM TERM EXPENDITURE FRAMEWORK 2005/06


Long term sustainable utilisation of marine living resources ... Programme to remove toxic mercury from Thor Chemicals. Environmental cooperation agreements ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism MEDIUM TERM EXPENDITURE FRAMEWORK 2005/06


(CORPORATE GOVERNANCE) Presentation to the joint
Ad-hoc Committee on Corporate Governance (APRM)
23 January 2006
DEAT Context
  • A prosperous and equitable society living in
    harmony with its natural resources
  • We will do so by leading sustainable development
    of our environment and tourism through
  • Creating conditions for sustainable tourism
  • Promoting conservation and sustainable
    utilisation of our natural resources to enhance
    economic growth and poverty eradication
  • Protecting and improving the quality and safety
    of the environment
  • Promoting a global sustainable development agenda

Sound Environmental Management Corporate
  • Promoting an enabling environment and effective
    regulatory framework for economic activities
  • Ensuring that corporations act as good corporate
    citizens with regard to human rights, social
    responsibility and environmental sustainability

Enabling environment regulatory framework
  • Constitution
  • Section 24 stipulates that everyone has a right
  • to an environment that is not harmful
  • To have the environment protected, for the
    benefit of present and future generations through
    reasonable legislation
  • Constitution enshrines rights and
    responsibilities with regard to provincial and
    local government on environmental management

National Environmental Management Act, 1998
  • Provides for procedures and institutions for
    integrated, cooperative governance on national
    and provincial scale regarding environmental
  • Makes provision for the implementation of
    integrate environmental management plans at all
    levels of government
  • Imposes the duty to care for the prevention,
    minimising and remediation of environmental
    damage such as pollution and degradation

National Environmental Management, Biodiversity
Act, 2004
  • Establishes SANBI- Manage the planning,
    monitoring and conservation of our biodiversity
    and promote research in a co-ordinated and
    integrated way
  • Protection of threatened/protected ecosystems and
  • Listing of species if it is of high conservation
    value- trade in listed areas regulated
  • Sustainable use of indigenous biological
    resources and fair sharing of benefits from bio
  • Control/eradication of alien and invasive species
    and listing thereof

Environmental Conservation Act, 1979 Associated
Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations
  • Some of its provisions replaced by NEMA
  • Responsible for environmental impact assessment
    (EIA regulations under the ECA are about to be
    replaced by new regulations to be promulgated
    under NEMA)
  • Waste Management (New bill being drafted to
    replace ECA sections dealing with waste

Marine Living Resources Act, 1998
  • Conservation of marine ecosystem
  • Long term sustainable utilisation of marine
    living resources
  • Orderly access to exploitation, utilisation and
    protection of marine living resources
  • Exercise control over marine living resources in
    a fair and equitable manner

Related Acts
  • National Water Act, 1998legislates the
    development, use and protection of water
    resources. Protection of aquatic and associated
    eco-systems is facilitated. Also addresses the
    pollution and remedies thereof iro water
  • Conservation of Agricultural Resources regulates
    the combating and prevention of erosion, combats
    the weakening of water resources by protecting
    vegetation, combating of weeds and invader
    species. Also regulates grazing capacity, control
    of veld fires and restoration of eroded land

  • Municipal Systems Act explicit references to
    biodiversity and environmental conservation.
  • Its chapter 5 provides for the policy need to
    enable district and municipalities to conserve
    and protect the environment in their areas
  • Provision for the municipal planning to be
    development oriented
  • The planning of municipalities to be aligned with
    and complement the development plans and
    strategies of affected areas
  • Consultations required to develop integrated
    development planning frameworks

Development Facilities Act, 1995
  • Promotes the integration of social, economic,
    institutional and physical aspects of land
  • Encourages environmental sustainable land
    development practices
  • Addresses optimum utilisation of natural
  • Promotes a diverse combination of land uses

How do we ensure that Corporations are good
corporate citizens?
  • Our experience regarding environmental
  • Long term environmental degradation by the mining
  • Air pollution burning of fossil fuels for
    electricity generation, petrochemical industries,
    iron and steel operations
  • High levels of solid waste produced through
    domestic and industrial processes
  • Contamination of land by processing industries
  • Urbanisation and consequent loss of land with
    high agricultural potential
  • Pollution of surface and sub-surface water

What we have done
  • Over the past two years we established an
    environmental management inspectorate to address
    cases of non-compliance with environmental
  • NEMA provides for the development of
    environmental management cooperation agreements
    that would facilitate negotiated agreements on
    voluntary compliance by industrial sectors and
    organs of state on environmental management
  • Many corporations voluntarily seek accreditation
    in terms of the international environmental
    standards such as ISO 14001

What is our evidence of legislation, policies,
programmes, institutions and resources to
safeguard the environment?
  • Legislation develop and implemented as already
  • The EIA regulate the environmental impact
    assessment processes related to activities
    identified as potentially harmful to the
  • Directives are served on persons alleged to have
    contravened the waste management provisions.
    Provisions exist to identify waste streams that
    require special management and for charges to be
    levied in this regard

  • Air Quality Management All spheres of Government
    are now involved in air quality management-
    requires increased governance capacity and
    localised focus/knowledge. Strengthened
    enforcement provisions and regulatory mechanisms
    and incentives in the form of recognition

Policies and Strategies
  • National Strategy for sustainable development
  • National growth and development strategy
  • Environmental management policy
  • National waste management strategy
  • Integrated pollution and waste management policy

Programmes on sustainable environmental management
  • Health care risk waste programme
  • Recycling programmes for plastic bags, glass,
    tyres and paper
  • Africa stock pile programme for removal of
    obsolete pesticides
  • Cleaner production strategy
  • Programme to remove toxic mercury from Thor
  • Environmental cooperation agreements
  • National air quality management programme
  • Integrated environmental management tools

Levels of compliance by Corporations
  • Compliance to EIA regulations increases annually-
    5 500 EIA applications received between April and
    November 2005. A further 5 800 for rectification
    for unlawful commencement
  • Environmental liability not readily accepted by
    corporations and legal intervention is often
    required to ensure liabilities are taken up
  • Larger corporations tend to move towards cleaner
    technologies while smaller corporations still
    present a challenge
  • The establishment of the environmental management
    inspectorate appears to be providing a compliance

Citations for Environmental Degradation
  • 72 reports of degradation and compliance received
    between April and November 2005, 38 of these
    referred to provinces for further investigations
    and the remainder were investigated by DEAT
  • 10 of the investigated cases resulted in
    compliance, 7 resulted in new legal action and 2
    resulted in successful prosecution

Reports by Corporations on their environmental
  • Larger corporations do environmental performance
  • Provinces and National Departments with functions
    impacting on environment report annually against
    their environmental management plans
  • Reporting on performance against permits issues
    in terms of the EIA regulations are required on
    an ad hoc basis- which are provided to the
    national and environmental authority

State Of the Environment (SOE) in South Africa
  • Well established SOE reporting, from 1997
  • Environmental reports published are inter alia
    millennium development goals that containing
    reporting on environmental sustainability and
    climate change response strategy, millennium
    ecosystem assessment and the spatial biodiversity
    assessment , state of rivers sectoral report,
    state of environment reports for metropolitans
    Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban
    (cities state of the environment)

  • Corporate sector involved in SOE with imperatives
    of corporate social responsibility and
    triple-bottom-line reporting
  • Current state of the environment reporting is
    called SA Environment Outlook 2005 and will have
    this outlook
  • State of the environment focused on governance,
    land, biodiversity and ecosystem health, inland
    water resources, marine and coastal resources,
    atmosphere and human settlements

  • Human vulnerability will assess vulnerability to
    environmental change and our ability to cope
  • Outlook section will extrapolate the current
    environmental trends to indicate the future state
    for 2025
  • And a section options for action

SOE Continue
  • SOE Youth version
  • Capacitate youth on environmental governance
  • Dedicated to enhance environmental literacy and
    deepening multi-disciplinary environment
  • Capacitate youth to issues of environmental
  • The youth version of the SEO to be launched in

SOE continue
  • Sectoral SOE reports are gaining popularity-
    state of coast report which is part of the WSSD
    implementation is nearing completion. State of
    the air report is on the cards, state of the
    rivers has been done and the state of the
  • In total more than 25 state of the environment
    reports have been published in South Africa in
    the last seven years- thus improving
    environmental governance.

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