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20092010 Torrey Pines High School


9th Grade 09-10 Course Offering Sheet ... i.e. Spanish II, equals two years of a World Language if the final year is ... Optional Coffee Chat with TP Counselors ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 20092010 Torrey Pines High School

2009-2010Torrey Pines High School
  • Incoming 9th Grade
  • Registration Information

Welcome and Introductions
  • Principal- Brett Killeen
  • Assistant Principals
  • Rob Coppo
  • Milan Perisic
  • Garry Thornton
  • ASB President- Alexa Golden
  • PALs Students- Josh Adler and
  • Tara Mullally
  • TPHS Foundation- Bobbi Karlson

TPHS Counselors
Jayme Cambra A-Co
Brennan Dean Cr- Ha
Mary Sanchez-Allwein He-Ko and ELL
Lauren Dowell Si-Z
Sally Gervasini Kr-Na and AVID
Ashley Bascom Ne-Sh and AVID
Registration Packet
  • Contract
  • Course Request Form
  • High School Graduation Requirements
  • 10 Important TPHS Academic Facts
  • UC/CSU a-g Admission Requirements
  • 9th Grade 09-10 Course Offering Sheet

General Graduation Requirements
  • Complete a minimum of 230 credits.
  • Complete all course requirements.
  • Pass the California High School Exit Exam in
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Pass Algebra I P with a D or better.

Required High School Courses
Four-Year University RequirementsUC/CSU A-G
Freshmen students typically take
  • English
  • Math
  • Year One PE
  • Biology
  • World Language
  • CTE, VPA, or other elective class

You must choose 1 English 9 College Prep or
English 9 Honors Please circle the course you
would like on the form as indicated by the arrow.
You must write one course, from the list of math
classes indicated on the Course Offering Sheet.
Physical Education
  • You MUST write 1
  • Year One PE (includes health)
  • Team Sport (see Course Offering Sheet for
  • Band/PE (Music auditions are required sign up at
  • ISPE (Must be approved yearly through the
    Athletics department)

Health Requirement
  • If a student selects ISPE or Band/PE they will
    still need to fulfill the health requirement
    sometime during the next four years.
  • Students may take Health through
  • Summer school
  • or
  • An approved off campus source.

Elective Choices
  • Using your Course Offering sheet, select three
    classes from the following categories
  • Science
  • World Language
  • Visual Performing Arts
  • Career Technical Education
  • Alternates, must be written as well in case of
    course cancellation or staffing changes.

  • Which science sequence is best for you?
  • Love science and math? Do well in those classes?
  • Solid student, will definitely apply to a UC?
  • Need extra support in science and math? Still
    want to be on track for college? TALL

World Language
  • If a student is earning a C or better in their
    current world language class, they are prepared
    to continue on to the next level.
  • World language courses completed in middle school
    count towards meeting the college admission
  • -i.e. Spanish II, equals two years of a World
    Language if the final year is completed in high

Honors vs. College Prep Courses
  • Level of difficulty
  • Achievement level in past
  • Personal interest/Motivation
  • Time management
  • Work and study habits
  • Well rounded student/other commitments

Special Programs/Classes
  • ASB Leadership
  • English Language Learners
  • PALs
  • AVID
  • Yearbook
  • Journalism
  • Special Education
  • If your student receives Special Education
    services, please bring a copy of your childs IEP
    next week.

How can I find out what a class will be like?
  • Visit the counseling website
  • http//www2.sduhsd.net/tp/counseling.php
  • Select the TPHS Course Profiles link and read
    about all our classes

Things to consider when choosing your courses.
  • Do my course selections correlate with my post
    high school plans?
  • Have I met the course prerequisites?
  • Math and World Languages must have a C or better
    both semesters to progress to the next level.
  • How much time can I reasonably commit to studying
    given my responsibilities outside of school (i.e.
    community service, clubs, sports)?

When is the last day to make course changes?
  • The last day to make course changes is Friday,
    May 29th
  • If you would like to make a change, email your
    class change to
  • tpchangecourses_at_sduhsd.net
  • No email response will be given

Will I be able to change my schedule next year?
  • Mandatory schedule changes will be made for
    students who completed an approved summer school
    course or for students who failed a class.
  • Schedule changes will NOT be made to accommodate
    teacher requests, off campus classes or
    extracurricular activities, such as sports.

Schedule Changes Continued
  • Adding and dropping courses will be considered
    during Readiness Days in August and will ONLY be
    approved if
  • it improves the integrity of the schedule.
  • there is space available in the desired class
    during the same period as the dropped course.
  • After the first day of school, requests will
    require a conference with an administrator. If
    approved student may be required to make up
    missed work.

What if I want to change levels?
  • Level changes (from an honors course to a college
    prep course) will be considered during the first
    four weeks of the semester, if there is space
  • Prior to any level change being made, student and
    parent must have contact with current teacher.

How do I submit my course request form and
  • On the evening of March 25th or 26th you are
    invited to briefly meet with a staff member and
    submit your forms.
  • OR
  • If you dont have questions, you can drop off
    your completed form in your designated room.

What should I bring if I return on March 25th or
26th to meet with TPHS Staff?
  • You must bring a signed Contract by both student
    and parent and a completed Course Request Form.
  • If in Special Education courses, a current IEP.
  • You will meet individually with a staff member
    and it is very important that you have alternates
    for each elective class
  • chosen.

March 25th and 26th Schedule
Room Assignments A-G and Special Ed Lecture
Hall H-N and EL Learners Media Center O-Z
and AVID Room 52 and 53
Summer School
  • Applications are available in your middle school
    counseling office.
  • Check application for due date.
  • Summer school is important if you need to make up
    D or F grades.
  • Counselors will be checking transcripts before
    beginning of school year to make sure students
    have fulfilled course prerequisites.

Optional Coffee Chat with TP Counselors
  • Incoming 9th grade parents are welcome to attend
    an informal session where counselors will answer
    general questions about TPHS and course
  • This event will take place in the Media Center at
    Carmel Valley Middle School
  • Monday, March 23rd from 600pm-700pm

Thank You for Attending!
  • Remember to choose your courses wisely. The
    choices you make now will determine your
    2009-2010 schedule
  • We look forward to seeing you next week ?
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