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How to Market Yourself


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Title: How to Market Yourself

  • How to Market Yourself
  • In a Difficult
  • Job Market.
  • Background (Market Analysis)
  • The Job Tree
  • Analyzing Your Customer
  • Organizing Your Selling Points
  • Resumes (The Hook)
  • Interviews (The Sales Pitch)
  • Recommendations
  • Questions Answers

To see resume examples, click here
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KSA Job Market Analysis BEFORE
From School
To Work
KSA Job Market Analysis NOW
From School
To Work
So, what to do?
Frustration ?
Depression ?
Anger ?
Confusion ?
NO. Theres a better way. A Better Idea.
OK, then. Lets hear about it !
Resume Writing
Current Job Market
How to turn this
negative situation . . . Into
The Job Tree -- Your Selling Points
WHERE do I want to work?
I WANT ___ working conditions
WHAT knowledge/skills can I offer to the market ?
I WANT ___ salary amount
IN what kind of company?
I HAVE___ goals purposes
What Are They Looking For?
Interviewer (audience) Analysis
Present Future
Abilities Potential
  • How do you handle failure?
  • How do you solve conflicts?
  • Are you flexible, honest, loyal?
  • Have you traveled outside KSA?
  • Can you work on more than 1 task or project at
    the same time?
  • Have you set goals and met them?
  • Why are you here at our company?

Why are the Decision Makers in the Market asking
these questions?
REMEMBER The interviewer and the company have
needs. They are under pressure and must produce
benefits from the students they choose. The
questions they ask you clearly show this in some
of the application forms.
I hope you guys dont get me into trouble again!
I hope I made the right decision this time.
Sample questions on application forms
TOPIC Leadership Give an example of when you
as a leader of a group, set direction for them,
gained their commitment, and led them to achieve
outstanding results.
  • Examples
  • group work in class or project
  • club, hobby, Co-op, Summer work
  • sports, family situation, other responsibilities

Sample questions on application forms
TOPIC Problem-solving Describe a challenging
and difficult project which you have done. What
did you do, why and what was the result?
  • Examples
  • Co-op and report/presentation
  • Research work for senior project
  • Student club or group work
  • Family life problem, but good grades

Sample questions on application forms
TOPIC Teamwork Give an example of when you
developed effective working relationships with
people from different backgrounds to accomplish a
goal. Describe a situation where you had to
involve others to achieve a task.
  • Examples
  • Co-op work, group projects at KFUPM
  • Personal life, relationships with professors

Sample questions on application forms
TOPIC Innovation Describe a situation where you
used a new approach to solve a problem. Give
an example of when you thought of a new idea or a
better way of doing something.
  • Examples
  • Using internet to do research
  • Time management to get more homework and
    studying done better and faster
  • Looking up the company website, instead of just
    talking with other students about it

Sample questions on application forms
TOPIC Communication Give an example of when
you organized your thoughts, effectively
communicated them and got others to agree with
  • Examples
  • this interview
  • your Co-op presentation or Senior project
  • group work in class on project
  • any work experience !!!

Review of Key Qualities
Interviewers Question Strategies 2 Types of
CLOSED TYPE Questions which have simple answers
of 1 or 2 words. Example Are you a major in
Marketing? Example When can you start work here?
OPEN TYPE Questions which are more difficult,
because you must think and organize your response
more carefully. Example Tell me about
yourself. Example Why do you want to work here
with us?
For Open Questions, remember to focus and keep
your answer on the present situation. That
means, relate everything in your background,
education and experience to the type of job for
which you are interviewing.
Some Specific Interview
Market yourself through your answers!
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What interests you about our products/services?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why did you choose your major (or change your
  • How much salary do you want?

Research, Sales, Persuasion, Negotiation, Logic,
Positive Attitude Communication
Interview Tips (The
Sales Pitch)
1. SMILE. Know your resume very well 2. Read
about company BEFORE 3. Know WHY you are there
(Job Tree) 4. Look good. Appearance and NVC 5.
Stay alert for open closed ?s 6. Be aware
of tell me about youself 7. Relate Your Info.
to Their Needs market yourself as a product that
meets and exceeds their desire/needs 8. Answer
questions, then stop talking 9. Ask questions.
Know what to say about salary 10. Say thank you
ask for business card. SMILE!!!
In conclusion . . .
  • Stay balanced.
  • Islam is the ??? ?????
  • In other words, how many people just before their
    death ever said
    I wish I had spent more time at my office.
  • Be aware to avoid a big mistake in life --using
    ladder of success

Make sure you have put your ladder in the right
place before you start to climb up!
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