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Welcome to Holland High School


Highlight the academic, social, as well as college and career planning ... Extended Algebra 1 (3 trimesters) Algebra 1 (2 trimesters) Geometry (2 trimesters) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Holland High School


Welcome to Holland High School
8th Grade Parent Meeting
Tonight's Goals
  • Highlight the academic, social, as well as
    college and career planning opportunities at HHS.
  • Look at grade level course requirements and class
  • Focus on 9th grade information to help meet the
    specific unique needs of your teen.

The Big Picture
2011 Graduation Requirements
For classes 2010 Beyond
The following requirements must be met to receive
a Holland High School diploma
English (Language Arts) Speech 4 (8) English ½ (1) Speech
Mathematics 4 (8)
Science 3 (6)
Social Studies 3 (6)
Fine/Practical or Vocational Arts 1 (2)
Physical Education ½ (1)
Technology/Career Exploration ½ (1)
Health ½ (1)
ACT Prep Career Preparation (pending Board approval) ½ (1)
Electives One (1) on-line course will be needed Electives One (1) on-line course will be needed 11 (22)
College Preparation Curriculum
  • English 4 years required
  • Math 4 years required
  • Biology/Physical Science 3 years required
  • History and Social Science - 3 years required 1
    year of American History and 1 year of World
    History is strongly recommended
  • Foreign Language 2 years required 3 years
    strongly recommended
  • Fine and Performing Arts 2 years strongly
  • Computers 1 year recommended

Trimesters and Credits
1 class .5 credits 3 trimesters 5 classes
daily 15 classes a year 15 classes 7.5
credits earned each year.
9th Grade Class Requirements
  • Math
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Technology/Career Exploration

Electives Course Request Worksheet - Grade 9
Each Student Chose 5 Electives
9th Grade Band (pg. 46) Concert Orchestra (pg.
47) Choir Concert (Boys) (pg. 48) Choir
Treble (Girls) (pg. 47) Health 1 (pg.
53) Working on Wellness (pg. 53) PE
PE A (pg. 59) PE B (pg. 59) PE C
(pg. 60) Intro to Graphic Design (pg. 51)
Tips Given When Students Chose Electives
  • Bolded classes are required sometime before
    students graduate.
  • Foreign language is required for college. (You
    may take if you are getting an A or B in 8th
    grade Communication Arts.)
  • Band, choir, and orchestra require auditions.

Your Unique Student
Core classes are offered at different academic
Math Options/Levels for 9th Grade
  • Extended Algebra 1 (3 trimesters)
  • Algebra 1 (2 trimesters)
  • Geometry (2 trimesters)
  • Honors Geometry (2 trimesters)
  • Algebra 2 or FST Pre-Calculus (2 trimesters)
  • For PATH students testing out of Algebra
    and Geometry

English Options/Levels for 9th Grade
  • Extended English 9 (3 trimesters)
  • English 9 (2 trimesters)
  • Honors English 9 (2 trimesters)

Social Study Options/Levels for 9th Grade
  • Extended World History (3 trimesters)
  • World History (2 trimesters)
  • AP World History (Prior approval needed)

Science Options/Levels for 9th Grade
  • Extended Biology (3 trimesters)
  • Biology (2 trimesters)
  • AP Biology
  • For students who have taken PATH Biology and
    passed HHS Biology exam.

9th Grade Sample Schedule
Hour 1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester
1st hour Algebra 1A Extended Algebra 1B Extended Algebra 1C Extended
2nd hour English 9A Extended English 9B Extended English 9C Extended
3rd hour Biology A Extended World History B Extended World History C Extended
4th hour Transition Team Transition Team Transition Team
5th hour World History A Extended Biology B Extended Biology C Extended
9th Grade Sample Schedule
Hour 1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester
1st hour Algebra 1A Algebra 1B Intro to Art
2nd hour English 9B World History A English 9A
3rd hour Biology A Physical Education World History B
4th hour 9th Grade Band 9th Grade Band 9th Grade Band
5th hour Technology/ Career Exploration Health Biology B
Programs To Help All Be Successful
  • ELL
  • Special Education
  • 9th Grade Transition Academy
  • AP Academy (2 honors classes freshmen year.)
  • Operation Graduation
  • Summer School for Pre-Algebra
  • Study Tables at Lunch

Weighted Grades
Beginning with the Class of 2009, all AP courses
will be based on a 5 point honor scale.
4.0 Honor Scale 5.0 Honor Scale (AP
Classes Only) A 4 A 5 B 3 B
4 C 2 C 3 D 1 D 2 E
0 E 0
Schedule Change Information
  • February 2nd thru March 2nd - Parents may contact
    9/10 counselors with questions and changes for
    student schedules.
  • IEPs for special education students always
    override preliminary schedule.

Ninth Graders, "Who are They?"
  • F I A
  • Ninth Graders Want
  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • Attitude
  • and. . .
  • Ninth Graders Need
  • Family
  • Inclusion
  • Affection/Acceptance

9th Grade Influences
  • Parents/Family
  • Friends/Media
  • School/Other Adults
  • Research shows that parents still have by far the
    most influence in the lives of their teens.

Parent Resources
  • Holland High School website
  • Teacher voicemail e-mail
  • Get to know your students school counselor
  • Academic Boosters Club (ABC)

To Do List Your Freshmen Year
  • Meet with your counselor to plan out your 4 year
    course schedule.
  • Ask both counselors and teachers to keep you
    informed of any special programs or
    extracurricular activities that are available.
  • Make a list of academic personal goals.
  • Get to know your teachers, so they get to know
    you. (At some point you may need recommendations
    for scholarships and college recommendations.)

To Do List Your Freshmen Year
  • Keep your eyes open for cool activities or
    opportunities such as summer programs, camps,
    academic or athletic contest.
  • Start thinking about scholarship opportunities.
  • Keep a paper file of information together
    awards, experiences, special projects, volunteer
    hours, etc.
  • Find ways to volunteer.

Checklist for College Planning
  • When to Begin What To Do How
    To Do It

Freshmen and sophomore year Become familiar with college entrance requirements and career exploration activities. Work with parents, teachers, and counselors to create a four-year high school curriculum plan to satisfy your goals.
This is a good resource to help explore prepare!
Standardized Testing
  • 9th Grade MEAP Social Studies Test
  • 10th Grade - PLAN (Pre-ACT)
  • 11th Grade PSAT, ASVAB, and MME, (Michigan
    Merit Exam), which includes the ACT

Future Opportunties
  • Career Line Tech Center
  • Community Classroom
  • Coop
  • Advanced Placement Classes (College Credit)

Career Cruising
  • Organize all your son or daughters
    information in their EDP, (Education Development
    Plan) found in www.careercruising.com
  • Username Holland Password Dutch

  • The good thing
  • about being a freshmen
  • is that all your choices
  • are in front of you. . .
  • you just have to
  • make the right ones.

Clubs Activities
  • Academic Challenge
  • Amnesty International
  • Band
  • Close-Up
  • Dutch Dance
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Rocketry Team
  • Theater
  • US First Robotics

  • All 8th grade students are eligible for sports.
  • Some sports begin practice in the summer.
  • After first trimester grades, students are only
    eligible if they pass 4 out of 5 classes.
  • If a student receives 2 Es, they many not
    compete for 90 school days.

Thank you for partnering with us!
  • We look forward to getting to know your student
    and encourage your continued involvement!
  • Sue Hemmeke (A-L) 494-2213
  • Tonia Lans (A-L) 494-2213
  • Sue Williams (M-Z) 494-2212

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