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Presentation of Chart of Accounts


Martin Arroyo. Melanie Pitts. Mike Burke. Ron Horan. Shirley Knox. Susej Morejon. Wayne Atzrodt ... The Account field will include TERMS revenue functions, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Presentation of Chart of Accounts

Presentation of Chart of Accounts
  • June 29, 2005

Team Members
  • District
  • Christy Price
  • Debbie Hardy
  • Jill Klink
  • Karen Davis
  • Leanne Evans
  • Martin Arroyo
  • Melanie Pitts
  • Mike Burke
  • Ron Horan
  • Shirley Knox
  • Susej Morejon
  • Wayne Atzrodt
  • ERP Project Team
  • Doris Howard
  • Greg Ostaffe
  • eVerge
  • Chuddie Jones
  • Jason Mathieu
  • Martha Thompson

Best Business Practices
  • Improved local control of budget
  • Budget Manager
  • Local Code
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Improved grants accountability

TERMS to PeopleSoft
  • Old Dimension
  • Location
  • Fund
  • Function
  • GLFunctionsObjects
  • Project/Program
  • Capital Projects
  • PeopleSoft ChartField
  • Department
  • Fund
  • Function
  • Account
  • Program
  • Budget Manager (new)
  • Local Code (new)
  • Award Year (new)
  • Projects

  • School/DepartmentThe same as the existing local
  • FundBased on activity and reporting need.
  • FunctionRetains existing identity (Redbook
  • AccountThe Account field will include TERMS
    revenue functions, expense objects and Balance
    Sheet accounts.
  • ProgramIdentifies true programs of the District.
  • Budget ManagerBudget responsibility and control.
  • Local CodeAllows the budget to be allocated at a
    more granular level as determined by each campus
    or department.
  • Award YearThe Award Year indicates the year of
    the grant award, TANS or SFS activity. Allows for
    multi-year budgeting.
  • ProjectThe project element will be used for
    Capital Projects only.

Chart of Accounts Cross Walk
Impact of New Chart of Accounts
  • Relabeling ChartFields
  • Effect on District systems
  • Chart of Accounts Rollout
  • Managing Change

ChartField Labels
  • Relabeling ChartFields
  • Changing the labels of the PeopleSoft chartfields
    will make them more meaningful to District
  • Relabeling is accomplished through a process
    called chartfield configuration.
  • Impact of Relabeling ChartFields
  • Relabeling and resequencing chartfields requires
    modification to delivered PeopleSoft objects. The
    estimated effort for implementing the
    modification changes is eight hours.
  • Final approval of the change will rest with the
    ERP Steering Committee.

Effect on District Systems
  • Change to new Chart of Accounts
  • Subsystems will have to be changed to incorporate
    the PS chart of accounts structure (School Food
    Service, Maximo, Field Trips, Printing Services,
  • Concerns expressed about the effort required to
    change subsystems
  • Cross walk to new Chart of Accounts
  • Change the interface process by crosswalking to
    PS chart of accounts versus changing the
  • Crosswalk must be maintained until all subsystems
    are updated or replaced. Maintenance will be
    complex due to the structural changes Projects
    to Programs, etc.

Chart of Accounts Rollout
  • Fiscal year 2005 ledger balances will be
    converted to the PeopleSoft chart of accounts
    structure during June September 2005.
  • Historical Capital Projects data stored in the
    Capital Projects Reporting system (CPR) will also
    be converted and validated.
  • The fiscal year 2007 budget will eventually have
    to be available using the PeopleSoft chart of
    accounts and at the correct level of detail.
  • The budget will either need to be developed using
    the new chart of accounts or converted prior to
    loading to PeopleSoft in the Spring of 2006. An
    initial fiscal year 2007 budget must be loaded
    prior to the May 1, 2006 Go Live for end of
    school year purchasing.

Managing Change
  • Communication
  • Website
  • Road shows
  • End-user input/participation
  • Focus groups
  • Inclusion of site-based personnel in BPR sessions
  • Support
  • Instructor-led training
  • Help desk
  • One-on-one workshops
  • Tools
  • Chart of Accounts crosswalk
  • User Productivity Kiton-demand help on the

For More Information
  • Visit the ERP website.
  • Contact Greg Ostaffe or Doris Howard
  • Email
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