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Kurt Sanders Jr, G.A. Accountant. At this budget workshop ... the request is properly prepared and resubmitted before the deadline to turn in budget requests. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Getting Started
  • Introductions
  • Jarvis Purnell, S.A. Treasurer
  • Suzanne Sedlacek, S.A. Accountant
  • Kurt Sanders Jr, G.A. Accountant
  • At this budget workshop meeting you will
  • receive information ensuring that your
  • organization can
  • submit a properly prepared budget request for
    next year
  • properly spend SA allocated funding.

  • I Introduction- Jarvis, Suzanne, Kurt
  • II Budget
  • A Budget Process-Suzanne, Jarvis, Kurt
  • B Rules-Jarvis P.
  • C Funding
  • 1 SA Funding-Jarvis P.
  • 2 Fundraising- Jarvis P.
  • D Preparing your Budget-Suzanne S.
  • E Budget Preparation Policies-Suzanne S.
  • III Spending
  • A Rules-Suzanne S./Kurt
  • B Spending Forms-Suzanne S./Kurt
  • IV Miscellaneous
  • A General rules and policies.-Suzanne, Jarvis,

Finance policy
  • The SA Finance Policy will be available online
    at, http//www.sa.niu.edu/main.html

Budget Process
Step 1
Budgets are due on the 2nd Monday of October
between the hours of 800am and 330pm in Campus
Life Building 180, the Student Association
Office. (5 penalty taken off the actual
allocation for each day late)
Turn your budget request in to one of the
  •       S.A. Treasurer
  •      S.A. Accountant
  •       S.A. Office Manager
  • You must receive a receipt when your
  • organization turns in a budget request.

Step 2
  • Your organization will present its budget request
    before the Finance Committee at a predetermined
  • Your organization must contact the SA Office
    Manager, to schedule the meeting appointment.
    The SA Officer may be reached by phone at
  • Every organization is required to present their
    budget on the date assigned.
  • Each Organization will get 10 minutes to explain
    their budget proposal and 5 minutes for questions
    and answers at their assigned Finance Committee

Step 3
  • Once the recommendation has gone before the
    Senate you will be notified at a later date of
    the final allocation that will be awarded for the
    next fiscal year.

Appeals by Organizations
  • Organizations are able to express concern about
    their budget throughout the budgeting process.
  • During the Finance Committee presentation,
    organizations will have the opportunity to
    express any concerns they might have.
  • After the Finance Committee makes a
    recommendation on each individual budget, the
    Senate will review it for a final allocation.
  • Organizations that have concerns about their
    budgets may be present at the Senate meeting when
    their budget is being reviewed.
  • Please contact the SA Treasurer if you would like
    to know when your organizations budget will
    come before the Senate.

Budget Rules
Budget Rules
  • No religious organizations will be SA funded.
  • No organizations that are affiliated with
    political parties or that engage solely in the
    backing of political causes or candidates will be
    SA funded.
  • No individual social fraternity or sorority will
    be considered for SA funding.
  • No organization whose members are receiving
    academic credit for participation in the
    organizations activities will be SA funded.

Budget Rules contd.
  • No pre-professional development organizations
    will be SA funded.
  • No organization with restrictive membership will
    be funded. Including but not limited to g.p.a. or
    certain declared majors. Anything that is not
    open to all NIU students in good standing will be
    considered to have restrictive membership.
  • All budget requests must be properly submitted.
    Any organization that fails to submit a budget
    request by the deadline without justifiable cause
    presented to, and accepted by, the Finance
    Committee will not be funded for the following
  • fiscal year.

Budget Rules contd.
  • Budget requests, that are vague, incomplete, or
    improper shall be returned to the organization
    submitting the request and that organization
    shall not be considered for an allocation unless
    the request is properly prepared and resubmitted
    before the deadline to turn in budget requests.
    Failure to comply with this provision will result
    in your budget request being denied.
  • At least one organizational representative who
    helped to prepare the budget request should be
    present at the organizations presentation to the
    Finance Committee. If an organization fails to
    have a representative present, the Finance
    Committee will proceed to act on the budget
    request without the organization being
  • Student organizations that violate this budget
    guide will have their S.A. accounts frozen until
    the matter is resolved.

  • Each organization must have an advisor. The
    advisor must be a full-time regular faculty or
    staff university employee. The role of the
    advisor is to oversee the organization and make
    sure it is doing whatever is in the best interest
    of the organization and to assist the
    organization in fulfilling and obeying all
    applicable SA and NIU policies. Organizations
    may have more than one advisor, however they may
    have only one primary advisor who must be
    registered and approved by the SA.
  • Any advisor changes must be reported to the
    Student Association within 14 days of the change
    by submitting an updated Officer Form. An
    Officer Form can be obtained from the SA website.

Audit Policy
  • All Student Association funded organizations will
    be required to keep an updated general ledger
    (keep track of how much was allocated, how much
    spent, and how much is available).
  • Keeping a general ledger will provide information
    if any discrepancies arise. The organizations
    records should match the NIU Financial Reports
    for that organization.
  • The S.A. has the right to audit all general
    ledgers based upon problems, complaints or
    general inquiries.
  • Any discrepancies should be immediately reported
    to Suzanne Sedlacek, S.A. Accountant.
  • Your organization will be responsible for any and
    all over-expenditures.

Your Act Of Fiscal Responsibility
  • Organizations must plan ahead, gain approval, and
    be accountable. After planning, an organization
    must have approval, in the form of the sign-off
    (expenditure form available on the SA website),
    on any payment request document. Your advisor is
    responsible to review payment request documents
    before giving approval for the expenditure.
  • If you make a purchase of items on behalf of your
    organization and the purchase was not included in
    the budget for that fiscal year then you may be
    responsible for payment for that item or service.
  • Obligating monies for services that have not been
    previously approved may leave you responsible for
    the bill, not the university.

Funding Sources
  • Allocated Funding
  • Supplemental Funding
  • Fundraising

SA Funding
  • S.A. General Funding Policy
  • Funding for organizational budgets is allocated
    from money collected from Student Activity Fees
    which are generated from Northern Illinois
    University fee-paying students.
  • Usually, the amount of money requested by
    recognized organizations exceeds the amount of
    money collected.
  • In light of this, the funds that are available
    are allocated in a manner by which the interest
    of the NIU student body will be best served.
  • Funds are distributed in a way that encourages
    the growth of educational, cultural, social,
    recreational, and other co curricular activities
    on the Northern Illinois University Campus.

First Year Organization
  • First year organizations are not eligible to
    receive funding.
  • Organizations that duplicate the efforts of
    another organization, in the opinion of the SA
    Senate, will not receive funding.

Second Year Organizations
  • During the second year, organizations may receive
    an allocation from the Supplemental Fund.
  • In addition, a second year organization, may ask
    for funding as an annual budget for next fiscal
    year, if they have been granted permission to do
    so by the SA Senate. The budget for the first
    year of funding may not exceed four hundred
    dollars (400).

Newly Funded Organizations
  • Only when an organization has been funded for at
    least two years will it be eligible for an
  • The recommendation made by the Finance Committee
    will then be sent to the Senate for further

Supplemental Funding
  • Supplemental Funding is used for emergency
    instances for a one-time expenditure, where lack
    of the particular service or equipment could
    cause the organization immeasurable harm.
  • Supplemental funding can also be used for unique,
    unexpected instances that may occur.
  • This funding is not to be used for additional
    support for regular programs, such as concerts,
    speakers and films.

Supplemental Funding
  • Supplemental Funding is awarded only if approved
    by the Senate.
  • After the finance committee has adjourned for the
    year, an e-mail request for supplemental funding
    should be sent to the SA Treasurer, copying the
    SA Accountant. The SA Treasurer will respond to
    the organization and let them know that the
    request will be held to next fall when the SA
    Senate reconvenes.

Supplemental Funding
  • Supplemental Funding applications are available
    on the web and must be submitted to the SA Office
    at least one-week prior to any scheduled
  • Representatives of the organization must present
    the application and all relevant background
    information at their scheduled Finance Committee

(No Transcript)
  • The organization shall be responsible for
    depositing the money into their cost center on
    the next working business day.
  • Any organizations wishing to sponsor an event
    that will require a charge needs to gain approval
    from the S.A. Treasurer.

  • All generated income shall be considered activity
    fee money, if the organization is funded wholly
    or in part by the S.A and deposited in the
    organizations cost center.
  • This includes all generated income in excess of
    that which appears in the budget.
  • Raffles, fundraisers, parties, social events,
    dues, or any event where individuals are charged
    can be a source of income.

  • At the end of the fiscal year if an organization
    has a positive balance in their cost center and
    the amount of the balance is equal to or less
    than the income generated and deposited into the
    cost center that year, the money will rollover to
    the organizational cost center for the next
    fiscal year.

Rollover Continued
  • At the end of the year if an organization has a
    positive balance in their account that is not
    from generated income, the organization can
    request that part or all of the balance be rolled
    over into their cost center for the next fiscal
  • All request for rollovers must be submitted in
    writing to the Treasurer.
  • Rollover Forms are available on the SA website.

___________________________ Date
Outside Accounts
  • Student organizations that are S.A. funded are
    strongly encouraged not to have any outside
  • Outside accounts are accounts established with
    other institutions - other than the University.
  • All funds should be in accounts that can be
    monitored by the S.A.

Admission Charges
  • All events being planned to charge admission will
    require a prior submission to Student Involvement
    and Leadership Development, and the S.A. stating
    the price, location, etc.
  • All events that require a charge must include
  • Student organizations should include a two tier
    pricing system. One price will be established
    for NIU students and another price for non-NIU
  • All prices for events need to be displayed on all
    advertisements, handbills, posters, fliers, and
    at the event location.
  • All revenue from an event must be deposited into
    an organizations cost center. Deposit receipts
    should be given to the SA Accountant for record
    keeping purposes

  • All raffles held during the fiscal year must be
    filed and registered with the city of DeKalb
    before the event takes place. Call the City
    Clerks Office at 748-2095. Please allow 2 weeks
    lead time for processing the request.
  • The S.A. Treasurer also needs to be informed of
    all raffles.
  • When you have received notification that you can
    hold the raffle, the following must be done
    before it can take place

  • A list of individuals selling tickets must be
  • The organization must advertise where and when
    the tickets are being sold and how much the
    tickets cost. The date or dates of the raffle/s
    also need to be included. This advertising
    information must be provided to the Accounting
    Office if requesting payments or reimbursements
    through the Accounting office.
  • For contest winners the same rules apply- all
    advertising information regarding the contest
    must be provided to the Accounting Office when
    requesting payment to winners.
  • The S.A. will appoint the individual who will
    draw the ticket to declare the winner unless the
    organization has reached agreement otherwise with
    the S.A. Treasurer.

Preparing the Budget
Preparing Your Actual Budget Request The
  • All questions must be answered (typed) and
    included with your budget request.

1. Whats in A Name?
  • Many organizations have names that are acronyms,
    which can be confusing to people who know little
    about the organization. If your organizations
    name is an acronym please list the meaning of
    each letter.
  • Please list the full name of your organization,
    as you would have it appear to uninformed people.
  • Does your organization have an S.A. mailbox? If
    not then you need to apply for one so information
    can be sent to you. Applications can be picked up
    at the S.A. office CLB 180, or printed off the SA
  • Organizations who dont have an S.A. mailbox or
    an alternative mailbox on file will still be held
    responsible for any information that has been
    mailed out.
  • Informational mailings will also be posted on the
    SA bulletin board, outside of the SA office, for
    those without a mail box.

2. Past Uses of Student Association Funds
  • Sometimes organizations get an allocation and see
    it as a lump sum. It is important to remember
    that the money allocated is for a specific
    purpose. In that respect, the Finance Committee
    will be taking into account
  • Comparisons of the current budget allocations
    with present years actual expenditures.
  • Whether allocated funds in the past were used for
    their stated purpose.
  • If the organization ever had a deficit and if so,
    what were the circumstances?

3. Balance of Programs
  • For previously funded organizations, the Finance
    Committee will examine the timing of events to
    ensure that a well-balanced program is presented
    to the student body during both semesters.
  • Organizations are urged not to delay activities
    until the middle of the spring semester, unless
    the event is specifically meant for the spring,
    because such delays may be viewed as improper
    planning, which weakens the position of an
    organization to receive funding.
  • In other words well-balanced, well-timed programs
    are essential.
  • What specific events were sponsored by the
    organization during the last year? Please include
    event names, dates, number of attendees and the

Number of Students Served
  • While the vast majority of programs are not going
    to appeal to all students, well-attended events
    are definitely an asset to an organization and
    the campus.
  • What services do you feel your organization
  • How would you rate them?

5. Adherence to Regulations
  • All organizations must adhere to the S.A.
    Constitution and Bylaws, as well as all Financial
    Policies and Procedures.
  • All funded organizations must also adhere to
    deadlines set by the Treasurer and/or the Finance
    Committee. These include but are not limited to
  • budget requests, conference information, trip
    reports, and stipulations that are put on budget
  • All organizations must attend an annual budget
    workshop and any scheduled Treasurer meetings.

6. Duplication of Efforts
  • The SA will not fund new organizations whose
    scope, purpose and/or planned activities are
    essentially the same as existing organizations.
  • Thus, new such organizations should incorporate
    their plans into the existing funded
  • Organizations that already receive funding will
    under no circumstances receive funding from the
    S.A. for programs or services that are already
    provided by the University or other public

7. Size of the Organization
  • Individual members of organizations benefit by
    being involved in the planning and production of
    events and providing services. Thus, members
    receive a greater educational experience than
    those students who simply attend the event or
    receive the service.
  • While attendance at an event will be viewed as
    important, the overriding factor to determine
    funding will be the documented number of active
    members in the organization.

8. The Mission Statement
  • Why is a mission statement important?
  • It gives your organization a purpose that is
    readily identifiable in all aspects of your
  • It represents the views of the membership.
  • It outlines the activities of the group and
    communicates what services your organization
  • It should explain your organizations reason for
  • It should also include input gathered from the
    organization so it reflects the personality of
    the group.
  • Last but not least, mission statements should
    motivate potential members to join and serve as a
    motivating tool for current members.
  • It is your organizations mission statement that
    will appear in your section of the SA website, if
    you have one. Please make sure your mission
    statement is grammatically correct, using correct
    spelling and sentence structure.

9. The Vision
  • Okay, I have a mission, but why do I need a
  • First your organization must ask itself some
    basic questions
  • Am I in my position to do something or am I in
    this position for something to do?
  • If your answer is to do something then your
    vision explains what that something is.

What are Visions?
  • They are statements of destinations, an ideal or
    unique image of the future.
  • An image of what the people of the organization
    want to become.
  • A vision answers the following questions
  • What do we want to be, what is the best we can
    be, what is the ideal future of our organization?
  • When creating a vision you can expect that
    getting the whole membership to share the vision
    will be a challenge.

10. Promotion
  • Promotion is critical for organizations to
  • Where you place flyers is important. Where do you
  • Do you use the Northern Star or EZ System?
  • As important as what your fliers say, it is also
    important to inform the student body that all
    your programs are open to all and funded through
    student fees.

  • All public communications from any student
    organization receiving funds from the Student
    Association shall state the following SA
    Allocated and Open to All. These communications
    shall include, but are not limited to,
    television, radio, and newspaper advertisements.
  • If SA Allocated and Open to all does not
    appear on all of your communication outlets you
    can be subject to removing all fliers and
    retaining all promotional information until the
    corrections are made.
  • Organizations may also publicize their functions
    on NIUs EZ-EMAIL System. This is a weekly web
    notification that alerts students with an active
    z-account on up coming events. This service is
    available on the SA and NIU websites. (This will
    be listed as Events Calendar)

11. The History
  • Knowing where youve been is as important as
    where youre going.
  • Give a brief history of your organization.
  • Do you know how long you have been on campus?
  • How has your organization changed from when it
    was started?

12. Membership Requirements
  • The Student Association is always looking for
    ways to help promote diversity and equal
    opportunities, and organizations may require
    certain abilities or talents of its participants.
    However, in order to receive funding the right to
    apply for membership in such an organization must
    be available to all interested students.
  • All student-funded organizations are open to all.
  • Outside of this, are there any basic requirements
    that you look for regarding membership?
  • What was your total membership last year?
  • What is your total membership this year?
  • Do members in your organization pay dues? (No SA
    funded organization shall require students to pay
    dues to become a member).
  • If so, what are dues collected used for?
  • When dues are collected the S.A. Treasurer needs
    to be notified.

13. Fundraising
  • In order to ensure that you can provide all of
    the programs your organization wants, what are
    some of your fundraising options on and off
  • Do you receive any outside funding?
  • Are you given any type of donations?
  • Do you engage in any fundraising activities such
    as, food sales, raffles, etc.

14. Departments and Organizations
  • Organizations with activities closely related to
    the function of departments should first try to
    obtain funds from those departments.
  • If denied, the organizations must obtain a
    statement from the department head explaining the
    refusal. This statement does not guarantee that
    the organization will receive funding from the
  • Does your organization help fund any events
    cosponsored by a department on campus?
  • If so what departments and how much do you
  • Do you receive any money from any departments on
    campus, if so which ones?

15. Gatherings/Meetings
  • Its always important to have meetings located in
    places that are accessible to students.
  • Where and when are your meetings held?

16. Outside Accounts
  • If charges or problems arise with a bill paid
    from an outside account the current elected
    officers of your organization are liable for the
    account and the bill, and not the University.
  • Do you have any outside accounts?
  • If so what are they?

17. Problems Encountered
  • What were some of the problems your organization
    ran into while trying to fulfill its goals?
  • How were these problems solved?

18. Conferences/Competitions/Performances
  • What did you bring back to the University when
    you, through your organization, attended any
    conferences / competitions / performances?
  • What educational value did your members receive
    from the requested travel?
  • How many students did you take to the event?

19. Food
  • Organizations hold events in many different ways.
  • In the past the Finance Committee has allowed
    organizations to hold different events where food
    is served.
  • Does your organization plan to have any catered
  • How much did you spend last year on catered
  • How much do you intend on spending this year?
  • Is the food you are purchasing ethnic in origin?

20. Justify the increase
  • The programs and events offered must have
    significant value to warrant its funding when
    compared to other requests for funding.
  • Organizations normally ask for an increase year
    after year even though the activities fees that
    support organizations have not increased.
  • If you are in need of an increase please indicate
    why, what for specifically, and please list as
    many details as possible. Include the total
    amount of the increase.
  • If the number of organizational increases goes
    up, then this may result in a increase in student

21. Co-programming
  • Many times organizations decide to plan programs
    with other organizations in which a common goal
    is shared.
  • What are the organizations you have worked with
    in the past and which ones do you plan on working
    with in the future?
  • How much does your organization give to other
    organizations, outside programs, and events each

22. Notable Accomplishments
  • Please list notable accomplishments not
    previously stated, such as awards or special
  • What has your organization achieved in this past

23. Elections
  • All funded organizations must have officers
    elected by either (1) their membership or (2) the
    total student body.
  • We recommend that elections take place in the
    late spring semester so new officers can plan for
    the fall semester properly.
  • Once the new officers/Executive Board are
    elected, all officer forms from the S.A. and the
    University should be updated immediately.
  • Please complete the on-line forms on the SA
    Website and deliver them to SA office Manager.
  • How does your organizations elections take place?

24. List Future Equipment Needs
  • Items over 100.00 and with a life span greater
    than 2 years are considered equipment. Now answer
    the following about the equipment that you want
    to replace
  • Purchase date and cost of original equipment (or
  • Life span of equipment
  • Current condition of equipment

25. Important Issues
  • What are some of the important issues on campus
    that you feel require the attention of your
  • What might your organization want to do about it?
  • How do you feel student government as a whole can
    make this happen?

26. Recent Programs
  • Show fliers from programs that you have already
    completed and inform the Finance Committee of
    what programs you are planning.
  • This will allow the F.C. members to analyze your
    programs closer, which will provide us a better
    insight of what is being done in your

  • Budget copies submitted should be sets of stapled
    sheets of paper which contain the information
    outlined in this presentation.
  • Please do not use binders, folders, or other
    types of fasteners or paper holders when
    submitting your budget copies. These submissions
    take a lot of shelf space and are easier to store
    and handle if they are stacks of stapled sets.
    Thank you.

  • All forms are available online at www.sa.niu.edu
  • All forms must be completed (Typed) and included
    with your budget request. 17 copies of your
    budget request must be submitted in addition to
    the original which must be in a sheet protector.
  • All budgets must be produced in Microsoft Excel!

Treasurer Organizations Name ___________________
_________________________ Please Spell Out All
Acronyms Number Of Active Members
____________ Number Of Active Members 1 Year ago
_________ 2 Years ago__________ Is your
membership open to all NIU students Yes ____ No
____ Do you receive funding other then your S.A.
budget Yes ____ No ____ If yes, then estimate
outside funding below Membership
dues __________ Departmental Funds
__________ Fund Raising __________ Gifts
__________ Other __________ Total
Outside Funding __________ When and where does
your organization meet? ________________________.
Treasurer _______________________
Phone_______________________ President _________
______________ Phone _______________________ Fac
ulty Advisor __________________ Phone
_______________________ Department
___________________ Office Location______________
representatives of _______________________________
Organizations Name (Spell Out All
Acronyms) Which is requesting funds from the
Northern Illinois University Student Association
for fiscal year 2005-06, do hereby signify that
we have read and understand the Student
Associations Bylaws for the funding of student
organizations. We hereby agree to comply with
them at all times, and to be held completely
responsible for any deviations from the Bylaws or
this agreement. __________________________________
_____________ Presidents Signature ______________
_________________________________ Treasurers
Signature ________________________________________
________ Faculty Advisors Signature State of
Illinois County of DeKalb Subscribed and sworn
(or affirmed) before me on this ______________day
of _____________________, _____________ By
_______________________ Month
Year _____________
___________________ Notary
Public My commission expires
____________ This Form Must Be Completed and
Submitted Return to the Student Association,
Campus Life Building, Room 180.
Faculty Advisors Form NOTE (The president and
faculty advisor need to fill this form out
  • Your Name
  • The purpose of this form is to gather information
    about the leaders of our campus. Although
    positions change along with entire E-boards under
    circumstances, it is always nice to know whom we
    are working with currently. Please answer the
    following questions listed below.
  • What are your goals for the organization this
    year? ___________________________________________
  • What organizations are you responsible for as
    faculty advisor? ________________________________
  • Are there any new steps you will be pursuing in
    order to keep track of things this year?
  • Contact information Phone and Email Address

Budget Preparation Policies
Conference Policy
  • When groups go to competitions/performances,
  • they go with the intent to represent the
    University along with the student body. Funds
    for travel may be allocated when members of the
    organization submit the proper paperwork in a
    timely fashion. Organizations that request to
    attend a conference when preparing their budget
    must include the following items and guidelines,
    prior to requesting reimbursements for the

Conference Policy
  • Submit copies of the brochure or detailed
    literature which contains a full description of
    the conference along with the dates, times and
    cost of the entire trip, including lodging,
    registration fees, travel costs, and meal costs
    that might be incurred. Your organization must
    also have 17 copies of a one-page letter
    explaining how your organizations attendance at
    this conference will benefit your organization
    and the student body of NIU.
  • To be reimbursed for travel expenses
  • Conference or retreat attendance must have been
    approved by the SA Senate to be eligible for
    reimbursement. The reimbursement amount must be
    within the approved budgeted amount.
  • Keep an official detailed record, and receipts,
    of all expenses made. This should include a list
    of names of attendees when people are together
    for meals, for example, or to attend various
    events for which you are expecting reimbursement.
  • Complete an NIU travel voucher immediately after
  • from the conference. Available at

Promotional Items
  • Customized promotional items such as, jackets,
    shirts, t-shirts (uniform shirts), cups, key
    rings, etc. must have the approval from the S.A.
    Treasurer prior to purchasing the items.
  • If approval is not granted prior to the purchase
    of these items, organizations may not be

Equipment Loaned
  • Equipment purchased with student activity fees
    may only be loaned to another recognized
  • The receiving organization will be liable for any
    repairs and/ or replacement in the event the
    equipment is damaged or lost while on loan.
  • All such loans must be made using a written
    agreement between both organizations.

  • For our procurement purposes, equipment is
    defined as a durable commodity that lasts 2 years
    or more and cost over 100.
  • All equipment must be purchased using a Purchase
    Order Requisition (budget line 880), processed by
    the NIU Accounting Department and the NIU
    Procurement Services Department. For example in
    the past, several organizations have purchased
    banners that cost over 100 and are expected to
    last longer than 2 years. Such banners should be
    purchased using the PO Requisition form.

  • All equipment purchased by student organizations
    using Student Association Funds are the property
    of Northern Illinois University.
  • The student organization will be held accountable
    for any equipment purchased.
  • The S.A. has the right to require organizations
    to store any equipment purchased with student
    fees in a specific place over breaks, holidays

  • Students may not solely enter into or agree to
    any contracts for speakers, speakers agency,
    entertainment groups, etc.
  • All contracts must be signed by the Director of
    Student Involvement Leadership Development.
  • Only an authorized University Official can enter
    into a contract. If proper approval was not
    granted for a speaker, speakers agency,
    entertainment groups, etc., the organization and
    its officers can be held personally liable for
    the contract fees.
  • All contracts must be approved through NIUs
    Legal Council.

  • Contracts must be attached to a completed
    Purchase Order Requisition and submitted to the
    SA Accountant for processing. (Account 680050)
  • The Procurement Services department will forward
    contract documents to Legal Council for their
    review and approval as part of the Procurement
    Services process.

Contractual Services
  • Organizations should never pay for Contractual
    services and then seek reimbursement. Invoices
    should bill NIU. If the organization goes ahead
    and pays they may not be reimbursed.
  • Before contracting an NIU student who is a
    foreign national the organization must gain
    written approval from the International Students
  • Any NIU employee is paid using the Additional Pay
    form. The SA Accountant processes this form.

Spending Rules
Tax Reimbursement
  • Northern Illinois University is a tax exempt
  • Organizations can request a copy of the
    universitys tax exemption from the SA
    accountant. Vendors are not required by law to
    honor this tax emption but most in the DeKalb
    area will.
  • If 100 or more is spent in a single day and
    sales tax was paid, none of the sales tax paid
    will be reimbursed.

Cards, Flowers, and Candy
  • Please note that university policy does not allow
  • the purchase of cards, flowers, and candy for the
  • occasions of marriage, birth, death, illness,
  • from university funds. Purchases of flowers will
  • allowed in the event of death or hospitalization
  • certain key members of the community, or other
  • universities (presidents, vice-presidents, deans
    or key
  • administrative positions) having close contact
    with our
  • university. Exceptions to this policy must be
  • through the appropriate vice president.

Spending Forms
  • Check Request
  • Honorarium Request
  • Purchase Order
  • Requisition
  • Travel Voucher

Check Request
  • Available on the Accounting Website
  • There is an instruction tab included with any of
    the payment request forms
  • Allow for at least 2 weeks lead time
  • Required Documents
  • If payment is to a vendor, an invoice that bills
    NIU is required
  • If Payment is for a food purchase or catered food
    then the travelfood form is required.
  • If for reimbursement, a detailed receipt is
    required along with proof of payment.

(No Transcript)
  • Detailed
  • Not Detailed

Correct Invoice
Incorrect Invoice
Honorarium Request
  • Available on the Accounting Website
  • Allow for 2 4 weeks lead time
  • Required Documents
  • Independent Contractor Certified Work Statement
  • W-9 or a Foreign National Information Form
  • The Honorarium form is used when an individual is
    providing a one time contractual service without
    a contract.

Purchase Order Requisition
  • Available on the Accounting Website
  • Allow for 4 6 weeks lead time
  • Required when
  • Ordering goods, or have a contract.
  • Purchasing equipment over 100.
  • Reimbursement is over 1,000 to an individual.
  • Contractual Services cost is greater then 1,000.
  • Once an invoice comes in for an already approved
    purchase order, forward the invoice to the SA

Travel Voucher
  • Available on the Accounting Website
  • Required Documents
  • Detail receipts for all meals, lodging, and auto
    expense during the travel period.
  • Food/Travel Form

Travel Voucher
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Multiple trips may be combined on one travel
    voucher. However, each arrival destination
    involving airfare or lodging should be on a
    separate line of the voucher.
  • Insurance on car rentals will not be reimbursed.
  • A per diem allowance is allowed only when the
    travel period includes overnight lodging or is 18
    hours or more. The per diem allowance for travel
    on official business consists of the following
    elements and may be authorized and approved
    within the following maximums (Business Procedure
    Manual 4-30)
  • Within the State of Illinois, 28.00 Outside the
    State of Illinois, 32.00 to cover the following
  • The cost of meals
  • Gratuities related to food
  • Room service and other hotel meal/refreshment
  • Receipts do not need to be submitted to support
    this allowance.

  • Notes on completing payment request documents
  • Refer to the Accounting and Procurement Form
    Usage and Supporting Documentation Guidelines at
  • Note All forms must be typed online and then
    printed. Accounting will not accept handwritten
    forms. Accounting also requires all vendor
    information printed from the vendor because the
    office is responsible to make sure NIUs money is
    going to the correct vendor address.
  • For organizations requesting a travel
    reimbursement, complete a travel voucher form
    available at the above website.
  • Obtain your Faculty Advisors signature on the
    form and obtain the proper support needed (i.e.
    original receipts, invoice, W-9, contract, etc.)
  • The proper support should be able to provide
    anyone in the Accounting Office the following
  • (5 Ws Who, What, Where, When, and Why)
  • a. Who purchased the item?
  • b. What was purchased?
  • c. Where was the item purchased?
  • d. When was the item purchased?
  • e. Why was the item purchased?
  • Note If your supporting documents do not
    provide this information, then more than likely
    you will
  • need to provide additional documentation or
    obtain a more descriptive document from the
  • Bring the accounting form and support to the SA
    Accountant Office in CLB190L.
  • Plan ahead by allowing at least 2 weeks for
    processing check request payments, 4 weeks for
    Purchase Order Requisitions.

PaymentsRecognized Groups
  • When an SA recognized but not funded group wants
    to use NIU facilities for an event, rent a room
    at HSC for example, the organization must have a
    customer number assigned by Accounts
    Receivable. To get one, 2 officers, the Treasurer
    and President or Treasurer and Vice President
    must go to the A/R Office in Swen Parson, present
    picture IDs, and sign an agreement to pay bills
    if the organization defaults in bill payment. The
    customer number is what is used to bill you for
    facility rental.

Unpaid Bills And Unauthorized Charges
  • A bill incurred by an organization should be
    settled no more than 30 days after the event or
    after receipt of the bill.
  • If an SA funded or SA recognized organization is
    found to have outstanding bills (over 30 days
    old) or unauthorized charges the following steps
    will occur

Unpaid Bills And Unauthorized Charges
  • Stage 1
  • If the bill has not been paid and the Student
    Association is contacted or is aware that a bill
    exists, the organization must submit a written
    explanation to the SA Treasurer of why the bill
    was not paid.

Unpaid Bills And Unauthorized Charges
  • Stage 2
  • If the bill remains unpaid even after contact,
    the organizations account(s) will be unavailable
    to the organization and the organization will be
    suspended until the bill is settled.
  • If another account established by the
    organization outside of the University has been
    setup then the organization will be required to
    pay the money owed using funds from that account
  • If there is only one existing account, which
    would be an organizations allocation, then the
    funds will be removed and the bill will be paid.

Unpaid Bills And Unauthorized Charges
  • Stage 3
  • If funds are not sufficient in your current SA
    cost center to settle the bill, other sources of
    funding must be found.
  • The remaining funds, if any, will be frozen and
    the organization will be suspended until the next
    set of officers are elected and the money is
  • If the organization is in deficit at the end of
    the year, that deficit amount will be subtracted
    from the next SA allocation granted the

Unpaid Bills And Unauthorized Charges
  • Stage 3 cont.
  • An organization being suspended means the
  • There shall be no events conducted by your
    organization except for business meetings.
  • You are restricted from co-sponsorship, receiving
    supplemental funding, parties, entertainment of
    any kind, socials, social events, programs.
  • No organizational events will take place until
    the funds have been raised from outside sources
    and the bill is paid in full.

Hot List
  • All individuals or organizations who owe money to
    the university for over 120 days will be placed
    on the hot list and held liable for all expenses
    or debts incurred.
  • All individuals that are placed on the hot List
    will be restricted from holding, Co-sponsoring,
    and hosting any event.

Campus Security
  • Any Student Association (SA) Recognized AND
    Student Association (SA) Funded student
    organization with a budget of 3,000 or more and
    Any Greek lettered organization that is
    recognized by one of the four councils on campus
    (IFC, CPC, NPHC, MGC) are eligible for Campus
    Security services.
  • An application for the campus security fund will
    be obtained from the Student Association office
    in the Campus Life Building Suite 180 or on the
    Student Association website at http//www.sa.niu.e

  • Northern Illinois University has entered into a
    ten year, exclusive contract with Pepsi to
    provide beverages.
  • S.A. funds can not be used to purchase or for
    reimbursement for any drink purchase other than
    Pepsi products.
  • A list of the major products covered by Northern
    Illinois University is available at
  • www.finfacil.niu.edu/Accounting/PepsiProduct.doc

  • Jarvis Purnell
  • SA Treasurer
  • Tues. and Thurs. 1pm-4pm
  • Friday 11am-2pm
  • 815-753-1617
  • JPurnell_at_niu.edu

  • Suzanne Sedlacek
  • SA Accountant
  • Monday Friday 8-430
  • 815-753-5204
  • Ssedlace_at_niu.edu

  • Kurt Sanders Jr.
  • Graduate Assistant for Accounting
  • 815-752-1779
  • A132314_at_wpo.cso.niu.edu
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