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Welcome to 6th grade back to school night


Strategies for guiding your student through their academic ... Some students need to decompress after school. Some may want to start on homework right away ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to 6th grade back to school night

Welcome to 6th grade back to school night
  • Getting off to a good start with your 6th grader.

Didnt I already go to middle school?
  • Strategies for guiding your student through their
    academic journey in middle school

Helping your student take responsibility for
their learning
What skills does your middle school student need
to acquire to be successful?
  • Consistent recordation of assignments and due
  • Organization
  • Self advocacy
  • Accountability
  • Understanding the value of effort
  • The ability to develop positive relationship(s)
    with an adult at school

Helpful Tool for Parents 1 Communicate with
your child
  • Talk with your child about school
  • What is working for them?
  • What do they need help with?
  • What do they like about school?
  • What is difficult for them?
  • Talk to your child about
  • why education is important

Helpful Tool for Parents 2 Infinite Campus
  • Help your child become an expert with the
    Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal
  • Infinite Campus will be a tool to use through
    High School
  • Infinite Campus gives you a look into the
    teachers grade book for each class
  • Request your child get into the student portal
    and look with your child at their overall grades
    and the individual assignment grades

Helpful Tool for Parents 3Organization Skills
  • Sit down with your student often and have a look
    at his/her
  • Binder
  • Planner
  • A sample of an assignments s/he is
  • working on for the week
  • Have a conversation with him/her about how s/he
    is feeling about classes and assignments, what is
    the favorite thing your student is learning about
    currently, what does s/he find difficult, or

Helpful Tool for Parents 4 Learning Styles
  • Help your child to know his/her learning style
    (visual, auditory, kinesthetic or a combination
    there of)
  • Help your student know what learning and study
    strategies work best for the type of learner your
    child is.

Helpful Tool for Parents 5 Study Time
  • Help your child set a regular time for studying
  • Some students need to decompress after school
  • Some may want to start on homework right away
  • Monitor TV and computer time
  • Time on electronics is second to homework
  • Reward your child for a job well done!

Helpful Tool for Parents 6Self Advocacy
  • Self advocacy is a lifelong skill that requires
    learning and practice
  • Teach your student how to advocate for
    him/herself so that they can take ownership of
  • Start with baby steps!

Dont forget, School is both a commitment and an
  • Is school a place that you have to go or do you
    see it as a place that can help you develop your
    mind, your body, your talents and your interests?
  • In addition to the basics youll find yourself
  • Learning styles
  • People skills
  • Service opportunities
  • Career and interest exploration
  • Post high school options
  • and more

ExtracurricularsHow do I get involved?
  • Extra curricular activities refer to school
  • Sports
  • Clubs and activities
  • Leadership groups
  • Whats good about them?
  • Learning new things
  • An easy way to make new friends
  • Can help you blow off steam and stress
  • Trying something new without worrying about
    grades or tests
  • Helping others learn a skill/developing
  • A way to feel a part of and connected to school
  • Listen to the announcements, read the newsletter,
    ask questions, make suggestions!

  • Its normal to have some stress in your life
  • You cant always avoid it, but you can manage it
  • Healthy ways to cope
  • Breathe
  • Eat right and exercise
  • Get enough sleep
  • Laugh it up
  • Positive self talk
  • Have some fun
  • Use your problem solving skills
  • Perform a relaxation exercise

To Decide or not to Decide
  • As you get older you become more independent and
    take on more decision making
  • Steps for making the process go more smoothly
  • Decide what the
  • real issues are
  • Review your options
  • Make your decision
  • Dont forget to take
  • care of yourself

The social scene
  • Tips for making friends
  • Get out and about
  • Join in at school
  • Be friendly at school
  • Cliques versus buddies
  • Buddies include people
  • Cliques exclude people
  • Buddies are loyal to each other
  • Cliques have only each other
  • Buddies like each other and people outside the
  • Cliques look down on others

Why wont my parents let go?Too old for this,
too young for that!
  • Changing roles you still need your parents but
    are becoming more independent
  • Communication/how to get along
  • Use I messages
  • Dont scream or yell
  • Say what you mean in a direct way
  • Be aware of what others feel
  • Be open to a little give and take
  • Watch your body language
  • Learn to listen
  • Privacy if you need a little more space, let
    your parents know you still enjoy being with the
    family, but you need private time too
  • Trust Earn it
  • HINT these strategies work with teachers
    too ?

Middle school is all about sharing
  • Problems, space, mistakes, successes, thoughts,
    feelings, potentials and dreams
  • Dont forget to use your survival tips along the
  • Welcome to
  • sixth
  • grade!
  • Robin Sackmann 2008
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