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Why Do You Upgrade to a Compact Solar Water Heater?


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Title: Why Do You Upgrade to a Compact Solar Water Heater?

Why Do You Upgrade to a Compact Solar
Water Heater?
Solar water heaters have been garnering
popularity in recent years because of their
affordable price, environmental benefits, and
reliability. Particularly, compact solar water
heaters, are the right alternatives for
homeowners looking to minimize their carbon
footprint and save money on their energy bills.
Please read this post and know how compact solar
water heaters can help homeowners and why you
should make the switch.
Affordable Pricing
Perhaps the most significant reason behind
choosing compact solar water heaters is their
affordable price. They feature the same
High-Performance TZ58 1800 SunRain Solar
Collectors that are commonly used by all solar
water heating systems.
These solar-powered heaters are designed
specifically for residential hot water and
contain the storage tank and heat pipe vacuum
tubes integrated into one unit. Rest assured
that, these solar water heaters are SRCC
certified to deliver residential hot water for a
family of 4-5 persons with an 80-gallon
heavily-insulated stainless steel water tank.
But the initial installation cost may be slightly
higher than an ordinary water tank, but you will
take advantage of its long-term savings. However,
the life expectancy of a compact solar water
heater is around double that of any ordinary
solar water heater. Its because there is no
heating element or gas burner that will fail
eventually over time. In addition, a 30 federal
tax credit and state tax credits are provided
along with the installation of the OG-300
Certified Complete Solar Hot Water System.
Environmental Benefits
Compact solar water heaters offer enormous
environmental benefits. They use renewable energy
from the sun for heating water which minimizes
your carbon footprint. This way, you will do your
part to help minimize greenhouse gas emissions
and protect the environment. These compact solar
water heaters have a safety mechanism that
includes an air release valve and a temperature
and pressure valve.
The components included in the solar water
heating kits like stainless steel solar pipe make
it easy for you to set up. This piping is made
from corrugated stainless steel and comes with ¾
EPDM insulation and protective coating. It
includes heat sensor wiring.
When you use this piping, you wont need to get
stressed about leaks and soldering. All you need
is a wrench to connect the fittings and a high
temperature gasket to make connection between
fittings ensuring a leak-free sealing.
Compact solar water heaters are considered to be
highly reliable systems. As they use vacuum tubes
with a heat pipe and an internally sealed heat
exchanger, they wont have leakage issues when a
tube gets damaged. If a tube is broken, you can
replace the vacuum tube with an existing one, and
the system continues working without that damaged
These systems dont include pumps, and the water
moves through the system by using the pressure of
the municipal water supply.
While opening the hot water faucet, hot water
from the tank starts flowing and cold water goes
inside the tank to be heated again by the solar
vacuum tubes.
Easy Installation
Compact solar heaters are easy to install. In
most situations, they can be installed by a
licensed plumber in a day. These systems do not
require a solar specialist to install them as
they can be installed quickly by the homeowner or
a general contractor. All they need to do is to
check your local building codes to get the
installation done.
Sturdy Material
These compact solar water heaters have both a
stainless steel inner tank and a stainless steel
outer tank that prevent rusting. You can also
prefer custom logos to privately label your water
Featured with built-in safety features, long life
expectancy, and low maintenance requirements,
compact solar water heaters make an attractive
alternative to traditional hot water heaters. So,
invest in the compact solar water heater
available at Northern Lights Solar Tubs and start
reaping the benefits of using renewable energy.
Northern Lights Solar Solutions 1-800-317-9054 305
McKay Unit 20 Winnipeg Manitoba R2G0N5 Website
1 -800 -317 -9054
Thank You
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