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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services - Signity Solutions


Signity is a leading RPA company that provides end-to-end RPA implementation solutions. Accelerate your digital transformation and gain the maximum ROI from your business. Check out the details here in this document to know our RPA services and success stories. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services - Signity Solutions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Your key to
successful digital transformation
RPA is a business process automation solution
that automates high volume, repetitive tasks,
increasing speed, accuracy and quality in
operations. By automating mundane work it
empowers employees to focus on strategic work.
Process A series of tasks leading to meaningful
Robot An entity capable of imitating human actions
Automation A function that occurs without human
These software robots work along with the human
employees to improve efficiencies and overall ROI
of your business
RPA empowers enterprises to enhance operational
efficiency, process accuracy, employee
performance, and the overall ROI of the
business. Through successful RPA
implementation, businesses have
achieved Source Deloitte
Improvement in Process Accuray
Improvement in Productivity
Reduction in Turnaround Time
Cost Reduction
Assisted Bots
Unassisted Bots
An RPA solution that requires command from a
human before carrying out a process.
An RPA solution with complete automation where
software bots are trained to carry out processes
by themselves at regular intervals.
  • Simplifies a process with a simple click of a
  • Provides better control of operations
  • It can be triggered through a desktop interface
  • Improves accuracy, speed, and user experience
  • Employee Onboarding Bot
  • 100 automation
  • 24/7/365 operations
  • Generates consistent result
  • Zero-dependency on humans
  • ChatBots

Data Extraction
Data Entry Validation
Data Collation Reporting
  • Reading emails and attachments
  • Collecting social media statistics
  • Extracting structured data from documents
  • Formatting data into reports or dashboards
  • Form filling
  • Reading and writing data
  • Performing If/Then functionality
  • Data range, type, consistency, uniqueness check
  • Merging data from multiple places
  • Carrying out calculations
  • Completing routine analyses
  • Report generation

Data Migration
Smart Automation
UI Automation
  • Copy pasting data
  • Moving files and folders
  • Application Integration
  • Connecting to system APIs
  • Interpreting text
  • Understanding unstructured data and applying
  • Data analysis with actionable insights
  • Assisted data search
  • Speech recognition
  • Chatbots
  • Logging into web/enterprise applications
  • Web data Scraping

A successful RPA starts to show ROI within 3
months of implementation.
Quick ROI
Enhanced Compliance
RPA bots follow pre-defined rules create audit
trails for every task. It has proven to improve
compliance by 92.
Digital workers operate 24/7/365 without fatigue
and deliver consistent results every time.
Cost-cutting Technology
RPA enables on-demand scaling of operations,
helping businesses reduce the cost of the manual
Improved Quality
RPA works on predefined algorithms bringing
consistency and upto 90 accuracy in processes.
Improved Productivity
RPA eliminates human error, improves process
speed, enhancing overall productivity.
Source Deloitte Global RPA Survey
RPA has shown a
increase in productivity Globally
of companies reported an increase in employee
52 reported more than
full-time workers
Software bots will contribute equivalent to
Signity Solutions is a reputed IT outsourcing
company with 13 years of experience delivering
over 1000 innovative software solutions to
businesses globally. Though we started as a web
and app development service provider, today, we
are one of the most trusted brands providing
automation solutions for enterprises worldwide.
With a talent pool of 200 developers, we are
at the forefront of business automation, leading
the marketing, sale, and Robotic Process
Automation field.
Upto 90 Improvement in Compliance
50K USD Operational Cost Saved Annually
Upto 100 Process Accuracy
Upto 99 Improved Process Speed
Upto 35 Enhanced Employee Satisfaction
25K Man-hours Saved
RPA Consulting Assisting businesses in process
assessment and opportunity discovery for RPA.
RPA Implementation Deploying the developed bots
on processes, testing their performance,
improvising them to meet required needs and
scaling automation.
Automation Design Mapping of manual processes
creating workflows for automation design
Automation Support Constant assessment,
upgrades, and updates of software robots to
ensure smooth operations.
RPA Management Services Providing high
availability, 24/7 monitoring, and increased
uptime to ensure seamless process flow.
Our RPA Success Stories
Find out how our RPA solutions are helping
businesses across industries enhance productivity.
RPA Impact On Business
Industry- Telecommunication
750 man-hours worth of effort saved monthly
  • Business Challenge
  • The manual accounting process created challenges
  • Operational Delays
  • Data inaccuracy
  • Compliance issues
  • Scalability of operations

48K USD cost-saving annually
Upto 99 reduction in operation turnaround time
  • RPA Solution Deployed
  • Leveraging RPA, we built deployed over 50 bots
    that performed a myriad of operations.
  • Bookkeeping Bot
  • Account Reconciliation Bot
  • Tax Calculation Bot
  • Vendor management Bot
  • Invoicing Bot
  • Monthly Financial Report Bot

100 accuracy in processes
Enhanced Compliance
Business Challenge
Zero human intervention
  • NuCompass wanted to create an online platform
    that provided real-time information on agents' to
    the customers allowing them to book appointments
    on the go. But there was
  • Lack of proper database and API functionality on
    the partner's website
  • Inability transfer of 150,000agents' data on
  • Improbability of quick data transfer through a
    manual process

90 reduction in turnaround time
100 accuracy in operations
RPA Solution Deployed
Non-invasive implementation
  • After understanding the client's needs, we built
    an automation solution with 2 unattended bots.
  • Bot 1- Data scraping from multiple sources like
    partner website, google reviews, social media
    reviews etc.
  • Bot 2- Data update on NuCompas website

Business Challenge
Zero human intervention
To generate accurate billing for their customers,
the clients accounts team had to manually track
number of calls and duration made through skyfax
numbers in the CDR report and upload the collated
data in FTP server daily. This resulted in
90 reduction in turnaround time
Error in calculations, creating billing errors
High human dependency
100 accuracy in operations
Delays in delivery
Time-consuming and tedious process
RPA Solution Deployed
Non-invasive implementation
After understanding the client's needs, we built
an automation solution with 2 unattended bots
automating the complete process.
Bot 1- Report Generation Bot
Bot 2- Calculation Bot
If you are wondering where to start your
automation journey?
Talk to our experts to unleash the true
automation potential of your business.
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