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what is binary mlm plan & how does binary mlm plan work ? | Binary mlm compensation plan


what is binary mlm plan & how does binary mlm plan work ? | Binary mlm compensation plan : Binary mlm compensation Plan eCommerce & Direct Selling, Pyramid, Repurchase plan for Affiliate Marketing Software, Binary mlm Calculator : Binary Multi-Level Marketing plan Software is a web application that helps to manage binary MLM networks such as to keep track on down-line’s incomes , uplines and expenditure. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: what is binary mlm plan & how does binary mlm plan work ? | Binary mlm compensation plan

Binary MLM Software
  • What is Binary MLM Plan ? How Does Binary MLM
    Plan Work?

What is Binary MLM Plan?
  • Binary Multi Level Marketing Plan includes a two
    legged structure where in a parent Node has two
    sub nodes where each new distributor or members
    is placed in either left or right sub-tree. One
    sub-tree is known as a Power Leg or Profit Leg
    while the second sub-tree is a Profit Leg or a
    weak leg.. It is one of the basic Binary MLM
    plan which is required by all the MLM
    organizations be it small or large. The binary
    MLM plan helps admin managing users or sub nodes
    in a binary network to keep record of their
    income, expenses etc.

How Does Binary MLM Plan Work?
  • Binary MLM Plan Work The new members sponsored
    by distributors are added either on the left leg
    or right leg. Upon adding two new members on
    either side of the subtree, a binary tree gets
    formed. All the new members referred after
    forming a binary tree gets spilled to the

Binary MLM Plan
  • Note
  • Distributors become a part of the binary plan by
    purchasing an enrollment package. The enrollment
    package here means either a service or a list of
    products. The distributor buys the package and
    becomes a part of the binary MLM company .
  • Lets See Different Scenarios Of Forming A Binary
    MLM Structure
  • Before looking into the structure, try to
    understand the difference between a Sponsor and
    the Parent of a downline.
  • Sponsor The sponsor is the person who introduced
    the new member to the binary network.
  • Parent The distributor, who is the direct upline
    of the new member introduced to the binary

Binary MLM Commission
  • There are five types of commission
  • i. Join Commission
  • ii. Direct Referral Commission
  • iii. Pair Commission
  • iv. Bonus Commission
  • v. Royalty Commission

  • Join Commissions
  • MLM companies create join commission to encourage
    their mlm members and attract more new members to
    join binary network. this commission amount
    credit in users account at the time of joining
    the network .
  • Pair Commission
  • Pair commission or binary commission. the
    distributor or user sponsors new member to
    balances both legs with active members. when the
    user balance both legs with active leg, user will
    be able to achieve pair commission. The
    commission is calculated based on percentage the
    amount the company has already defined.

  • Custom Bonus
  • Companies create their own custom bonus to
    motivate their distributors and attract more
    distributors to join their binary network. this
    bonus amount is automatically credited to the
    distributers account based on their referrals
    which is defined by company.
  • Royalty Bonus
  • In the royalty bonus, when a certain set target
    is achieved by distributers , then all the
    eligible members receive certain percentage of
    amount as bonus as per the companys rule.

Direct Referral Commission
  • The referral commission is also referred as
    sponsor commission / leader bonus or the
    introducer bonus is the benefit gotten by a user
    for introducing new members to the downline
    network. The commission is calculated based on
    the percentage or fixed of the amount the company
    has already predefined. The commissioned amount
    is automatically credited to the users account.

Binary MLM Plan Features
  • Admin Features
  • Eligibility Setting to get commissions.
  • Initial Pair commission settings.
  • Initial pair amount settings.
  • Further Pair commission settings.
  • Further Pair amount settings.
  • Join commission Settings.
  • Direct Referral commission Settings.
  • Frontend Features
  • Dashboard feature for logged-in customer .
  • Payout listing for logged-in MLM customer.
  • Payout detail of logged-in MLM customer.
  • Feature to withdrawal request .
  • It works Based on Binary Rules i.e. 1X1, 1X2,
    2X1,2X2 etc.

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