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Healthy Lifestyle Program for Renal Patients


Many patients prefer therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and meditation, which are also a part of the Healthy Lifestyle program for renal patients. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Healthy Lifestyle Program for Renal Patients

In the coming years, the number of patients
suffering from the end-stage renal disease may
increase. Even developing nations have difficulty
coping with this alarming situation because the
number of cases of end-stage renal disease is
quite high compared to the treatment facility.
So, there is an urgent need to adopt a healthy
lifestyle program in renal patients. Apart from
that, the patients need to shift their approach
of treatment from dialysis or transplant to
ayurvedic treatment. We should not approach
dialysis when we know what complications it
brings to our life. Similarly, transplant is
another life-threatening approach because not
everyones body may accept the new organ. So, to
slow down the progression of CKD, we must rely on
Ayurveda and healthy lifestyle changes. These may
include managing the underlying conditions, such
as diabetes, adopting a renal diet, doing yoga,
and meditation, etc. This initiative by Kidney
and Ayurveda is an approach to make people aware
of the fact that a healthy lifestyle is crucial
to improving CKD.
Source Healthy Lifestyle Program for Renal
We suggest you make a tick on the following
aspects of kidney disease
Diabetes is the most common cause reason
affecting kidneys. You can avoid the risk of
kidney damage by managing the blood sugar levels.
To regulate the blood sugar level, monitor your
glucose intake, take a healthy diet, and do
Hypertension or high blood pressure can also
contribute to the progression of kidney failure.
High blood pressure weakens the small vessels of
the kidneys, thereby hindering their ability to
remove waste and excess fluids. Excess fluid or
fluid retention in the cells and tissues can
raise blood pressure even more. To work on your
blood pressure, first, lose weight, limit alcohol
consumption, quit smoking, reduce stress, and
regulate the use of sodium in your diet. Many
patients prefer therapies such as acupuncture,
massage, and meditation, which are also a part of
the Healthy Lifestyle program for renal patients.
Source Healthy Lifestyle Program for Renal
Most people with kidney problems are asked by
their nephrologist to take a healthy diet. Why?
Because the diet is important to get the
nourishment when the body is already fighting
against some complications. A diet is also
essential to control blood pressure, diabetes,
prevent a burden on the kidneys, and slow down
the risk of heart disease.
According to Kidney and Ayurveda, a diet is
essential to stay healthy and to prevent
complications that may occur because of the
digestion waste that clogs up in the
bloodstream. 1. Choose foods with less salt Less
salt means less sodium intake, and so do low
blood pressure levels. Buy fresh food from the
market and cook it at home with less salt and
spices. 2. Use a small portion of
proteins Protein is essential, but when you
consume protein, it produces digestion waste. The
kidneys remove the waste from our body. Eating
animal sources of protein or even too much of
plant-based protein can burden your kidneys.
3. Less phosphorus The bones need phosphorus, but
too much phosphorus can build in the body during
chronic kidney disease. The more phosphorus you
have, the more calcium will be pulled out from
the bones, making them thin, weak, and cause
joint pain. 4. Less potassium You may have
problems in the body when the level of potassium
is too high or too low. Damaged kidneys may allow
the potassium level to increase in the blood.
This can increase the risk of severe heart
problems. Potassium and phosphorus are present in
almost every vegetable. So, choose vegetables
wisely and rinse them before cooking.
Some patients are advised to reduce the intake of
fluid by their doctor or healthcare provider or
dietician as the body cannot pass the urine
accordingly. If you want to reduce the fluid
intake, make sure to consume less salt. Salt
intake makes you thirsty and retains more water.
In the Healthy Lifestyle program for renal
patients, you also need to consider what
exercises you are doing and for how much time.
Exercise helps to improve well-being but if you
have chronic kidney disease, it can be hard for
you to manage your exercise regimen. Some days
may turn painful and demand complete bed
rest. Ask your team of healthcare before starting
anything new to make sure it is suitable for your
Cholesterol is an important fact in the body that
gets build up on the walls of vessels. It makes
the wall of the blood vessels narrow and
obstructs the normal flow of the blood in the
kidneys. This insufficient blood flow may
threaten your kidneys function and its capacity
to filter the blood as required. Kidney and
Ayurveda suggest you avoid foods that are high in
cholesterol and these include dairy products,
eggs, and red meat. Processed foods also contain
a lot of cholesterol, so make sure you check the
label before buying them.
Source Healthy Lifestyle Program for Renal
To keep kidneys healthy, make sure you are not
pressurizing the kidneys with an unhealthy diet.
The unhealthy lifestyle is also a key to making
the kidneys lose their function, make sure you
dont unlock it. For further assistance on the
treatment of kidney patients with Ayurveda
medicine, meet us with your reports!
Source Healthy Lifestyle Program for Renal
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