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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Allergies


The natural Homeopathic remedies that are best suited are chosen on the basis of the symptoms and characteristics faced by each and every patient. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Homeopathic Remedies for Allergies

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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Allergies
  • Homeopathy is another common natural treatment
    for Allergies - one of the more gentle forms of
    treatment - that is most likely to relief allergy
    related health problems or symptoms, food
    intolerances and sensitivities.
  • Homeopathy is based on the idea that like treats
    like homeopaths generally use substances that
    contain a microscopic amount of a substance that
    would normally cause a condition, on the idea
    that it will actually stimulate the bodys immune
    system to treat the condition or symptom.

  • Allergy is a very individualor to-each-his-own
    medical condition. Put simply, what your body may
    be allergic to, the other person may not be and
    the other way round. Allergy is a sudden
    hypersensitive reaction that presents itself with
    a number of symptoms following contact with an
  • The main allergies are nasal allergy, allergic
    cough, food allergies, dust allergy and skin
    rash. Some persons are very allergic to hair dyes
    as well. The Homeopathic remedies for allergy not
    only helps in providing relief in acute attacks
    of allergy, but also works to cure the allergy by
    extracting the underlying root cause. The
    Homeopathic treatment for allergy is completely
    safe, since the homeopathic medicines are sourced
    out of natural substances and there are no toxins

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Allergies
  • The natural Homeopathic remedies that are best
    suited are chosen on the basis of the symptoms
    and characteristics faced by each and every
  • Arsenic Album
  • Natrum Mur
  • Calcarea Phosphorica
  • Nux Vomica
  • Allium Cepa

Arsenic Album
  • It is the best homeopathic medicine for allergic
    rhinitis, especially if presented with intense
    thirst. Other symptoms that indicate its use are
    thin acrid nasal discharge, burning in the nose
    and throat, and a cold that gets worse at
    midnight or is triggered by temperature
    fluctuation. check out Arsenicum Album Homeopathy

Natrum Mur
  • It is a natural Homeopathic medicine that is very
    beneficial for the treatment of both nasal and
    skin allergies. The important pointers for using
    Natrum Mur in nasal allergy are a running nose
    with sneezing and difficulty in breathing. In
    skin allergies, Natrum Mur is the ideal
    Homeopathic remedy for excessive itching that
    mainly gets worse in a warm room and better in
    open air. A craving for salt is usually noted in
    all the patients requiring Natrum Mur Homeopathy

Calcarea Phosphorica
  • Irritability, headaches, stomach and abdominal
    pains, and a craving for junk food are all
    indications for this remedy. Stiffness in the
    neck and back, leg cramps, and aggravation from
    cold are also likely. The person may seem
    dissatisfied, with a strong desire for travel or
    a change of circumstances and a tendency to
    complain when fatigue and health problems
    interfere. This remedy is often helpful to
    restless, whiny children who have growing pains,
    get headaches from school, and have picky
    appetites with many food problems.
  • Check out Calcarea Phos Homeopathy

Nux Vomica
  • Irritability, cramping pains, and chilliness are
    typical when this remedy is needed.
    Oversensitivity to substances can lead to many
    ailmentsheadaches, runny nose, tight breathing,
    heartburn, stomach problems, constipation, back
    pain, and insomnia. People who need this remedy
    are often irritable, impatient, easily angered or
    frustrated, and have a lot of trouble relaxing.
    They tend to crave stimulants, alcohol, tobacco,
    sweets, and strong foods, and feel worse from
    having them. They are also very sensitive to
    odors, light, and noise.
  • Check out Nux Vomica Homeopathy

Allium Cepa
  • Try this remedy when nasal mucus irritates your
    nose or upper lip your eyes are runny but the
    discharge is bland and non-irritating you feel
    worse from warm rooms, and better in open air.

  • Homeopathy works on the principle like cures
    like, this means that the prescribed medicine is
    able to produce symptoms similar to the disease
    condition, which helps in curing the condition.
    Homeopathic medicines are seen to improve the
    over-sensitized immune system and thus act as an
    immune-modulator or immune-regulator. Homeopathy
    follows an individualized treatment approach,
    where medications are prescribed after studying
    personal characteristics.

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