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Personalize your marketing tips for high performing real estate agents


Personalization works wonders because we like hearing and seeing our own names. Website - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Personalize your marketing tips for high performing real estate agents

CMC Marketing
Personalize Your Marketing Tips For High
Performing Real Estate Agents
  • Personalization works wonders because we like
    hearing and seeing our own names. It works
    because we like talking about ourselves, and we
    love to think that we make our decisions
    completely on our own (who would actually admit
    that theyre easily persuaded?), even if these
    are all well-meaning lies we repeat. If youre
    able to communicate with a swath of people
    without them feeling like one of many, youll
    have a better shot of getting their business.
  • As much as possible, your prospects should feel
    like you know exactly how they feel, you
    understand their pain points and youre uniquely
    positioned to help them solve their issues.
    Sending a mass email, sending generic ads, and
    offering the same ole tired home appraisal for
    email capture isnt going to cut it anymore.
  • Here are a few out of the box marketing
    strategies that use personalization to help you
    stand head and shoulders above your competition.

  • Direct mail isnt dead, but if youre going to do
    it, try personalizing your letters as much as
    possible. That means, dont spray and pray into
    peoples mailboxes. Make your letter as quick and
    as simple as possible. Get to the point, and
    include as much information about the potential
    seller as possible. Heres an example
  • Do not just send the letter and forget about it.
    Close with an online offer (include a QR code)
    that they can easily access directly from your
    letter. Use the offer as an opportunity to
    capture emails and plug those folks into an email
    nurture campaign (you can create a quick campaign
    that introduces you, your unique selling
    proposition (USP), and offer to hop on the phone
    to chat as a final call to action (CTA).
  • Direct mail isnt dead, but if you use it, please
    add an electronic element so you get additional
    touch points with your prospects. You dont want
    to become junk mail.
  • Email marketing is also a more traditional
    marketing strategy that some realtors doubt still
    works for some odd reason. The ROI on email
    marketing is a whopping 4300 (not kidding, read
    more here). So, email marketing is far from over,
    and it is still a very good tool for realtors to
    use when trying to stay top of mind. As we
    discussed earlier, the best position to be is not
    necessarily number one on Google, but the last
    person to be in touch with a prospect before they
    make a decision. The most obvious way to do this
    is to show up consistently in their inbox.

  • Lets remember that even if someone doesnt open
    your email, theyre still seeing your name and
    the subject line in their inbox. That stuff still
    sticks! So, obviously the goal is to get them to
    open your email and click to contact you, BUT the
    overall strategy starts working even before then.
  • But there is a better way to do email marketing
    than the run-of-the-mill tired newsletters we all
    receive and eventually unsubscribe from. You
    have to offer value. Real value. You should be
    funny/clever, authentic (infuse your emails with
    local updates, sports, etc. if youre actually
    into that stuff), informative and timely. If a
    prospect is a few months out from taking the jump
    to sell their home, but is unsure whether theyd
    be able to afford hopping into a new one, then a
    timely email about your current client Cindy
    who just used the cash she received from selling
    her home to purchase her dream house is going to
    pique their interest.
  • Email marketing is effective for prospects, past
    clients and even friends and family. You cant
    just assume that everyone you know will remember
    that youre a realtor. Social media and email
    marketing are amazing tools to help you stay top
    of mind. Automate your mailings to turbo charge
    this strategy.

  • Speaking of social media, this is the most used
    and frankly, misused marketing tool. Lets break
    down the social media platforms best for realtors
    and some tips to help you make the most out of
  • Facebook -
  • Lets start with the most popular, and possibly
    the most hated Facebook. Facebook is a powerful
    tool for marketing, but it is getting more and
    more difficult to gain organic traction on the
    site. This is not going to be reversed, and I
    think other platforms will (and have already
    started to) follow suit. Well talk about ads
    later on, but for now, heres what we suggest.
  • Use Facebook groups to your advantage. Dont just
    join local Facebook groups (think mom groups,
    local groups where referrals are often shared
    does anyone know a _______, etc.). Engage in
    these groups regularly (1-2 per week) with your
    own unique value ad to folks in the group try
    sharing the same unique offer you use elsewhere
    to see if anyone bites. Send friend requests to
    everyone who likes the post and thank them for
    liking your post in the group. Add them to a
    special friend group named RE Peeps/Prospects/Fri
    ends, etc.
  • Another way to use Facebook groups is to use the
    search feature. Search for real estate in the
    groups and shoot friend requests to anyone who
    recently posted about real estate be sure the
    posts are relatively recent. Add these folks to
    your special friend group as well.

  • Once youve gotten a few friends on your
    special list, you can create a schedule of when
    youll share posts just for them and share it
    with only that group. Theyll come to know you as
    a real estate guru, and develop a trust overtime.
    There are likely a few sales hiding in the bunch.
  • Another quick way to stay relevant is to offer
    weekly market updates. What would sellers want to
    know? This is not a sales pitch, this is free
    information. Creating this as a series on your
    Facebook business page could be a great branding
  • Lastly, squeeze as much juice from your Facebook
    business page as possible. As I mentioned
    earlier, Facebook is not rewarding organic
    interaction as much as it used to most Facebook
    business pages show up on less than 4 of their
    followers feeds regularly. One of the only way
    to avoid this is to get people commenting on your
    posts. My suggestion get some of your friends
    and family to help. The next time you post on
    your Facebook business page, I suggest you inform
    your close friends and family members and ask
    them to please like and comment on the post. You
    can even make this a thing between you and a few
    other realtors so everyone gets engagement on
    their posts. This is one of the only ways that
    Facebook will push your content out to more of
    your followers and your friends followers as
  • Bonus tip Combine some of these tips together
    for even better results. Asking your friends,
    colleagues, and family to like and comment on
    your market updates in addition to sharing your
    business page market updates with your special
    Facebook friends (on your personal page) will
    increase your engagement reach on the platform in
    a flash!

Instagram -
  • Did you know Instagram is now considered
    primarily a video sharing app (recent news from
    head here). With that being the case, you want to
    give the algorithm what its looking for.
    Whenever youre at a showing, at your office
    closing a deal, driving by gorgeous homes in an
    upscale neighborhood really anything that
    involves houses or real estate take a video
    recording. Use these videos to tell your brand
    story. Youll notice that photos perform better
    than simple text or even graphics, and videos
    outperform everything else. You dont need a
    drone to get traction on the site.
  • Hashtags. Dont forget to use them, but also do
    so with strategy in mind. Track the hashtags
    youre using (or get a virtual assistant to do
    this!) and how theyre performing. You can also
    check to see what your competition is using on
    their posts about similar things. Using generic
    hashtags like realestate wont cut it. Youll be
    posting to the void and seeing little to no
    results. Step out of the box, like this
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is good for commercial realtors and
    investors, but as a residential real estate
    professional, Id suggest you use your time and
    marketing budget wisely and stay away from

YouTube -
  • YouTube is a really great tool to use for
    marketing your real estate business. You can use
    it much like Facebook sharing industry updates
    and getting super specific about your USP. It
    takes a bit more time and resources to get
    started than the other strategies on here, but
    the plus side is that the content will be
    evergreen (stays up forever) and once you gain
    some traction, its possible to gain a lot of new
    leads from offering your two cents on YouTube. Is
    it worth it? Yes, it is. Should you create a new
    channel? Only you can answer the question of
    whether you have enough time and resources to
    invest in making the channel successful. It is a
    fantastic marketing tool, but it is not a quick
    return on investment. No matter how excited the
    person who has over 10K followers is about the
    ease of starting and growing a channel.
  • There is no silver bullet, and we suggest trying
    a couple of strategies at a time. Give it time to
    season, before trying anything new. Too many
    agents are buying unnecessary software, paying
    for services they dont use and stressing about
    vanity metrics (like follower count). Start
    small, and build on the things that gain
  • We often hear about the downsides of being
    selfish. But, as humans we cant help it. Were
    self-centered. Reading that probably made you
    cringe, but it is true. As a salesperson, you
    have to recognize that truth and act accordingly.
    Personalize your outreach, personalize your
    customer experience and I promise you, youll see
    the difference.

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