Real Struggles with Post-COVID Sleep problems: Its Treatment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Real Struggles with Post-COVID Sleep problems: Its Treatment


Know More About Patients after recovering from COVID-19 are likely to report Post-COVID Sleep problems, due to illness that make rest difficult. Learn about the treatments. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Real Struggles with Post-COVID Sleep problems: Its Treatment

Real Struggles with Post-COVID Sleep problems
Its Treatment
Real Struggles with Post-COVID Sleep
problems Sleepless nights can lead to various
mental and physical problems. Numerous people
fighting and recovering from COVID experience
changes in their sleep when compared to their
sleep before they became unwell. It is difficult
to fall asleep or stay asleep for some people.
But, others may find they wake up earlier than
usual and cant get back to sleep. COVID-19
pandemic is a global health problem affecting
millions of people around the world. This affects
people both physical and medical aspects but also
on psychological issues including anxiety
disorders, depressive manifestations, sleep
problems, and others. Sleep disorders are
commonly reported during the novel Coronavirus-19
pandemic either in the acute phase of COVID-19
infection or after recovery. These sleep problems
result in a drastic burden on the recovered
patients life.
  • Why sleep is affected During COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • COVID-19 leads to changes in sleep due to various
  • Lack of natural daylight This can interfere with
    the production of a chemical in our brain called
    melatonin making you feel sleepy.
  • Medications Some of the COVID-19 medicines
    impact your sleep.
  • If you are hospitalized your natural sleep cycle
    is disrupted as hospitals are noisy, busy places.
    Hospitals have an ample amount of people with
    alarms beeping on equipment, especially in
    intensive care units. Hospitals have
    uncomfortable hospital beds and if you have had a
    stay in hospital you may have a distressing
    experience. This can worsen if you had delirium
    such as hallucinations, delusions, and confusion
    whilst you were unwell.

  • What are the kind of Sleep Problems after COVID?
  • Commonly people suffer from insomnia or
    COVID-somnia and circadian rhythm sleep-wake
    disorders (delayed-type), during the COVID-19
  • COVID-Somnia This is characterized by
    difficulties falling or staying asleep despite
    having the adequate opportunity for sleep. This
    has been termed as COVID-somnia. People
    experience insufficient sleep, tiredness during
    the daytime, feeling dull, waking up too early,
    waking up many times during the night, anxiety,
    depression, irritability, lack of concentration,
    being moody, and difficulty in remembering due to
    lack of sleep.
  • Circadian Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorder People
    experience difficulty waking up in the morning
    and falling asleep at a societal normative time.
    But, going to bed and waking up at a later time
    sleep is not an issue. This denotes a group of
    sleep disorders that share the common feature of
    a disruption in the timing of sleep. Circadian
    rhythm is your bodys 24-hour internal clock
    that controls your bodys sleep-wake cycle.
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