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Top 10 Benefits of Investing in Costa del Sol Rental Properties


Costa Rents basically based in Mijas Costa, we are agency specialized in mid & long-term property rentals in the area of Costa del Sol. We have experience of more than decade in property rental business in Costa del sol. Benefits of investing in Costa del Sol are: Infrastructure, Transport Network, Sporting Clubs etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Benefits of Investing in Costa del Sol Rental Properties

Top 10 Benefits of Investing in Costa del Sol
Rental Properties
If you are thinking about investing in real
estate in a foreign country there are a few
elements that come into your mind that will
influence your decision. And every one of us has
different priorities when choosing the right
country and region for their investments. It
depends much on your ROI expectations, the track
record of the past and the future prospects of
the region and the question if you want to use
the property yourself from time to time or if you
just want to rent long term. So there are quite
a few elements to take in consideration before
you will be able to take a good decision. We from
Costa Rents are based in Mijas Costa, just about
a 30 minute drive by car from Malaga airport. We
are the only agency specialized in mid and
long-term property rentals in the area of Costa
del Solsince 2009. In addition based on the
needs of our investment clients we offer a
property management service to look after your
property while the owners are not in the region.
Therefore we have more than a decade of
experience in the property rental business in
Costa del Sol (Andalusia) and know the different
areas, communities very well, their advantages
and disadvantages.

Based on that experience we would like to present
you our top 10 benefits speaking about the Costa
del Sol when it comes to property investments in
this area. 1.   Tourist Appeal  Based on several
elements the region has a high appeal for
tourists. With more than 300 sunny days in a year
and water temperatures between 22C and 24C
during summer and the long fine sandy beaches, it
is a perfect destination for bathing holidays in
Europe. The low crime rate, the very good
infrastructure and the transport network complete
the offer for tourists in the best way. 2. 
 Infrastructure When it comes to infrastructure
at the Costa del Sol you can find perfect
conditions in all 3 aspects of infrastructure.
From technical infrastructure including energy,
phone/ internet, banks, public transport,  to
social infrastructure including public and
private schools, hospitals/ emergency rooms,
museums/ libraries, public security, sport and
leisure facilities, as well as the green
infrastructure including parks and lakes.


3.      Transport Network The transport network
consists of a well-developed road network and
good quality roads.If you do not want to use your
car there is a well-functioning public transport
network and a train connection from Malaga to
Fuengirola. So with a change at Malaga train
station you can get to all major cities in
Spain 4.      Climate Conditions As already
mentioned the mild climate with more than 300
sunny days in a year the Costadel Sol is
appealing for tourists but also for the people
who live here the whole year round. Natural sun
light influences your happiness, your well being,
your immune system and even your libido in a
positive way.  5.      Quality/Price Ratio When
we talk about investments sooner or later we need
to talk about prices and the quality. Based on
the expectations of international investors and
the professionalism of developers in the region
you can find exceptional high property quality
for a reasonable price  due to the high
competition, compared to other European areas.

6. Profit Return
  • Of course the higher the risk, the higher
    the return, that counts also for the Costa del
    Sol area. Based on where, what and when you buy
    and how (share of financing) the return of your
    investment will vary). But on average the rental
    properties have a potential of 4 - 5 (gross
  • 7. Diversification of People Living Here
  • There is a huge diversification of
    nationalities here. There are lots of British
    people, Scandinavians, Germans and Dutch to name
    a few. That brings a great mix of culture into
    the area and makes it interesting to meet new
    people and make new friends from almost all over
    the world.
  • 8. Malaga Airport
  •  Malaga airport is increasing flights
    constantly which bring more and more people to
    the Costa del Sol area.

9. Sporting Clubs
  • We have mentioned the good infrastructure in
    general at point 2. already. But the sporting
    clubs seem to us worth mentioning because it is
    so unique. In that particular case we talk about
    Golf, tennis and surfing clubs. You find a huge
    variety here. Almost endless opportunities to
    keep you in shape, do your favorite sport, try
    something new and meet new people and find new
  • 10. Google Investment of 650 Million
  • Google announced to invest 650 million in
    Spain over the next 5 years. A portion of this
    budget will be used to develop a a centre of
    excellence for cyber security in Malaga.
  • We think that they are advantages to take a
    real estate investment in Spain into
    consideration if you are looking for a long term
    rental property to invest in.Get in contact
    with us so we can understand better your
    individual and personal interests and recommend
    the best areas and communities that meet your
    expectations best.

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