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Modern Glass Trends in Dwelling and Commercial Buildings


The glass industry has evolved significantly over time. For a long time, glass was just used as a luxury decor material in jewelry, vessels, crockery, and home decorations. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Modern Glass Trends in Dwelling and Commercial Buildings

Modern Glass Trends in Dwelling and Commercial
The glass industry has evolved significantly over
time. For a long time, glass was just used as a
luxury decor material in jewelry, vessels,
crockery, and home decorations. However, it has
taken the status of important building material
in the construction industry now. But isn't glass
too delicate to be used in construction
projects? Well, yes! Glass was considered a
fragile material once. However, with the
technological advancements, different variants
of glass are introduced in the market that
upholds high strength and safety value. The
modifications in the manufacturing process have
practically made glass unbreakable. The
transparency combined with super-strength makes
glass a perfect building material for
contemporary construction projects.
Uses of Glass in the Dwelling and Commercial
The dynamics of the construction industry have
changed a lot with the advent of toughened and
heat- strengthened glass. The enhanced strength
enabled the constructors to use glass as a basic
building material in both dwelling and
commercial buildings. From building facades to
ceiling, railing systems to
flooring, and windows to custom glass table tops,
glass is used in everything nowadays. Glass is,
in fact, a top trending building material. Some
of the applications of glass in dwelling and
commercial buildings are listed below.
In Residential Buildings
  • Glass is extensively used in windows and doors.
    It serves as a barrier against harsh weather
    conditions and it adds to the visual appeal to
    the building.
  • Glass is universally employed in skylights and
    roofing to provide a clear view of the outside
  • In contemporary residential buildings, glass
    railing systems are employed to enhance the
    interior practically as well as visually.
  • Homeowners prefer clear glass furniture to
    maximize the light in their interior. Bent glass
    furniture and custom glass tabletops are popular
    picks these days.
  • Glass fixtures are preferably used in the

In Commercial Buildings
  • The commercial building facades are all made with
    glass nowadays. Toughened glass is used to put
    together the fine display.
  • Glass walls and partitions are pretty common in
    commercial offices. They add privacy value and
    enhance the space aesthetically.
  • Glass flooring is another rising trend in the
    construction industry.
  • Commercial buildings prop huge skylights and
    glass ceilings to draw visual interest. Glass
    roofing also renders its thermal insulation
    properties by optimizing the heat passing through
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Using Glass in
    Construction Projects
  • Architects and constructors have leveraged glass
    to create masterpieces. Glass holds a superior
    place in the list of building materials due to
    its unmatched elegance. Apart from the visual
    appeal, glass has

some other extremely useful properties that make
it a preferred choice in construction projects.
Lets see how glass is beneficial in commercial
and residential projects.
  • High Optical Clarity

Transparency is a unique and most cherished
property of glass that creates a visual
connection with the outside world. Glass doors,
windows, and building facades provide a view of
the outside world in the most splendid way. It
not only heightens the interior but also makes
the exterior exceptionally radiant.
  • Light Transmission

Glass serves as the perfect light transmitter. It
allows almost 80 of light to pass through thus
helps in lowering the use of artificial energy
  • Damage Resistance

Unlike other building materials, glass does not
rust or lose its visual appeal over time.
Strengthened glass can withstand hard impacts
without getting damaged. Therefore, it also
serves as a solid security breach.
  • Immunity to Extreme Weather Conditions

Glass can withstand harsh weather conditions
without losing its aesthetic appeal or getting
damaged. Insulated glass is also used as a
thermal insulator in areas with extreme weather
  • Design Versatility

Glass is a versatile material. It is available in
a broad range of designs, styles, and colors. On
top of that, it can easily be customized. It can
easily be molded into any desired shape or form.
You can place orders for custom cut glass for
your project-specific requirements.
  • Recyclable

Another upside of using glass in construction
projects is its sustainability. Glass is an
eco-friendly element and unlike other building
materials, it can easily be recycled.
  • UV Resistant

Glass is a UV-stable material. It doesn't
disintegrate, discolor or crack when exposed to
UV radiations. Therefore, it lasts longer than
other materials that get damaged due to the
harmful rays of the sun. Some variants of glass
are also made to filter UV radiation.
  • Easy Maintenance

The smooth and glossy surface of the glass is
easy to clean and maintain. Glass is dustproof
and thus low maintenance.
  • Electrical Insulation

Glass is a poor conductor of electricity thus it
can safely be used in electrical appliances like
microwave ovens, ceiling lights, and other
electrical applications. Disadvantages of Using
Glass in Construction Projects No doubt, glass
has all the properties to qualify for perfect
building material. However, there are some
downsides to using glass in construction projects
as well. Let's explore them.
  • Cost Value

Glass has an exceptional visual appeal. But it
doesn't come easy. The manufacturing process of
glass is super extensive and energy-consuming.
That's why glass is expensive as compared to
other building materials. Using glass in a
project effectively increases the total cost
value of the project. If you want custom-cut
glass, it may also affect the total cost.
  • Brittleness

Unless toughened through a comprehensive heat
strengthening process, glass can easily break on
a hard impact. When broken, the sharp shards of
glass can cause serious injuries. However,
toughened glass is used to cope with this issue
but the price value increases.
  • Glare

All-glass building facades sure offer an elegant
view but the shiny surface of glass reflects
light and causes glare in the daylight. How
does Glass Genius Comply with the Clients
Requirements? The optical clarity, strength, and
visual appeal of glass have excelled the
expectation of the constructor that's why it is
now considered a basic building material in the
construction industry. Whether it's a commercial
or a residential project, it's inevitable to use
glass in the building process. However, it is to
be noted that the basic requirements vary from
project to project. For instance, in a
high-security building, high-end laminated glass
would preferably be used. But if you just want a
custom glass tabletop for your home remodeling,
tempered glass would do the job. It is important
to understand the project requirements before
indulging in any further steps. As a top-notch
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