Water Dispenser for Homes and Offices 2021 – Eight-to-Eight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Dispenser for Homes and Offices 2021 – Eight-to-Eight


Are you considering a water dispenser in Singapore for your home or office use? In fact, Water dispensers and filtration systems are becoming the ‘must have’ for a new office or home. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Water Dispenser for Homes and Offices 2021 – Eight-to-Eight

Water Dispenser for Homes and Offices 2021
Are you considering a water dispenser in
Singapore for your home or office use? In fact,
Water dispensers and filtration systems are
becoming the must have for a new office or
home. Therefore, you have to compare and
understand the main advantages and specifications
of each water dispenser, so that you can choose
the right model for your needs.
Why do we recommend these water dispenser?
You just spent a bomb on your home or office
renovation particularly. And, you might want new
appliances such as the fridge, microwave or the
water dispenser colour to suit your renovation
theme. Fortunately, these water dispensers comes
in different colours and sizes to fulfil your
requirements specifically. Apart from the
aesthetics, there are several benefits of our
Singapore water dispenser, the top most important
benefit is that we feature instant hot water
dispenser, the latest technology in 2020. In
addition, the other benefit is that they are user
friendly. Checkout below pictures on the touch
Are these water dispensers suitable for home and
office use in Singapore?
Yes, they are! But, why do we say so? It is
because our water dispensers can be easily fitted
according to the dimensions of Singapore
pipelines. Also, no worries on installation
either, as our experienced technician will
install the water dispenser at the exact location
you require. Moreover, our water dispensers can
cater up to 20 people per water dispenser.
Besides, It consists of hot and cold water
functions and you will not need to buy an
additional dispenser for medium sized offices.
Alkaline and UV filters for your water dispenser
Especially for the extra health conscious
personnel out there, if you think that our 4 step
water filtration is not sufficient. We got it
planned! Because, you can add on an additional
Alkaline and minerals pack at a low cost of only
145. When water is passed through the alkaline
and minerals pack, other than infusing your
drinking water with the essential minerals your
body needs such as Potassium, magnesium and
calcium. It also makes the water alkaline at a
range of PH 7.5 to 8, which is perfect! To also
further improve the aesthetics and to prevent
sabotage, the filtration system is hidden safely
inside the water dispenser machine.
What is instant hot water technology in our water
How long do you take to boil water? Science says
it normally takes around 10 minutes. BUT, our
water dispensers heat room temperature water to
boiling temperatures in 3 SECONDS! So, why is
this important? Do you know more than 90 of
water dispensers out in the market has a keep
warm and a reboil function. For instance, you
may not be switching off the water dispenser
daily after work or at home at night.
Furthermore, the water dispenser is constantly
reboiling water which is extremely dangerous.
Besides, it is known that reboiling water will
concentrate unwanted chemicals and consuming it
on the long run, you may develop
cancer! Moreover, you are wasting your money on
unnecessary electricity consumption due to the
keep warm and reboil function. There are several
health studies on this topic, you can read more
about it here from a reliable education site in
particular. On the other hand, our water
dispensers only boil the water once immediately
after you press the dispense button.
What does the warranty cover?
To point out, most water dispensers offer only 1
year warranty for their products. Therefore, we
understand the importance of assurance and no
hassle for our customers. For this reason, we
provide 18 months warranty for our compressor and
instant heater. Because, these are the two major
components which ensures the water dispenser is
functional. The warranty is only for water
dispenser warranty is Last but not least, we
provide a one time filter replacement free within
6 months after you purchase your water dispenser
with us.
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