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What types of Crypto trading exchanges - Espay Exchange


Cryptocurrency Exchange allows other businesses and customers to trade cryptocurrencies in exchange of other important assets listed in the exchange. It can be in the form of cash or any other digital exchange. Every crypto exchange has different features and advantages and according to them the exchanges are chosen. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What types of Crypto trading exchanges - Espay Exchange

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  • Cryptocurrency Exchange allows other businesses
    and customers to trade cryptocurrencies in
    exchange of other important assets listed in the
    exchange. It can be in the form of cash or any
    other digital exchange. Every exchange has
    different features and advantages and according
    to them the exchanges are chosen. Here we will
    see the four major exchanges and some of the
    other details related to crypto trading exchanges.

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Classification of the Crypto Exchanges
  • One of the most important things to understand
    here is that, we are not recommending you any
    sort of particular exchange. We are just
    comparing them on the basis of their advantages
    and disadvantages as well. The final choice is
    actually up to you.

The four major types of crypto exchanges are
  • The distinction between all the crypto exchanges
    gets done on the basis of two factors that are
    compliance with regulation and the entity that
    controls the fund during process of trading. Hair
    we have an analysis of each type of exchange and
    also provide some examples so that it can become
    easier for you to understand.

Centralized Exchanges
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  • It is one of the most common the largest crypto
    exchange in the world belongs to this. There are
    several platforms that are centralized. This
    platform is having a centralized operator that is
    responsible for the up gradation, security,
    functionality and also the representative can
    easily handle the public relations on their
    behalf. It also runs on the Centralized Crypto
    Exchanges software and it is having only one
    central server that helps in running all the
  • Advantages
  • These are having the biggest liquidity and
    volume among all the others.
  • There are some Centralized Cryptocurrency
    Exchange Solutions that can easily receive the
    deposits in fiat currency.
  • There is a large variety of crypto currencies
    that can easily get treated in the centralized
  • Disadvantages
  • The users do not have any real control over the
    coins that are restored in crypto exchanges
  • It takes a lot of time in completing the
    withdrawal procedure.

Decentralized exchanges
  • As compared to the centralized exchanges, these
    exchanges are completely opposite. No single
    entity can control these exchanges. Its
    basically a set of smart contracts and it allows
    the users having a trustless token exchanges.
    Even there are users consider White Label
    Exchange Platform for getting right suggestions
    regarding the Decentralized exchanges.
  • Advantages
  • In this, the users can easily get full
    control over all the funds
  • Only the user will have the access to close
    the opened trades.
  • There are several other unpopular tokens
    available that can be used for trading.
  • The best part is that no one can hack it is
    protected by the security of the blockchain.
  • Disadvantages
  • There is very low liquidity.
  • In order to place order or cancel order it is
    necessary to pay a particular amount of fees.
    Yes, in this every action needs an amount.
  • The user can only trade inside a particular
  • Since, it is a smart contract hence if you
    did something wrong then you will lose all your
  • There is no fiat here.

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Instant Exchange
  • Shapeshift, Godex, Changelly and others are a few
    popular types of this exchange available. Even
    with the White Label Crypto Exchange Software,
    one can get more details about the same. It is a
    very simple way to exchange any cryptocurrency
    for other. Here the best part is, you do not
    trade with any another trader you simply trade
    with the service itself. It is fast and simple.
  • Advantages
  • It is fast and instant.
  • There is no requirement of holding the funds
    of the users.
  • It is having a lot of coins and tokens.
  • Disadvantages
  • The price is quite higher as compared to
    other crypto exchanges.
  • Some certain pairs are not available because
    it sometimes runs out of coins.
  • For the small retail buyers small liquidity
    pool is available but not for large amounts.
  • You cannot exchange millions worth of assets
    at this platform.

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Hybrid Crypto Exchange
  • As the name suggests, it is a combination of
    security of decentralized exchange and the
    usability of centralized exchanges.
  • Advantages
  • It comes with a high security factor.
  • User gets the facility of two factor
  • That type of exchanges can never easily get
  • Fat deposits are also available.
  • There is a protection against DDOS attacks
  • Disadvantages
  • The volume is somewhere between centralized and
    decentralized exchange. Sometimes it is not quite
    enough for the crypto whale.

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OTC Desk
  • Crypto OTC services are also available through
    Binance. With the invention of this now it is
    possible to trade over large amounts of several
    cryptocurrenices listed on the binance exchange.
  • Advantages
  • Large quantity of cryptocurrency can be done
    over a single trade
  • It saves time by clearing the trade at one
  • Trade are completely safe as the order books
    are safe
  • All the settlements can be done via single
    Binance account
  • Disadvantages
  • Binance Level 2 verification is required in
    order to trade in binance
  • A trade order worth 20 BTC is a minimum

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P2P Marketplace
  • One of the popular P2P Bitcoin exchange is
    LocalBitcoin. With these coins you can easily
    meet with local people in your area and sell it
    in cash, PayPal or a bank deposit. Some of the
    features are
  • Only takes 1 commission from the sellers.
  • Sellers can set their own exchange rates.
  • If any problem happens in transaction then
    there is a team which resovles the conflict
    between buyer and seller.

Comparison Table
Type Centralized Decentralized Instant Instant
Examples Binance IDEX Shapeshift EXMO
Regulation No No No No
Liquidity High Low Moderate High
Number of assets High Moderate High High
Security Low High High High
Coin holder Exchange User User User or exchange
Fiat availability Yes No No Yes
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  • Each and every type of exchange is different from
    each other. Each is having its own advantage and
    disadvantage. It depends upon the requirement of
    the user that which exchange he or she wants to
    prefer. There are some people who usually want
    usability of security and choose the popular
    exchanges. While others are simply dont trust
    the centralized ones and willing to control their
    coins. A lot of options are available to choose
    from however it is important to understand that a
    wrong choice may lead towards a great loss of

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