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Early Intervention Help Improve Autism in Adulthood - By the Applied Behavior Analysis Dallas Expert


The Applied Behavior Analysis Dallas expert at Behavior Pioneers discuss how timely diagnosis and early intensive behavioral therapy interventions can help children with Autism succeed in their academic and professional endeavors, and assimilate better in society. Visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Early Intervention Help Improve Autism in Adulthood - By the Applied Behavior Analysis Dallas Expert

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Autism is a Complex Neurological Disorder
  • It manifests itself differently in every
  • Causes qualitative impairments in
    and social interactions.
  • May involve repetitive, restrictive, or
    stereotyped patterns of interests, behaviors, and

ABA Therapy is an Effective Evidence-Based
Treatment for Autism
  • Is known as the gold standard in treating
    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Is a completely customizable therapy that can
    cater to every childs unique symptoms, needs and
    developmental goals
  • Focuses on reducing challenging behaviors and
    building essential life skills that promote the
    childs functioning and independence.

ABA Therapy Focuses on Tangible and Quantifiable
  • Development of motor, verbal, social,
    communication, and reasoning skills
  • Enhancement of essential life skills and
    self-care abilities
  • Reduction in interfering behaviors and
    increase in the consistency of positive behaviors

Starting ABA Therapy Immediately After an ASD
  • Studies 1,2,3 indicate that early Autism
    interventions boost the childs development and
    help them catch up with their neurotypical peers.
    In some cases, they may be able to lose their
    Autism diagnosis completely.
  • Intensive therapy for an average of 30 to 40
    hours a week with a certified ABA therapist for
    an extended period of time can be highly
  • Needs the active involvement and commitment of
    parents and caregivers who can adopt ABA-based
    techniques beyond formal therapy sessions during
    real-world situations

Advantages of Early Behavioral Interventions for
Treating ASD
  • Behavioral interventions at an early age can
    mold the childs essential skills and behaviors
    while the brain is still malleable.
  • Quicker access to therapy equals
  • Better chances of treatment effectiveness and
    long-term outcomes.
  • Greater ability to cope with the pressures and
    demands of the teenage years and adulthood.
  • Higher confidence, self-esteem and
    independence, and reduced dependence on special

Early Interventions Promise Greater Success
  • Combining multiple ABA-based interventions and
    techniques can address a variety of treatment
  • Eg Pivotal Response Training (PRT), Early Start
    Denver Model (ESDM), Discrete Trial Training
    (DTT), Functional Communication Training (FCT),
    and Natural Environment Training (NET)
  • Higher the intensity and commitment to
    long-term therapy, better the outcomes
  • Capitalize on the childs learning potential
  • Limit the deleterious effects of Autism
  • Help your child with ASD succeed in their
    academic or professional endeavors and cope
    better in adulthood.

Qualified and Experienced ABA Therapists at
Behavior Pioneers
  • Well-trained ABA practitioners including
  • Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)
  • Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs)
  • Specialists in Educational Psychology, Child
    Development, Early Childhood Disorders, and Low
    Incidence Disabilities and Autism
  • Flexible, tailor-made ABA curriculum and
    personalized treatments
  • Center-based ABA sessions in Carrollton, TX
    and Richardson, TX, in-home ABA therapy
    throughout Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX, and
    options for hybrid plans
  • Holistic interventions for improving the lives
    of children and families dealing with ASD
  • Comprehensive services that are compliant with
    HIPAA and other applicable regulations

Our Team Top Notch Credentials, Decades of
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Adriana Diaz M. Ed., BCBAProgram Supervisor
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