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Top 8 Color Psychology Tips for your Interior Designs (1)


Taking the time to consider the effects of color psychology in your interior design efforts will help you to achieve the exact ambience you want in each space. It’s always a great idea to choose colors that speak to you and make you feel cozy. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 8 Color Psychology Tips for your Interior Designs (1)

Top 8 Color Psychology Tips for your Interior
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Interior Design Colour Schemes
  • Have you ever thought about why you feel more
    relaxed after spending time in a light, neutral
    environment? or energized after being in a
    colorful, vibrant room? Colors you use in your
    home have a great impact on your emotions. In the
    Interior Design field, we call this color
  • Color psychology is a powerful interior design
    technique that impacts the mood of a room.
    Different shades evoke different emotions, so
    while choosing colors for your design its
    important to consider the kind of atmosphere you
    wish to create at your space. Whether it is a
    home or professional space, the correct color
    scheme can make a huge difference in your

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  • Whether youre looking to add occasional bursts
    of color or decorate your entire room from top to
    bottom, explore the emotive effects of color
    psychology in interior design.
  • Here is a list of top 8 colors that are commonly
    used in Interior design and the effects they have
    on the human mind.

Red The Color of Love
  • As one of the most powerful shades in color
    psychology, red entices a wide range of emotions
    such as love, passion, desire, sensitivity,
    energy, power, vigor, and strength.
  • Red can be used in office buildings or home
    offices, in living rooms and bedrooms. In
    offices, red inspires leadership, passion, high
    energy levels, and friendship. When used in the
    living room, the color red in all its shades
    stimulates friendship and braces conversation.
    But in the bedroom, the color red evokes feelings
    of love, passion, and desire.

Orange Love it or hate it
  • Orange is a very daring color, and many people
    either love it or hate it. Orange is known to
    invoke fun, happiness, calm and joy in color
    psychology. Also, orange is stimulating like red.
    Therefore, it encourages communication,
    stimulates mental activity and appetite.
  • This fun, energetic color is ideal for kids
    room, offices, dining rooms, living rooms,
    kitchen and games room too. Orange is a great
    choice for home gyms or any other areas where
    youd like a boost of energy and confidence.
    Combining the energy of red and the happiness of
    yellow, orange is an impressive design color to
    use in rooms like kitchens or workout spaces.

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Blue Most Popular Color in the US
  • Blue is one among the most calming colors in
    interior design. Blue is the color of trust,
    instinct, honesty, and kindness. This color is an
    interior design favorite! The right shade of blue
    can bring classic sophistication to any space.
    Aquatic shades of blue, such as sky blue and
    light blue have a restoring effect on the mind.
    Blue is the only color that has a wide range of
    positive effects, and little to no negative
    effects on the psyche.
  • Blue is Ideal for bathroom, bedrooms, and living
    room. Designing spaces with blue can be used
    anywhere you need a touch of relaxation. You can
    also blend of light and dark blue colors in the
    bedroom and dining room. A playful combination of
    yellow and blue can be used in kitchens or

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  • Top 8 Color Psychology Tips for your Interior
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