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MNR Talent and Skill Development Institute (MNR TSDI). Telangana, Aviation Industry has a wider scope in creating various careers opportunities worldwide, The Institute is associated with Indian Business School (ISB), Telangana, India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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International Air Transport Association (IATA)
What is IATA
IATA, the International Air Transport
Association is the intermediary between all the
airlines in the world. Its major task is to
ensure proper management of air traffic across
several countries. It controls the traffic for
over 200 airlines across countries to date since
its inception in 1945. 
  • The IATA, now one of the biggest air transport
    associations is headquartered in Canada. 
  • The IATA deals with four things when it comes to
  • The security of the passengers on board or at the
    airports, is an essential element of travelling,
    also given the increasing terrorism and hijacking
    of planes. The IATA ensures that there is tight
    security across the airlines that it has under
    its wings, to prevent any further terrorist
    attacks or hijacking like the 9/11.
  • Air pollution is an increasing cause of a number
    of ailments, and airplanes contribute to the
    majority of it. Following the awareness of air
    pollution, the IATA, in collaboration with
    airlines, works on promoting and establishing a
    more energy efficient and environment friendly
    model and working of airplanes.
  • The safety of the passengers is another element
    that the IATA focuses on. Air traffic control is
    one of the major tasks of the IATA. It works
    towards establishing air routes to avoid traffic
    and air accidents while also ensuring that the
    onboard following of rules and regulations is
    carried out properly.
  • The IATA has numerous courses under its wings on
    travel and tourism, aviation, etcetera., for
    aspiring individuals. They provide you with
    certificates that are applicable globally, and
    the courses are one of the most esteemed aviation
    courses in the industry.

Diploma in Travel and Tourism This course is for
aspirants who want to be on the tour side of
things advising passengers on flights, seats,
car rentals, hotel rentals, tour packages,
etcetera. You get to learn the geographical
codes, the way to address customers, improve your
interpersonal skills required for customer
service. You are essentially an air travel agent
dealing with customers directly. 
Diploma in Travel and Sales Operation With a
diploma in travel and sales operation, you will
be able to sell an array of travel packages to
customers successfully and satisfactorily. You
will, by the end of the course, be able to
customize travels packages and itineraries , and
provide advice on the best packages to customers.
You will have all the knowledge when it comes to
making itineraries for customers. You will be
managing a team, and supervising their day-day
tasks. You will not only be a salesperson, but
also a marketer. These are just a couple of
examples of the courses provided by IATA. The
courses are provided by IATA certified
professionals and teachers who have had a
real-time experience. You get hands-on training
and experience with mock tests and assessments.
You get a chance to intern for airlines and get
real time experience along with scholarships. You
also get to study in modern and sophisticated
  • The benefits of IATA
  • IATA, as we established earlier, is one of the
    biggest air trade associations in the world with
    over 100 countries under its wings. If you are an
    aviation aspirant, a certificate from IATA alone
    should land you a job in no time. 
  • Eligibility
  • 12th standard or bachelors for regular courses.
  • Good communication, reading and writing skills in
  • Excellent geographical knowledge.
  • To become an IATA consultant, one has to take the
    diploma course, for which, the eligibility is at
    least two years of work experience in the
    aviation industry.
  • For an advanced course, the minimum eligibility
    is 3 and a half years of work experience in the
    aviation industry.

  • But lets look at a few more benefits of IATA
    certified courses
  • The IATA certificate is valid across various
    travel agencies in the world. Which means that if
    you plan to work outside of India, or your native
    country, you do not have to take the hassle of
    getting your education migrated.
  • The IATA courses are globally recognized. The
    instructors and trainers are also industry
    insiders with multiple years of experience.
  • The courses are updated and changed according to
    the changing trends in the aviation industry.
  • The IATA offers courses from the fundamentals to
    the very advanced. The fundamental courses
    require no minimum experience either.
  • The courses offered by IATA will not only widen
    the scope of ones career in the aviation
    industry, but also in car rentals, hotel rentals,
    land and water transportation due to the
    knowledge imparted in the courses about them.

  • What you learn through IATA Courses
  • Learning to generate automated tickets or
  • Complete knowledge of air fares and ticketing at
  • Booking of flights for passengers at counter or
    via phone.
  • Creation of PNR.
  • World geographical knowledge and areas where IATA
  • Geographical codes of IATA.
  • Knowledge of land and water transport.
  • Planning itineraries and customized travel
    packages for customers. 
  • Learning if and how to process refunds, and how
    to process cancellations.

  • Who will benefit
  • Students who aspire to join the travel and
    tourism industry.
  • Travel specialists
  • Travel Agents
  • Individuals or companies in the hotel industry
  • Cruise companies
  • Destination managing companies
  • Airline representatives
  • IATA is a reputed association, with a reach
    beyond the imaginable. A certificate from IATA is
    set to build the foundation for your growing
    career in the aviation, travel and tourism, and
    hospitality industry. You can get a front-line or
    entry-level jobs in the aviation industry with
    these certificates without much hassle due to the
    recognition of IATA worldwide.

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