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Right Hit of Channel Partner Program Is Equal To 500% Turn Over Growth. (1)


Right Hit of Channel Partner Program Is Equal To 500% Turn Over Growth. Making the decision to invest resources in starting a channel partner program can be daunting, sending even the most risk-averse entrepreneurs into a cold sweat. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Right Hit of Channel Partner Program Is Equal To 500% Turn Over Growth. (1)

Right Hit of Channel Partner Program Is Equal To
500 Turn Over Growth.
  • Making the decision to invest resources in
    starting a channel partner program can be
    daunting, sending even the most risk-averse
    entrepreneurs into a cold sweat. Companies across
    all industries, though, are finding the benefits
    of strategic partnerships far outweigh the cost.
    Partnering with a Channel Partner can lend your
    company some much-needed credibility, It can
    also expand your distribution channels, improve
    your industry knowledge, support your marketing
    efforts, and increase your lead generation.
  • These benefits only come to those who choose
    their partners wisely and establish strong
    relationships and a culture of sharing with their
    partners. But for those who choose to start their
    own channel partner program, the benefits are,
    without doubt, worth the effort.
  • 1. Accelerate Growth by Scaling Your Sales
  • One of the biggest challenges to growing your
    revenue? You only have so many salespeople. Even
    if you hire the most efficient reps, give them
    the best tools for boosting their efficiency, and
    relentlessly remove any distractions, they still
    have the same 24 hours in the day as the rest of
    us. Sure, you can hire more reps, but its a
    solution that is difficult to scale efficiently
    and it cuts into your margins.
  • Instead of selling directly to the end customer,
    a channel partner program helps you scale your
    sales faster and more efficiently. One channel
    manager paired with multiple channel partners can
    bring in the same amount of revenue as five or
    six sales reps, at only a small fraction of the
    cost. Additionally, once youve set up your
    partner relationship management platform,
    bringing on new sales partners is typically
    easier than hiring and training a new

  • 2. Reach New Markets and Customer Segments
  • In addition to driving new growth by scaling your
    sales operations, partnering can help you quickly
    expand your business into new markets or customer
    segments that might be difficult or even
    impossible to reach on your own. This could
    include customer groups that are too expensive to
    reach through conventional marketing channels
    like paid advertising, moving into a new product
    or service vertical, or expanding into new
    geographical markets.
  • Strategic partnerships are crucial, especially
    when youre looking to expand internationally.
    The majority of mid-size businesses simply dont
    have the expertise or resources to go through it
    alone. Partnering with companies who already
    understand the lay of the land and have
    experience in the country youre expanding into
    makes everything more efficient and
    cost-effective, from marketing and customer
    access to ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • 3. Elevate Your Offering to Better Solve Customer
  • Creating a comprehensive package of products and
    services that meet the needs of their customers
    while also juggling cost and resource constraints
    is an ongoing problem for nearly every company.
    Partnerships can help improve the range of
    products and services both you and your partners
    can offer, better meeting the needs of your
    customers without the need for additional
    development cost or time investment.

  • 4. Leverage Additional Reach and Trust from
    Recognized Brands
  • One of the fastest ways to elevate your content
    and increase the reach of your marketing
    campaigns is to create strategic marketing
    partnerships with larger companies, a process
    known as co-marketing. By leveraging the
    relationships and reach of brands larger than
    your own, a well-managed partner program can help
    you work together to expose both your own and
    your partners brands to new audiences, driving
    additional awareness, leads, and revenue, with
    less work.
  • 5. Reduce the Cost of Acquiring New Customers
  • Also known as CAC, customer acquisition cost is
    one of the key metrics measured by all sales
    teams. By managing the ratio of how much you
    spend to acquire that customer, and how much your
    customers spend on your product across their
    lifetime (LTV), business owners can get a quick
    check on how healthy their business is. Its
    Business 101keeping your CAC as low as
    possible in relation to your LTV can help ensure
    your business remains viable and competitive in
    the market.
  • 6. Build A Sense of Community Around Your Company
  • One of the difficulties when working with a
    diverse range of sales partners is building a
    sense of community. Instead of just covering the
    basics, an engaging channel partner program can
    help build a sense of community around your brand
    and your product or service. A well-run partner
    program is an amazing resource for driving
    partner engagement, improving loyalty, and
    improving your revenue.
  • You dont need to run a conference at the scale
    of Uniteeven an online community can help build
    a sense of community among your channel partners.
    A thriving partner community cannot grow on its
    own, however. It needs to be fostered by you.
    Spend time engaging with your partners, and
    helping them engage with each other, and youll
    soon see the benefits.

  • 7. Create Stronger Relationships with Customers
    and Partners
  • Traditionally, companies have looked at
    partnerships as tools for reducing costs and
    increasing returns. While these are admirable
    goals for any business, most partnerships put
    little consideration into the end customers and
    partners, in spite of the fact that those very
    people were the source of the returns they
  •  Today, the strongest partner programs put
    relationships first. Companies across many
    industries have realized that more value comes
    from strategic partnerships that establish a
    culture of sharing and community between
    partners. In fact, IBM found that highly
    collaborative partners see a 40 percent increase
    in revenues, versus the 12 percent average seen
    by less collaborative partners.

  • 8. Do you need help?
  • Do you also want to make your business successful
    by having Channel Partner model? Do you need our
    help? You too can take a step forward. Contact us
    for more information.
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