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10 tips to keep employees motivated while they work from home.


Let's be honest: We didn't expect 2020 to turn out the way it did. But, this year is the 'year of remote working'. Not too long ago, the most successful telecommunication companies were not ready to launch remote work experimentation. But, COVID-19 has forced companies to opt for this solution to sustain their economy prematurely. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 tips to keep employees motivated while they work from home.

10 things to consider before changing your
job Not a long time ago, a person would join an
organization at the beginning of his/her career
and would retire after exhausting his work
period. Now, changing a job is essential in one's
life. One wrong move can set the person back by
a year, or it can even be the downfall of his/her
career. Yet, a correct move can boost the
person's career trajectory onward. The reasons
why most of us want to change jobs vary with each
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Higher pay. More responsibilities Better work
environment Growth/Promotion Transportation from
home to work.
  • Many people make mistakes while choosing their
    career and end up with the shorter end of the
    stick, but you don't have to worry.
  • Here are ten things to consider before switching
  • 1. Salary
  • More than 90 of people change their jobs because
    of low salary packages. However, a person should
    be careful before comparing the wages between the
    existing one and the one offered by the new
    company. One should also consider the added
    benefits provided along with the salary.
  • Factors to consider before comparing salaries
  • PF of the company Some companies reduce this
    amount to display a higher take-home figure. It
    might not be useful as soon as you join an
    organization but, this gets added to your
    account regularly and can be helpful in the
  • Five working days to Six working days Six
    working days equal to 52 more days compared to
    someone working for five days a week. It almost
    accounts for 2.5 months worth of
  • extra working days. So, if a company offers a 30
    salary hike for someone working for six days a
    week, they are giving them a 10 hike for the 20
    extra work they do through the year.
  • Holidays One needs an occasional rest to be
    productive in the workplace. Many multinational
    companies offer 12-14 Holidays in a year without
    considering the 20-22 paid leaves and ten
    days of sick leave. Some companies even
    count extended leaves over
  • Saturdays and Sundays. Other organizations are
    restrictive towards offering Holidays and would
    probably provide a lesser number of days compared
    to multinational organizations.
  • Benefits Benefits like maternity leaves, loans
    for the purchase of car or house, subsidies,
    annual gifts or other infrastructure amenities
    like gymnasium, free parking etc. can be for
    choosing jobs.
  • Salary Structure Lower tax outflow equates to
    higher take-home pay, and candidates should opt
    for the Net-salary when they are comparing the
    salaries of two companies.
  • Variable Pay Many companies include 100 of
    eligible variable but, in reality, very few
    candidates are rewarded with this, while for
    others, it reduces the monthly wages.
  • 2. Location of the new workplace

  • A person needs to be clear about the travel time
    he/she needs to reach the office. At times,
    Candidates acquire a false sense of time during
    non-peak times during their interviews. Also, Be
    mindful of the travel time during the monsoon
    seasons, as it increases by 50 in most of the
    cities in India. It might not seem like a huge
    problem at first, but as time goes on, long
    travel time becomes one of the primary reasons
    for stress in employees.
  • Thus, be mindful of the following factors.
  • Different City At times, a person ends up with
    better job offers in a remote location. It might
    be difficult for the candidate to separate from
    his household and move out to a new town.
  • Evaluate the overall extra cost. If the person
    can't afford relocation, he/she might have to
    support two separate households. It might eat
    away an additional salary he/she might get.
  • Future growth
  • All the candidates must understand the growth
    opportunities in the new job and relate it to
    their personal needs before accepting the new
    job offer.
  • The working style of Managers
  • Managers can change the way you perceive your
  • Hence, it is imperative to understand the working
    styles and values of your Manager. Always, try
    to choose a company with similar values to yours.
    You can ask the HR managers specific work-
    related questions about their careers. You can
    also ask the interviewer permission to speak to
    other team members before accepting the job.
  • The market value of the gained experience
  • The organization is not always transparent about
    the benefits offered by them. The invisible
    service of working is the experience you gain
    there. Many candidates have switched to jobs that
    provide double the salary offered by their
    former company, but the work would be monotonous.
    While the hike in pay is good, the overall
    experience of the person would be lesser than his
    other former co-workers which Wight hinder his
    overall career progress. Also, it becomes
    problematic to switch to a different job again.

  • rest, it would severely impact his productivity.
    So, be careful of the jobs that require switching
  • Notice Period
  • Notice periods are only relevant when you try to
    switch between jobs. Usually, companies have
    notice periods for up to three weeks. An
    organization refrains from hiring candidates for
    whom they have to wait for more than three
    weeks. Some companies even have notice periods
    lasting up to 6 months. So, know your Notice
    period before applying for the new job.
  • Work culture
  • Work cultures build character. If you've worked
    in an organization for a long time, you might
    find it challenging to get acquainted with the
    work cultures of other organizations. So, contact
    people working at the new company, and learn the
    ways things are done there before opting for the
    new job
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Suppose you're someone who likes to take part in
    extracurricular activities like sports, try to
    look for activities offered by the company.
    Studies show that companies that provide more
    non-work- related activities employees to have
    more fun at work.
  • Summary
  • Choosing career is a massive step. Any mistakes
    here will have a severe impact on your life and
    career. So, it is critical to think this through
    before changing jobs and consider the above
    mentioned-steps to improve your chances of making
    the right decision.

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