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Keeping Calm in Business


Sir, I am doing business and doing well but the issues is I lack to ability of decision making means I have done mistakes several times so I want to know can I develop a ability to take proper decision in business or list I can take better decision many time please guide me can I get any help ? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Keeping Calm in Business

Keeping Calm in Business
  • Sir, I am doing business and doing well but
    the issues is I am not able to keep calm I
    lose my temper very easily which is not
    good for my business can anyone help me to
    overcome this problem so I can concentrate
    more on business?

Staying calm is something that will serve you in
any situation
  • Staying calm is something that will serve you in
    any situation. Successful entrepreneurs know that
    staying calm helps to tackle challenges more
    easily. There is an art of being cold when
    situations get tough, but like most things in
    life, that art is produced by practice. Here are
    10 great techniques and ways successful
    entrepreneurs keep their cool. Here are great
    techniques and ways that successful entrepreneurs
    stay calm you can also certainly benefit from
  • Take a deep breath. Oxygen fuels the brain and
    circulatory system and can actually help you
    relax. It's one of the reasons people in old
    movies breathed into a paper bag when they
    started to freak out. Where oxygen goes, blood
    flow follows. With your brain fully functional,
    your synapses can activate more connections and
    you can make better decisions, or at least have
    access to more options. Many deep breaths will
    help you keep your mental and physical calm. Try

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Focus on the result
  • They focus on the result. One of the most
    horrible things you can do in a crisis is
    reacting. Yet that's what most people do.
    Successful entrepreneurs know that acting on
    their escape response in a tense situation can be
    the completely wrong action. By taking sometime
    to concentrate on the result or the big picture,
    they allow themselves the space to make a
    decision based on perspective. This broader
    perspective helps them frame how their decision
    will guide them towards the intended end result
  • They work. Physical movement helps to diffuse of
    stress, anxiety and even anger. This entire
    situation is frequent in hard times, and
    successful entrepreneurs know that by training
    and staying active, they can actually help
    themselves stay calm. If you have an important
    decision to make or are about to return an
    important phone call, try going for a walk or go
    for a run before you act. Whenever possible,
    anticipate important decisions with some kind of
    physical activity. The endorphins you put in
    motion will help you keep your balance and stay
    calm when it's needed most.

Meditate or practice mindfulness and Listen
  • Meditate or practice mindfulness. A good
    meditation or mindfulness practice will help you
    train your brain to calm down so you can access
    that fresh, collected mindset when you need it
    most. Meditation is not about excellence, it is a
    practice to help you handle your thoughts and
    tame the "monkey mind", where your opinion swings
    from place to place without your conscious
    control or input. You can train your mind and
    access stillness when you need it most, if you
    practice consistently and successful
    entrepreneurs make it a habit.
  • Listen. Staying calm can often mean simply
    stopping talking and truly opening up to others
    to express their points of view. When you open up
    to really try to listen, you can stay calm in an
    unusual way. Most people want to be heard and
    therefore talk and talk, but they don't focus on
    trying to listen to others.

Forgive easily
  • Empathize understanding means more than
    listening, it means letting go in someone else's
    shoes. Sometimes people puzzle understanding with
    having to do something for the other person. It's
    not about solving everyone's problems, but when
    you can listen and empathize effectively, your
    mind is more open to a calm solution, suggestion
    or guidance that can be truly helpful. Learning
    to empathize will also help you stay calm as you
    learn not to take things personally. Attacks they
    may have unleashed on you in the past become
    opportunities and you start to see that usually
    what another person is saying about you is not
    about you at all, but rather about something they
    are struggling to manage. This can help spread
    the tension.
  • Forgive easily Successful entrepreneurs know we
    can all lose our cool from time to time. That's
    why they don't hold a grudge and forgive easily.
    If you are ready to forgive, you can maintain an
    inner peace that allows you to remain calm during

  • I hope you will be able to find solution to
    keep yourself calm so high time start following
    these steps this will certainly help you to
    keep calm.

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