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How to build a platform like

Description: MLM clone script is a customizable Ethereum smart contract based MLM website script, that can act as an base for an entrepreneur who would like to develop a platform like – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to build a platform like


  • MLM clone script is a customizable
    Ethereum smart contract based MLM website script,
    that can act as an base for an entrepreneur who
    would like to develop a platform like
    The Etrix clone script is enables one to run a
    fully Decentralized Smart contract MLM platform
    like Etrix.
  • Want to know how to start smart contract MLM like Then, hang on to the information
    provided by us about MLM Clone script.

Etrix MLM clone Script
  • Etrix MLM clone script holds all the featured
    matrix schemes present in the Etrix platform such
    as Forced Matrix, Team matrix, Hybrid Matrix
  • We, Pulsehyip provide the premimum ready launch
    Etrix Clone script to start a Ethereum smart
    contract based MLM platform like within
    a week. This type of business model is on peak
    as many new crypto enthusiast in the crypto world
    are seeking new ways to earn a passive income. As
    a crypto entrepreneur you can use this time of
    deliberateness to develop a smart contract based
    MLM business with 100 ROI.

Features of our Etrix Clone Script
  • Helps to build a decentralized Smart contract
    based MLM ecosystem.
  • Smart contracts build on Ethereum Blockchain..
  • Completely a white label solution with
    customizable Matrix system enabled features.
  • Cross platform compatibility along with
    integrated crypto wallets.
  • Unhackable, Unalterable and can handle upto 10
    million uses at a time.
  • Multiple payment systems with awestriking UI/UX

5 MLM Structure
  • The, a major peer to peer crowd funding
    platform enables people to earn a total of 806
    ETH for every 90 days in a risk free manner. The
    members of the platform can earn up to a value of
    1,90,000 for every 90 days. The platform also
    guarantees that its impossible to lose money. As
    the platform is smart contract enabled, people
    can send and receive donations in the form of ETH

  • is said to be one of the first Binary
    open MLM structure with Two matrixes. Both the
    matrix works simultaneously.
  • Forced Matrix- Forced matrix follows the binary
    tree structure, where one needs to register to
    people under themselves. This has to done to get
    the first level commission by explaining the MLM
    prospects to many other members.
  • Team Matrix- The new members joining in the team
    matrix will be placed in your team only. One
    needs two direct referrals in order to activate
    the team matrix. Also, to avoid losing
    commissions, one needs to stay ahead of their
    downline members.
  • There is also another matrix system followed in
    the platform called as the Hybrid Matrix which
    works similar to team matrix but the only
    difference is the commission structure which is
    usually in a hybrid form.

Wallet system of
  • platform allows the members to use only
    two types of wallets (i.e) Meta Mask and Trust
  • Meta Mask- Very much suitable for those who use
  • Trust wallet- Comfortable for those who use Smart
    phone for their MLM services.

How works?
  • Signup- In order to sign up, one needs 0.08ETH
    that will be send to their upline member. And the
    person who you are referring to will then send
    you 0.08ETH which will reach you as you will be
    the direct upline member of them.
  • Signin- With the help of Ethereum wallet Number
    one can sign into their account. Since the
    account will be on smart contract, password for
    the account is not needed. Because of this
    reason, the account cannot be blocked or deleted
    from the system even by the site administrator.
  • Get Referrals- In order to receive commissions
    one will need atleast two direct referrals
  • Receiving Commission- After the signup, one will
    be placed in the forced matrix in a deault manner
    but after reaching two direct referrals one can
    activate their Team matrix.The below picture
    depicts the profit sorted out in at each

  • Repetition for every 2 months- At a single level
    one will stay active for 90 days. If there is a
    need to extend the period at any level, one
    should extend the level.
  • Upgrading the level- To receive huge profits one
    needs to upgrade to the subsequent level. Make
    sure you stand ahead of your downline member by
    buying the level before your downline buys a
    particular level or else you may miss the
  • Secured- As reasoned above no one can close your
    account, stop the payments, make irrelevant
    changes as the smart contract is present. The
    referrals can be invited directly into the smart
    contract without a referral link or any website,
    which is why the Etrix platform will exist as
    long as the crypto world exists.

How to Build a Smart Contract based MLM like
  • Want to sooner or later start with a platform
    like Etrix? Then all you will need is a expert
    solution to develop a platform with more
    attractive features. The advisable way to develop
    a platform of such is to get a cost effective MLM clone script.
  • Also look into the various other Smart contract
    based MLM clone scripts.

Why Pulsehyip for Etrix MLM clone Script?
  • Pulsehyip, a leading Smart contract based MLM
    platform development company provide you the most
    sought out white label MLM clone script
    to start smart contract based MLM like
    within a week. Based on your requirements you can
    go for the MLM clone scripts such as Forsage MLM
    clone, Million money MLM clone et cetera or you
    can start building a Smart contract based MLM
    platform from scratch with the help of our expert
    team. We are very well specialized in Blockchain
    technology and Smart contracts.

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