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Solar Energy Systems Canada


Do you want your solar system to ensure you continual power supply keeping tied to the local grid and earn you free energy except at the time of excess energy consumption and low energy generation? 123 Zero Energy has in stock complete solar grid tie systems using Enphase Micro inverters for ease of expansion at any time. If you need solar on grid systems prepackaged with all the components to fast install them on your ground or rooftop, take a look at our collection of solar on grid systems right now! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Solar Energy Systems Canada

Geothermal Heating Systems
Geothermal heating systems have grown popularity
throughout Canada and the USA. 123 Zero Energy
provides geothermal heating systems that deliver
outstanding COP Coefficient of Performance of 5
times of more. Our geothermal heating systems
work well in both northern and southern climates.
Geothermal DIY
Our geothermal DIY kits are able to provide both
heating and cooling, offering the homeowners
greater range of flexibility. We at 123 Zero
Energy specialize in offering highly efficient
geothermal DIY kits that harvest the solar energy
absorbed by earth. Our geothermal DIY packages
include horizontal loop, vertical loop, pond loop
and well water.
Many homeowners opt for solar installations
because once the initial cost of installation is
paid off, all the energy produced is free. The
only question to consider is if the payback
period on the initial investment is better or the
returns you will get from investing this money in
other methods. Feel free to use a solar cost
calculator on our website to determine your
investment return and payback period on your
panel installation. Keep in mind, once youve
reached your payback period, any electricity you
generate is free.
Are you looking for solar air heaters that are
easy to install, adjust and significantly reduce
your green energy investment cost? 123 Zero
Energy brings affordable options in solar air
heaters that are built with solar powered PV fan
and passive solar in a combination and dont need
any wiring or electrical permits. To enjoy the
fastest and highest payback for the solar air
heating with 20 year warranty on its solar PV
panels, ask us to deliver your solar air heater
at the earliest!
Solar Air Heaters
Are you looking for an economical solution to
keep up the supply of warm clean energy to your
home with absolutely 0 operating cost? 123 Zero
Energy offers cost-effective solar air collectors
that are great for DIY installation and dont
even need any electrical wiring or permits. The
solar air heating panel controls both the solar
fan and advance thermostat to prevent the danger
of overheating of the system and use of batteries
or AC power for home heating.
Solar Air Heating
Do you need an easy to install a solar air
heating system to keep your home warm in winter,
spring and fall months without electrical wiring
and permits? 123 Zero Energy provides the most
economical solar air heating systems to ensure
homeowners reducing their overall investment
cost. The speed of the solar powered fan of these
systems varies with the intensity of suns
energy. The digital thermostat automatically
shuts off ruling out the use of batteries or AC
DIY Geothermal
Are you looking for pre-sized and quick to
install DIY geothermal kits, geothermal systems
or geothermal packages to save on your energy
bills? 123 Zero Energy brings you completely
affordable geothermal kits for ground and well
loop with outstanding coefficient performance.
Our geothermal packages come with everything you
need to get going and start saving considerably
on your heating or cooling bills. To check the
models of DIY geothermal kits available with us,
consider calling us at 1(800) 317-9054.
Contact No. 1-204-977-3111 Email Address 20-305 McKay
Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5, Canada Website
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