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55+ salon marketing ideas to attract new clients


If you still sticked to those old marketing tactics, you might be missing a major part of potential customers to reach you. Follow these amazing salon marketing ideas to lure your customers! For more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 55+ salon marketing ideas to attract new clients

55 Salon Marketing Ideas To Attract New
1. Get Your Spa or Salon Listed On Online
Users have a habit of searching online before
spending money on services or products. This is
the reason why your brand should pop up in
search results like google my business, yelp ,
and other social media platforms like Facebook,
Instagram etc. with a business profile.
2. Form Partnerships with Other Local
Businesses In order to get new clients and
enhance your beauty salon marketing strategies,
form new alliances with local businesses with
similar offerings. Eg. buy dinner, get a haircut
free or movie free etc.
3. Offer Referral Discounts
Referral discounts and offerings are a great way
to retain old customers and at the same time
acquire new ones. You can even work with local
businesses for referral schemes.
4. Loyalty Programs or Punch Cards For your
loyal and recurring clients make sure that you
have an ongoing loyalty card or offer at all
times. It will help you build a good rapport
with them and they will keep visiting. E.g. hair
spa free after 4 transactions.
5. Salon Promotions that Works
Customers love offers and discounts. Offers like
first time visit, last-minute specials or
monthly on house discounts or yearly visits etc.
You can give clients offers when they first visit
or during any time slot when the traffic is low
6. Share Your Promotions on Social Media If you
have a running promotion or offer, do not forget
to list out on Facebook and Instagram. Even if
you put a story and your reach is organic, make
sure you do it.
7. Make Use of Facebook Google Ads
Facebook and google ads help in bringing
legitimate leads for the business. When users
look at an ad they tend to go for it 40 of the
time. The success of these ads will depend on
your targeted audience and other creatives.
8. Run a Contest in Your Salon Social media
contests are a great way to acquire clients. Run
a referral campaign e.g. the user with the most
number of referrals will get a day of free
services or a hair makeover etc.
9. Create An Email Newsletter
When your clients book an appointment with you or
are paying for the services used, you can ask
for their email addresses. When you have enough
email IDs in your database to work on, you can
blast monthly emails to keep them updated about
your salon promotion ideas and offerings.
10. Holidays, Special Events and Gift
Certificates Holidays are a great way to catch
potential clients. E.g. Mothers Day, Black
Friday sale, New Year, Christmas etc you can give
small discounts like 20 off for all mothers
hair spa on mothers day.
11. Create a Profitable Front Desk
Your front desk staff is the face of your brand
when a customer enters your salon. Apart from
that it is one of the main rebooking sale
interactions. You should make sure that your
staff is well trained to upsell or cross sell to
the clients before and after your services.
12. Set up a Selfie Station with your Salons
Hashtag Selfie trend is not going to go away
anytime soon. You can benefit from it by
creating your own mini photo booth within your
salon. Just make sure the lighting is great and
your clients will post the pics on their social
media channels for sure.
13. Create a Memorable Client Experience
The main motive of visiting a salon is not just
to get a haircut, people expect luxury and
pampering with it. Make sure that you create a
memorable experience for your clients right from
the moment they enter your salon and it should
continue till the moment they step out. 14.
Carry Exclusive Products Exclusivity is a factor
that can help build brand value. If you keep
high quality products that are available only at
your salon, it will differentiate you from the
competition. Try to upsell these products, if
the clients end up liking them then they will
keep coming back for more.
15. Cultivate High-Quality Relationships
If you have recurring customers you should work
on developing a long term relationship with the.
It will only help you get loyal customer
connection but they can also help to recommend
your services to potential clients.
16. Simplify your Pricing Pricing is the first
thing that customers check when they ask for
services. Too many options can confuse the
customers, you should work on simplifying your
pricing structure and menu.
17. Branding at its Best
Just the salon space is not your brand, your
employees are representing your brand at all
times. Make sure that apart from your salon
theme their clothes, hairstyles, makeup skin and
behavior are always on point.
18. Offer Add-on Services If you have any add on
services, like free blow dry with hair spa etc,
then make sure that you coach your staff
properly. They should be able to naturally
up-sell add-ons or retail while serving the
19. Hold a Super Sale
Running discounted services or offers is a great
way to acquire new customers. Running an end of
season sale once or twice a year is a good
strategy. During this period you can offer all
your products and services at 25 off to
stimulate retail sales.
20. Referrals to the Rescue Another way of
acquiring new customers or generating potential
leads is Referrals. If you have your salon app,
you can run an offer for referrals, like refer 2
people get 25 off on your next salon visit.
21. Online Reviews
Online reviews are really important. More than
70 people look for the salon/business online
before availing services. You should request
your clients to leave an online review when they
visit your salon.
22. Offer Express Services On the go services
are a lifesaver for clients. You can offer
express or mini services as add-ons to the
original service or as a quick service session
in between. E.g. basic manicure while getting
their hair coloured.
23. Social Stylists
Make your stylists a social media expert. Teach
them about the techniques to capture good
pictures and end results after the services.
Their profiles should speak for themselves, it
will help draw new clients while boosting their
and your brand image simultaneously. 24.
Manage your Reputation Positive and negative
reviews are a part and parcel of online
presence. You should engage with both of them in
order to provide better customer experience.
Listen to their queries, and try to resolve
their issues.
25. Search Engine Optimization
When clients search for salons in your area, make
sure that your ranking is good and you appear on
top of the search results. Top result good
reviews New clients. Hence, your beauty salon
digital marketing is quite helpful.
26. Google Ads You can run search and display
ad campaigns on Google ads in order to appear on
top. Organic search results are great but paid
results will get you reliable clients at a much
faster rate.
27. Facebook Ads
Everyone is on social media, so clearly it makes
sense to advertise on it. Reaching out to
clients via facebook ads can help you target
them based on their interests and demographics.
You can be as picky and as broad in selecting
your audience.
28. Update your Website Website i really
important, if you do not have one get it made.
My digi salon can help you with that. You need to
get a simple and easy to follow website that
conveys your message and brand language clearly.
27. Facebook Ads
Everyone is on social media, so clearly it makes
sense to advertise on it. Reaching out to
clients via facebook ads can help you target
them based on their interests and demographics.
You can be as picky and as broad in selecting
your audience.
28. Update your Website Website i really
important, if you do not have one get it made.
My digi salon can help you with that. You need to
get a simple and easy to follow website that
conveys your message and brand language clearly.
29. Publish your Salons Own Blog
Original content and timely updates on your blogs
not only helps clients, it also helps maintain
your brand image. You can post blogs related to
the current market trends or your offerings and
their benefits. 30. Contribute to Guest and
Top Salon Blogs Guests posts and blogs are
important to maintain digital presence amongst
popular salon publications. IF you content is
accepted by the guest sites, you can get free
coverage and traffic while reaching out to a new
set of users.
31. Polls, Quizzes and Feedbacks
Social media can be used for a two way
communication for businesses instead of just
posting content. You can run a weekly series of
stories with polls, quizzes and feedback on your
social media channels with incentives for
32. Update your Third-Party Pages Third
party websites like Google and Yelp can help you
grab potential opportunities. Make sure your
profile on all these partner websites is up to
date at all times. If you receive any review or
feedback, reply and engage with customers.
33. Promote Visually Engaging Content
One of the most popular yet trendy salon
marketing ideas is promoting visual content on
Instagram. Instagram is all about visual
content. Anything and everything that grabs
their attention within the time span of first 2
seconds will help increase engagement.
34. Create an Explainer Video Small videos are
really helpful for increasing reach on socila
media. Engaging videos or mini shoots during
services like boomerangs etc. can help you
connect with a wider set of audience.
35. Try Tik-Tok
Try Tik tok videos for hair colours showing
before after, they are in trend and people love
watching them for hors. Create engaging videos
that tell your brands story, or shoot mini
videos during and after your services to show off
new styling and color techniques.
36. Define your Brand You should be clear
about your brand personality and theme. It will
totally depend on your clientele e.g. macho for
men only salon and quirky for edgy looks etc.
Make sure that it is reflected in all your
online and offline communications.
37. Tag your Clients
When you click your clients before and after
pictures, make sure you ask for their social
handles. You can tag them in your posts and
stories and they can repost them. Clients love
getting featured on salon pages, its sort of a
social validation checklist.
38. Sell Beauty Products Online Offline
upselling is great but to reach out to a new and
untouched audience you should try selling your
products and services online. You can either add
a shop here section on your website with product
listings or host an egift section.
39. Build Joint Ventures
Partnering with local business by co hosting
events is a great way cross promote your
services. Offers like Visit us, get 10 at
Henrys etc. will get more customers in you
salon as well as your local business.
40. Get involved in National Events Third
party and national events are a great way to
unlock potential clients. By participating in
national educational events or trade shows can
be a great networking exercise. You can learn
how to improve your business,get new B2B working
opportunities and at the same time improve your
brand image.
41. Create Professional Business Cards
One of the traditional yet effective salon
marketing ideas is creating a business card. All
your staff members should have professional
business cards that they can handle to clients
and partners. It should ideally have their name,
number, email address and contact information.
42. QR codes for Social Media Handle
Links Instead of typing the handle names on cards
and pamphlets, you can get QR codes printed.
These QR codes can be scanned by your clients
and will redirect to your social media handles.
It saves time for the clients who might not make
the effort to look you up online.
43. Team Up with Local Schools
Tie-ups with local schools, universities and
institutions, especially fashion and hair
styling, can help you get quality interns for
your salons at a cheaper price.
44. Birthday Offers to Clients You can offer
small rewards or discounts to your loyal
customers on special occasions like birthdays.
Send it on the day or a day before to remind them
that you care and their pampering session is due.
45. Bridge the Gap Between Customers
If you can not give discounts, then try to send
out gift cards or text wishes on important
dates. These little efforts can help you bridge
the gap between you and your customers to help
make life long relationships.
46. Networking Events Stay connected with other
top players and professionals in the business.
It will help you stay on top in the market with
the latest trends. Trying registering and
attending events taking place in your vicinity.
They are a great way to improve networking.
47. Become an Educator
You are a professional, share some tips and
ideas with your followers. You can post and
share educational content on your social media
channels for your clients.
48. Apply to be a Talk Guest Instead of just
hosting these classes on your social media
channels you can expand your reach by getting on
talks as guest speakers. E.g. During virtual
events for hair and beauty, you can participate
as a guest speaker and share your experience with
the attendees.
49. Host a Client Appreciation Event
Thank you loyal clients by hosting an
appreciation event once a year. Send an invite
to all your VIP clients for a full day or multi
day event. You can go out of station or just
party all night in a 5 star setting.
50. Retarget clients who have Left If you
note that your loyal customers have stopped
coming to your salon, e.g. zero visits in the
last 4 months. You can drop an email or sms with
some discounts for a new appointment.
Communication matters so make sure that you
convey your message clearly.
51. Learn from the Best
Make sure that you are upto date with fellow
successful and professional leaders. In order to
procure their skills and accomplishments, try to
follow in their leads. See what they are doing
and how they maintain online presence.
52. Give Away Freebies Everyone loves
freebies, instead of offering discounts you can
go for merchandising. Give small gifts like
shirts, pen, and other items with salon branding
as a token of appreciation.
53. Re-Do your Retail
If you feel that your growth has gone stagnant or
is dropping, you need to re-evaluate your retail
strategy. Take help from us, My digi salon is a
complete marketing suite for salons to establish
the most effective sales strategy.
54. Offer Discounts to Senior Citizens Senior
citizens tend to be more loyal towards brands
and businesses. To make it easier for them to opt
for your services instead of your clients, offer
senior discounts to your regular and loyal
55. Send Appointment Confirmations
As mentioned above communication is the key. How
you communicate with your customers will
directly affect your brand image. To improve it,
you can start by sending appointment
confirmation texts and emails to your client as
a reminder.
56. Automated Scheduling Reminders and User
Journeys Automation is the future and you can
take advantage of the features available now.
You can work on client or user journeys. E.g.
welcome email, first appointment, referral emails
57. Get a Beauty Salon Marketing App
Instead of running here and there for all the
things we mentioned above, you should invest in
a beauty salon marketing app. Get a customized
salon app by My Digi Salon with all the features
that you believe are required for your salon
e.g. side menu navigation, banners on the
homepage for new offers etc. You can get in
touch with your customers directly via in-app
pop-ups, push notifications etc.
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