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Why Is There a Tiff Between Bitcoin And Banks?


Tiff between Bitcoin and banks is all due to different methods. It is too early to say the new concept replacing the old one. As it says, old is gold. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Is There a Tiff Between Bitcoin And Banks?

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Why Is There a Tiff Between Bitcoin And Banks?
However, lately, the ban was lifted off by the
apex court of India, which was levied by RBI
earlier. Not only India, but there are also
countries like Hong Kong, USA, and South Korea
that have accepted the concept of cryptocurrency.
This new digital monetary concept encouraged many
people to make an investment in Bitcoins.
  • Bitcoin, the most famed cryptocurrency is known
    to be the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto. It made
    its beginning on 3rd January 2009.
  • Not only did it earned much popularity globally,
    but it also paved the way for other currencies
    too, whom we call altcoins. There might be many
    competitions brewing between the altcoins and
    Bitcoin, but the latter coin always comes out the
  • This is why it is called a dominant
    cryptocurrency. This is why people are curious to
    go for the Bitcoin investment plan.

The Reason Of Tiff Between Bitcoin And Banks
If you are curious to know about the tiff between
Bitcoin and banks, then let us tell you that it
is more a kind of insecurity or fear in the
banking system. It is all due to the following
  • With the wide acceptance of Bitcoin and other
    cryptocurrencies, there will no relevancy left
    for the banking system.
  • Another major reason that uproots the tiff
    between Bitcoin and banks is that it has ended
    the role of middleman and central authorities
    like them.
  • The insecurity which brews in the banking system
    is the misuse of digital currencies for illegal
    purposes. Many governments have not made them
    legalized due to these reasons.
  • The advantage of Bitcoin in making individual the
    owner of digital currency and to carry the
    digital trading with no interference of the third

Conclusion Investing in Bitcoin might sound
interesting for many enthusiastic traders. But it
will be too early to declare the winner between
Bitcoin and banks. Bitcoin cannot overtake the
banking system completely. You will certainly
have to rely on the banking system because it
will become impossible to earn an interest in
savings without help from banks. Moreover, with
the occurrence of any technical error or failure
in transferring assets, it will become so complex
to seek help or assistance from any other entity
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