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10 Ways For College Students To Make Extra Money That Actually Work


Despite what most people think, being a college student doesn’t mean being broke. There are plenty of ways to make and save hundreds of dollars every month without leaving campus. Or even changing out of your pajamas for that matter. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Ways For College Students To Make Extra Money That Actually Work

10 Ways For College Students To Make Extra Money
That Actually Work
  • Despite what most people think, being a college
    student doesnt mean being broke. There are
    plenty of ways to make and save hundreds of
    dollars every month without leaving campus. Or
    even changing out of your pajamas for that
  • These reliable and legitimate money moves will
    help get your finances in order, right now.

Take advantage of these tips
  • Scan Your Receipts To Make Money
  • I get paid to go grocery shopping and you can
    too. Wondering how? With the free Ibotta
    app.Just scan your shopping receipt and Ibotta
    will instantly pay you based on your purchases. I
    recently got paid 75 cents to buy Milk, 5 for
    beer and 1 for pasta. How awesome is that?To
    sweeten the deal, Ibotta is offering a massive
    bonus for new college users a bonus 10 when
    you scan your first receipt! This one is

  • Invest In Your Favorite Companies With 5
  • People are always talking about how important it
    is to invest money, but it can be impossible to
    know where to start. Plus, its not like you have
    a bunch of money lying around to invest with.A
    good place is to start investing in the legal
    cannabis industry. Its an industry that is
    projected to blow up in the next few years with
    retail sales expected to hit 10 billion this
    year and 24.5 billion in 2021 per FortuneWith
    the micro-investing app Stash you can start
    investing with as little as 5. It only takes two
    minutes to sign up and Stash has a curated
    selection of 200 plus stocks and Exchange Traded
    Funds to choose from. Theyve made it incredibly
    easy to get started including with investing
    options in the legal cannabis industry.

  • Get (Almost) Free Money Delivered To Your Inbox
  • If you want to keep up with the business world
    but want to make it quick (and fun), subscribing
    to Morning Brew is essential.Join over 1.5
    million others and jump start your mornings with
    the latest news from Wall Street to Silicon
    Valley written with a splash of humor. Its a
    5-minute guide to the business world for busy
    people who dont have time to read WSJ cover to
    cover. You might just find the next big tech
    stock to invest in early.

  • Find Hidden Charges That Are Draining Your Bank
  • Lets be honest you just want some extra cash
    in your bank account ASAP. Then you need to start
    using Truebill today. Why? Because Truebill saves
    users an average of 720 a year by finding and
    canceling subscriptions youre paying for but
    never use. Seriously.Turns out 84 of Americans
    who have unwanted subscriptions charging their
    card every month the kind where you sign up for
    a free trial (hello Sling TV) then get charged
    20 a month forever after.If you want an extra
    60 in your bank account every month, make sure
    to download Truebill now.

  • Make Money Shopping For Drinks
  • Drop is literally the easiest way to make money.
    With Drop you turn your grocery and alcohol
    spending into cash rewards.You dont need to
    lift a finger to save either. Get started by
    signing up here, then just link the debit or
    credit card(s) you use to shop. Thats really it.
    You set it up then continue with your normal
    life. Once you earn points they can be redeemed
    for awesome stuff like Uber Eats credit and
    in-store gift cards.It really pays to join Drop
    in May, too. Throughout the month, Drop will be
    giving away one million Drop points (worth
    1,000) to a lucky winner. Only new members are
    eligible so join during May and hopefully win
    big!Use the promo code MoneyManual to cash in
    on 1,000 points right now courtesy of us.

  • Save 329 On Useless Fees
  • What are you going to do with all this extra cash
    if you dont have a savings account yet? Consider
    joining a 100 free bank like Chime which does
    more than practically any bank when it comes to
    helping its customers save.Unlike traditional
    banks, Chime operates fully online and doesnt
    have any physical branches. That means something
    amazing, that they are able to offer 100
    fee-free banking. Chimes Automatic Savings
    feature saves you money by rounding up your
    transactions to the nearest dollar and then
    transferring the change to your Savings Account.
    Its a dead-simple way to save.You can also get
    your paycheck two days early when getting paid
    via direct deposit. If your fridge is bare right
    before payday, those two days are huge.

  • Find A Better Alternative To Credit Cards
  • You dont need a college degree to understand
    that debt consolidation is a great idea if youre
    in debt. All youre doing is borrowing money at a
    low-interest rate and using it to pay off
    high-interest debt. That means your monthly
    interest repayments go down and theres only one
    bill to pay each month. Simple but effective!If
    you want to see your how much debt consolidation
    could save you, check out Fiona. Fiona lets you
    search all the top online consolidation and
    refinancing options for free. You can sign up in
    three simple steps. The best part? It is
    completely free to use. No gimmicks, no hidden
    fees.The loans offered are between 1,000 and
    100,000 with rates starting at 4.99, lasting
    between 24 and 84 months.

  • Check Your Credit Score Isnt Costing You Money
  • From higher interest rates on student loans to
    being unable to rent an campus apartment, a bad
    credit score can end up costing you a lot.Want
    to find out your credit score so you can figure
    out if it is costing you money? Sign-up for
    Credit Sesame and check your credit score now. It
    only takes 30 seconds. Credit Sesame will start
    monitoring your credit score for you so there are
    no more surprises. It is 100 free to join so you
    have nothing to lose.Sign-up for Credit Sesame
    today and stop letting your credit score cost you
    money every month.

  • Save Money Without Trying
  • You know that feeling when you find a 5 bill in
    your back pocket? Imagine that but with 1,000 in
    your bank account. Digit lets you do exactly
  • Digit is an app that helps you  save money
    without trying. Unlike other savings apps that
    make you set a savings schedule (who can commit
    to that!), Digit analyzes your spending habits
    then automatically transfers money you dont need
    that week to your savings. You create a savings
    goal Spring Break maybe and Digit takes care
    of the rest.To top it off, your first 30 days
    of Digit are completely free!

  • Sign up Today

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