Beauty Tips in COVID-19 Outbreak: How to Maintain Beauty at Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beauty Tips in COVID-19 Outbreak: How to Maintain Beauty at Home


Many of the ways to maintain skin beauty like; Groom your Eyebrows, Whiten your skin with Tomato, Use Orange to glow the skin, Lemon to increase the face beauty, Use natural masks, Take good sleep, etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Beauty Tips in COVID-19 Outbreak: How to Maintain Beauty at Home

Beauty Tips in COVID-19 Outbreak How to Maintain
Beauty at Home
Nowadays, all the salons/spas remain shut down
because of COVID-19 disease but still you can
maintain your face beauty at your home by simply
following natural tips. These Beauty tips are
Whiten your skin with Tomato, Use Fruit/Veg/Water
to remain healthy, Exfoliate, Groom your
Eyebrows, Use Orange to glow the skin, Lemon to
increase the face beauty, Use natural masks, Take
good sleep, etc.
Beauty Tips in Covid-19 Outbreak
Exfoliate regularly if you want your skin to stay
beautiful and moisturize for a long time. Dont
moisturize more if your skin looks dry/dull and
never waste your expensive skin moisturizer on
the dead skin cells.
Use Fruit, Veg, Water to Remain Healthy
This is another important tip to maintain your
beauty. In your daily routine, take sufficient
water, fruits, green vegetables, do morning
exercise and stay fit fine as healthy life
makes you peaceful outside.
Dont Wear Much Makeup
Use mineral makeup BB cream if you are facing
the problem of dark spots. As BB cream lets your
skin keep moisturize throughout the day and the
mineral powders remove the spots.
Groom Your Eyebrows
Your face looks 5x times more beautiful if you
properly maintain your eyebrows. There are
multiple ways you can choose to remove your
eyebrow hairs in which youre comfortable and
those ways are threading, tweezing, waxing,
plucking, etc.
Whiten Your Skin With Tomato
If youre worried about your skin problems then
try to use tomato juice as it helps to reduce the
wrinkles blemishes on the face. Slice the red
tomato rub on the entire face. Wait for some
minutes for getting dry then wash your face and
you will get the glowing skin experience soon.
Enhance The Facial Beauty With Potato
Use a potato to enhance your facial beauty and
skin fairness. Rubbing potato on the face helps
to clean black dark circles on the skin and
remove the dust from the face.
Use Orange To Glow The Skin
Orange is the best for those people who have dry,
sticky, and oily skin. You can apply fresh orange
juice on your face, wait for 5-10 minutes and
then wash with pure water. This tip you can use
daily and get the glowing skin forever.
Use The Cucumber For Acne, Eyes, Face
During the face beauty session, Cucumber is
beneficial for erasing the pimples, blemishes,
acne, wrinkles, etc. and it also helps to
increase the skin whitening. Apply cucumber juice
on your face, allow some time to absorb and after
15 minutes you can wash your face.
Use Gram Flour to Whiten The Skin
The Process is to get a little salt quantity in
the gram flour shake it well. After mixing salt
gram flour, rub it on your face politely and
after washing, you will see the instant pretty
look of your face.
Lemon to increase the face beauty
Take one fresh lemon and then squeeze that, after
that use the shell of lemon to rub on your elbow
dark parts. Lemon also is beneficial for weight
loss, boosts your immune system, and regulates
blood pressure.
Steaming For Facial Beauty
Adopt warm steam for your face and get the
glowing and radiant skin instantly. The steaming
process helps to erase the dirt excess oil from
your face and keep your facial beauty shiny,
healthy for a long time.
Use Almonds For Beautiful Lips
The actual process to use this tip is that you
need to take some almonds then grind them in the
pure water. After grinding, mix it in the saffron
leaf then apply it on the lips. Wait at least
for 10 minutes and after that rub it with the
Maintain The Skin Beauty with milk
Milk is another way to take care of your skin's
beauty as it contains complete nutrients and milk
also enhances whitening glows on your face.
Apply milk or its cream on the dark spots of the
face, wait for 5-10 minutes until the skin gets
dry then wash it with pure water.
Use Natural Masks
There are different types of natural face masks
you can wear such as Honey facial mask, Milk
facial mask, Yogurt facial mask, Lemon facial
mask, Banana facial mask, etc.
Take Good Sleep
Take at least 7-8 hours of healthy sleep and feel
your skin health relaxed. Enough night sleep also
helps you to reduce the anxiety stress level
and make your next day wonderful.
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