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The moment you think of designing an icon for computer systems, the first thing that hits your head is HOW? There are many rules and principles for designing icons that you have to go through before you actually start the process. It is necessary to do so if you really want to have a perfect icon that can be easily recognized and has a unique look and feel. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Design A Perfect Icon - SFWPExperts

How To Design A Perfect Icon - SFWPExperts
The moment you think of designing an icon for
computer systems, the first thing that hits your
head is HOW? There are many rules and principles
for designing icons that you have to go through
before you actually start the process. It is
necessary to do so if you really want to have a
perfect icon that can be easily recognized and
has a unique look and feel. Before I start
explaining how you can design a perfect icon for
computer systems, its important to understand
what is an icon and what is the purpose of
designing an icon.
  • An icon is a pictogram or ideogram that you
    usually see on computer screens, helping
    everyone to navigate a computer system. The main
    purpose of designing an icon is to represent any
    object, idea, or action that helps users to
    navigate a computer system. More specifically, an
    icon often represents a program, function, or
    data that helps computer users to identify
    different navigation options.
  • In this blog, we have put together top 6 tips to
    design a perfect icon that will help desktop
    users to identify and navigate easily. If you are
    also interested in designing a top-quality icon
    for your website, make a phone call to SFWP
    Experts and share your icon requirements. We will
    do some research, collect some ideas and then
    design a unique icon for you that would meet
    your expectations. Apart from the icon design,
    our Los Angeles web design company also offers
    various services such as web design, web
    development, online marketing, online
    advertising, SEO, PPC and many more.
  • Here are the top 6 tips for designing a perfect
    icon for your website
  • Start With A Grid
  • To design a high quality icon for your website,
    it is necessary to start with a grid. Choose one
    which provides some basic guidelines for creating
    the underlying form of each design. Make sure
    the grid you are working with is a 3232 pixel
    grid and you should avoid putting any part of the
    icon in the outer 2 pixels of the grid, unless
    absolutely necessary. This outer 2 pixels of the
    grid is called no-go-zone that is left to
    create some breathing room around the icon.
  • Draw Simple Geometric Shapes

When you have already selected the right grid to
design your icon, now its time to outline the
major shapes with simple circles, rectangles, and
triangles. The major benefits of starting with
basic geometric shapes is that it will make the
edges more precise, allow you to adjust the scale
of the elements quickly, and also ensure that
you follow the grid and form appropriately. Some
times you might think that you have to design an
organic-shaped icon so you can draw it with your
hands. But it is not the right practice as when
you draw your icon with your hand, the slight
variation in the edges will make your icon look
less refined. So it is necessary to start with
shape tools in Adobe Illustrator if you want to
design good-looking icons. Alternatively, you
can also ask our designers to create one for you
that will live up to your expectations. Our web
design company in Los Angeles is the most
popular company in the US that offers a variety
of services ranging from web design to digital
marketing at best prices. Our team works with
clients individually after accepting their
project and make sure they provide them the
exact icon, logo, or homepage that they want. 3.
Make Your Icon Mathematically Precise Keep your
icon mathematically precise when you are drawing
its corners, curves, and angles. In other words,
follow the numbers and dont try to draw the
icon with freehand as it is super important to
pay attention to these details. Remember if
these elements of your icon dont look
consistent, it will ruin the visual appearance of
your icon or you can say the quality of your
icon If you like having a well-designed icon for
your website that looks effective and attractive
at the same time, its better to reach out to our
Los Angeles
  • web design company. Our designers have expertise
    in designing icons, websites, landing pages and
    what not for clients all over the world. With
    appropriate icons used on your website, you can
    make your content easily understandable and
    memorable for your users.
  • Use Consistent Design Elements For Your Icon
  • Hemmo De Jonge of Dutch Icon had talked about the
    different aspects of icon design at Icon Salon
    2015. While working on the icon system project
    for the Dutch government, Hemmo and his design
    partner incorporated a notch in their icons. Not
    all of their icons had the notch but most of them
    had. It was used consistently across an icon set
    to tie the set together as you can see in the
    picture below.
  • You can also have these types of icons for your
    website by contacting our Los Angeles design
    company and asking the designers to create some
    for you. In addition to icon design and logo
    design we provide almost all services that a
    website needs such as website hosting, website
    maintenance, website optimization, and several
    others. If quality services are what you are
    after, SFWP Experts is the undeniable answer.
  • Use Details and Decorations In Your Icon
  • Keep in mind that the icons you are designing for
    your website should quickly communicate an
    object, idea or action. Adding too many small
    details to your icon will make it look more
    complex that will ultimately reduce its
    recognizing ability, especially at smaller sizes.
    It means the level of detail you include in your
    icons also plays an important role in
    determining its aesthetic unity and
    recognizability. Now you might be thinking how
    to determine the right level of detail in your
    icon? For this a good rule of thumb is to
    include the bare minimum of details needed to
    make the meaning of your icon dear.

6. Make Your Icon Unique Some of the talented
designers who create high-quality icon sets are
mostly available for free and looks like it is
growing every day. Unfortunately, many of those
designers are inspired by the trends or the
styles of the most popular designers, so their
icons don't look unique. Being one of the many
creative professionals around, we should look
outside the icon industry and find some source
of inspiration for designing icons such as
architecture, typography, nature, and others.
Because so many icons look similar to each other
these days, it has become severely important for
designers to make their icon as unique as
possible. Conclusion Though many icon builders
are available online to create some amazing
icons, none can match the legacy of unique
looking icons that are especially designed by
creative designers. This is why you should always
have a approach to create unique-looking icons
for your website that has aesthetic unity and
increased recognizability. Apart from this if
you are looking for a Wordpress website design
company who can create really stunning icons for
your website, hire SFWP Experts. We are involved
in every possible area of website design and
development including the icon creation, search
engine optimization, online promotion, and brand
establishment. At our company, every
professional is trained and knowledgeable in
different aspects of website design and digital
marketing that helps businesses to grow at a
faster pace than earlier thought. Lastly I
would say follow these tips very nicely if you
want to achieve better results.
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