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Top 6 Excellent Tips To Increase WooCommerce Sales


Online stores are replacing the brick-and-mortar shops rapidly. That time is not too far when more than 90% of people will prefer to shop online instead of going to physical stores. With the growing dependency on the shopping sites, it has become super important for each business owner to keep their potential customers engaged in their offerings as much as possible. Read moe on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 6 Excellent Tips To Increase WooCommerce Sales

Top 6 Excellent Tips To Increase WooCommerce
Online stores are replacing the brick-and-mortar
shops rapidly. That time is not too far when
more than 90 of people will prefer to shop
online instead of going to physical stores. With
the growing dependency on the shopping sites, it
has become super important for each business
owner to keep their potential customers engaged
in their offerings as much as possible. WooCommer
ce has evolved as one of the most trusted
platforms for such owners where they can sell
their products or items independently. This
open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress is
being widely used by small to large-sized
businesses to make their products accessible to
their prospects. In this article, I have put
together a lot of effective tips that you can use
to get your customers coming back to your site
and increase sales of your products or items.
But before you start acquiring the knowledge
included in this post, I want to convey some
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a one-stop store to meet all your website needs
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website hosting and maintenance, search engine
optimization, pay per click advertising, and
conversion rate optimization. When you finish
this article, you will gain a clear understanding
of various tricks and techniques to optimize
your WooCommerce store for higher sales. Lets
get into the detailed discussion. Top 6 Tips To
Increase WooCommerce Sales 1. Choose A Visually
Pleasing WooCommerce Theme As soon as leads enter
your online store, the first thing that draws
their attention is the kind of theme used in
your web design. If your web design succeeds in
delivering them a great visual experience then
they are definitely going to explore your site
further. But, if they find your website layout
to be cluttered and confusing, they will probably
press the back button and jump to your
competitors site, without even giving your store
a second look. For this reason it is important
for your ecommerce store to
  • have an eye catchy user interface that is not
    only pleasing to eyes but also easy to navigate.
  • Offer A Friendly User-Experience
  • The friendlier user-experience your site offers,
    the more people will convert into repeat
    customers. Its no brainer that if your visitors
    find it hard to navigate through your website,
    they are going to leave it and switch to other
    websites. As you know well customers have plenty
    of choices when it comes to shopping online and
    if they cant find the product they are looking
    for they will try to find it other places.
  • Let me be blunt here - yours is not the only
    shopping site on the internet, the list of your
    competitors is very long and they might choose
    any of them for their purchase.
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    user-friendly website that draws in your target
    audience, you must partner with our Los Angeles
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  • Include Clear CTA Buttons
  • Call-to-action buttons are crucial in encouraging
    users to take the action you want. You might
    want them to sign up on your website, add
    products to your cart or wishlist or, most
    importantly make a purchase. In that case you
    should clearly locate and highlight the CTA
    buttons (Sign Up, Buy Now, Add To Cart) that
    demands users attention.
  • The purpose of adding CTA buttons to your page is
    not just to draw the eyeballs but it should
    boost your conversion rate as well. To ensure that

  • you must place your CTA buttons at the right
    place so that they immediately get noticed by
    your website visitors.
  • In case you want to know what are the things that
    you should keep in mind while placing your CTA
    at the right place, get in touch with us either
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  • Make Products Easy To Find For Users
  • If your visitors have to go through a lot of
    pages just to reach your product page, then you
    need to seriously question yourself - Is this the
    experience you want your customers to have?
    Figure out what are the things that you are
    doing wrong and correct it ASAP.
  • You should aim to make your product page easy to
    access for your users so that they can make a
    purchase quickly. Streamline the buying process
    for them and make sure they can check out and
    complete their purchase quickly and easily.
  • Some useful features that you can also add to
    your page are filters, price sort, menu
    elements, and so forth.
  • WooCommerce Direct is the most suitable plugin
    for your online store that you can install to
    skip the shopping cart and direct customers right
    to the checkout page.
  • Test Your Site For Usability

  • In the end, you are creating a WooCommerce store
    for your customers to buy your products or
    items. So you need to think about their
    experience first and your personal preferences
    should come second.
  • To ensure your customers are enjoying their
    shopping experience, you will have to perform a
    usability test on your WooCommerce website. Get
    several people to use your website assuming
    themselves as the potential buyer and ask them
    to provide feedback. From there you will come to
    know what needs to be changed in your site and
    what already looks fine.
  • To perform a usability test you need
  • An observer who can ensure that the test is
    completed correctly.
  • And participants (your website development team)
    who can test the functionality of the website
    from the buyers perspective.
  • One thing you must bear in mind before performing
    this test on your website is to set your goals
    clearly - whether you are looking to offer a
    friendly interface to your customers or you want
    it to look visually appealing.
  • Through this test you can find
  • Is your website easy to interact with for your
  • Is it easy to use and navigate?
  • Can a lead find your product page without too
    much effort?
  • Whether everything looks bold and clear on the
  • Are all the CTA buttons enticing?
  • Why are your leads not converting into customers?

converting your leads into customers, be informed
that we are available to listen to your concern
and solve it ASAP. You can approach our Los
Angeles web design company for many
business-oriented services such as stunning web
design and development, search engine
optimization, social media marketing, brand
promotion, and PPC advertising. 6. Run Effective
A/B Tests A/B testing is more commonly known as
split testing, in which you create two versions
of the same element of your website and find out
which one is bringing better results. With
better results, I mean better conversion rate,
ROI (return on investment), bounce rate, and the
number of total purchases. This test is
particularly useful when you plan to add a new
feature to your WooCommerce store and check
whether or not it is living up to your
expectations. For example, you are adding a new
category of products to your WooCommerce store
and you want to figure out whether it is the
right idea to implement or not? Whether it will
bring great results or not? This is where A/B
testing comes into the game before you finally
make your decision. A reliable way to test the
changes made to your WooCommerce store is by
installing Nelio AB Testing plugin. It can be
used to test new changes to your titles, images,
and descriptions. Conclusively User experience
is the heart of your WooCommerce store and so you
must not underestimate the importance of making
your website easy to use and navigate for your
potential customers. While designing your
store, dont just focus on making one-time sales,
instead pay attention to making repetitive sales
that will further contribute to higher revenue.
Keep in touch with your customers and convince
them to keep coming back to your site to get
better benefits. Make sure you optimize your
WooCommerce store keeping all these things in
mind and soon you will note that your sales
figures are going up. In case you face some
issues while optimizing your online store and
need some assistance, do remember SFWP Experts
care for your business. At our Wordpress website
design company, you get good services with
guaranteed results such as responsive web design
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SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing
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