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Art Activities - MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul


MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul conduct various art activities for students to develop them holistically. Art activities hone decision-making, strategy-building and planning skills of students. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Art Activities - MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul

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Art Activities conducted at MIT Vishwashanti
  • MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is an international
    school located in Pune, Maharashtra. It aims at
    providing value-based education to students and
    at molding them into well-balanced individuals.
    The school not just develops the students
    academically, but it also strives to hone their
    inner strengths and talent. It organizes myriads
    of art activities which have a great role in
    boosting the personalities of students.

  • In todays fast-paced and competitive world,
    students participation in art activities is
    pivotal for improving learning and to foster
    overall development. Lets have a look at some of
    the key points that highlight the importance of
    art activities in schools
  • Increases students engagement
  • Art activities provide lots of opportunities for
    students to showcase their skills through
    authentic performances. These help students to
    boost their confidence and mold them as positive

  • Students learn positive habits, behaviour and
  • Art activities make the environment of school
    positive and culturally-rich. Children learn the
    importance of patience while participating in
    these activities. These activities teach them
    that moving step by step, practicing and being
    persistent is important is life. Students also
    attain good habits, a positive attitude and good
    behaviour through these activities, which is
    necessary for them to have a successful life.

  • Art activities enhance creativity
  • In this competitive world, success comes to those
    who excel in 21st-century skills. Creativity is
    also a part of the important skills required in
    this century. If we talk about assessments of
    creativity, students who receive art-rich
    education perform better than others. They show
    adaptability and flexibility in their thinking.
    As per data given out by The Association of
    Boarding Schools (TABS), 70 boarding students
    believed that they were able to develop their
    creativity in a boarding school setup.

  • Sharpens critical intellectual skills
  • Art boosts a higher level of thinking of students
    that enable them to learn effectively and perform
    better in their life. Students learn how to
    observe, interpret, see different perspectives,
    analyze and synthesize.
  • Teaches methods for learning language skills
  • While learning to play music, dance, painting or
    performing a drama, students learn to create new
    concepts, improve vocabulary and understand
    different languages.

  • Students learn teamwork
  • Art-rich education allows students to work as an
    active member in groups to achieve a common goal.
    While performing a drama or dance, they learn the
    art of working in a team. They learn the
    importance of teamwork and they eventually learn
    to cooperate. It helps students to present their
    point of view, respect criticism and listen to
    others actively.

  • Increases capacity for leadership
  • Art activities assist in developing the
    leadership skills of students. These activities
    hone decision-making, strategy-building and
    planning skills of students. They acquire the
    ability to become assets for the world around
    them by using their skills effectively and by
    developing a strong sense of identity and

  • Art activities conducted at MIT vishwashanti
  • Art activities are essential to developing the
    students holistically. That is why MIT
    Vishwashanti Gurukul organizes and supports
    different art activities on its campus. The
    school takes an active part in grooming the
    creativity and artistic expression of students.
    It nurtures the talent of students in visual and
    performing arts. Here, students get opportunities
    to find out their strengths in visual arts and
    performing arts by taking part in lectures,
    workshops and competitions organized in the

  • The students are trained to play different
    musical instruments including piano, drums,
    guitar, violin and table, and dance forms such as
    bharat natyam, kathak and contemporary dance.
    Students also learn sketching, drawing, painting
    and other important art activities in school. In
    this way, the school develops students into
    all-rounded personalities who are ready to pursue
    their career in the artistic domain if they want.
    MIT Vishwashanti gurukul is the best boarding
    school in pune.

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