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30 Healthy Lifestyle Habits For Overall Fitness Are Here


Unhappy with your bodyweight but hate intense workouts and diet plans too? Cheer up! Because none of these are going to work until you adopt healthy lifestyle habits. And as John Heywood said, “Rome was not built in a day,” you will not get fit overnight. A healthy and fit body is a result of things we do every day besides workouts and diet. In short, our collection is defined by our habits. Good habits keep us fit, energetic, and happy and vice versa. So, the choice is yours. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 30 Healthy Lifestyle Habits For Overall Fitness Are Here

30 Healthy Lifestyle Habits For Overall Fitness
Are Here
Unhappy with your bodyweight but hate intense
workouts and diet plans too? Cheer up! Because
none of these are going to work until you adopt
healthy lifestyle habits. And as John Heywood
said, "Rome was not built in a day," you will
not get fit overnight. A healthy and fit body is
a result of things we do every day besides
workouts and diet. In short, our collection is
defined by our habits. Good habits keep us fit,
energetic, and happy and vice versa. So, the
choice is yours. But, if you are damn serious
about your goal, then feel lucky to be here.
Switch to a healthy lifestyle with this guide
that only belongs to you. Here are 30 healthy
lifestyle habits that will turn each day of your
life into the most vigorous day. Get in use with
these habits and let the magic begin...slowly.
Here We Go! Day 1 Water Is Your Best Friend
viainsider.com We already have so much water
inside as we are 60 percent water. But, it does
not mean that we need less of it because we lose
it too, via urine and sweat. So, we need more,
but how much more is enough. Nice question! Some
say eight glasses a day is enough, but the truth
is it depends on an individual. The first
general thumb rule is to drink when you feel
thirsty. But, make drinking water your
first-morning habit among all the healthy
lifestyle habits. Second is to drink half an
hour before you take healthy meals for lunch and
Day 2 Sleep More
viabbc.com Expert's advice- sleep not more than
7-8 hours for a healthy heart. Is it true? Of
course, uninterrupted sleep has so much to do
with our energy, eating goals, and health. It
affects appetite, which in turn affects body
weight. So, don't wake up until you complete the
7-8 sleep cycle. But, the key is to sleep and
wake up at the same time every day. This way, it
will get into your habit, and you will no longer
face trouble sleeping.
Day 3 An Apple A Day
viathedailymeal.com Whosoever said, "An apple
keeps a doctor away" was right. Several studies
on the health benefits of apple have further
extended the saying- "An apple a day not only
keeps a doctor away, but it also aids in weight
This nutritious fruit is packed with the goodness
of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and more.
Besides controlling blood pressure, diabetes,
improving digestion and bone strength, apple aid
in weight loss. So, don't forget to add an apple
to your list of healthy meals for weight
loss. Day 4 Don't Skip Breakfast
  • viathesaltbox.co.za
  • Does your mom scold every day for skipping
    Breakfast? She is doing right because skipping
    Breakfast is bad for your health. And there are a
    bunch of reasons not to skip it. The first and
    most important one is - breakfast prevents
  • Moreover, it improves your metabolism, balances
    sugar levels, prevents diabetes, improves energy
    levels, and, most importantly, is weight loss.
    So, eat a big breakfast, if not significant,
    then try quick, easy healthy meals like
  • Scrambled eggs with herbs
  • Strawberry banana smoothie
  • Banana pancakes
  • French toast
  • Peanut banana cinnamon smoothie
  • That's too much goodness and healthy food at your
    plate for a kick start morning.

Day 5 Time For A Kitchen Audit
viaverywellmind Your journey to healthy
lifestyle habits begins from your kitchen, so do
a kitchen audit at least twice a month. Why? Let
me explain, your pantry and refrigerator have
everything that can give you both good and bad
health. The choice is undoubtedly yours, but
most of the time you don't care about choice,
especially when you are getting late. Packaged
and processed foods in your kitchen will not let
you think of any healthy smoothie recipes or
breakfast ideas. So, throw them out and never
look back. No unhealthy foods in the kitchen mean
no cravings. That's simple!
Day 6 30 Minutes To Your Health
viavisitvirginiabeach Even if you are super
busy, at least take 30 minutes and spend on your
health. That's worth investing in rather than
spending money because rewards are great. These
30 minutes are entirely yours, do simple
activities like walking to work or grocery store.
Jog, swim, or play an outdoor game with your
friends. But the best way is to perform exercise
or yoga to get the most out of those minutes.
Day 7 Skip Cream-Based Dishes
viataste.com Here is bad news if you love
creamy yummy delicious white sauce pasta or any
other cream-based dishes, then avoid it. Heavy
cream is one of the ingredients that make belly
bloat. So, creamy dishes are not healthy options
for you instead, switch to veggies and
soups. But if you cannot stop cravings for
pasta, then opt for the best healthy pasta
alternatives. There are plenty of options like
zoodles (Zucchini Noodles), black bean pasta,
rice pasta, squash noodles, and more.
Day 8 Get Into Strength Training Routine
Proper metabolism will help you burn more
calories. And strength training is best to boost
your metabolism. Surprisingly, a strength
training routine like weight lifting can
increase it by 15 percent. As a result, you get a
lean body faster. Besides this, there are more
benefits of lifting weights, so get ready to
lose some weight by weights.
Day 9 Avoid Big Weights
viaself.com After listening to the benefits of
lifting weight, you might think of lifting heavy
weights as much as you can to get results fast.
But, the fact is that weights are not suitable
for your body, primarily muscle gain. Muscle
gaining is not easy for women through weight
lifts because they lack the desired level of
testosterone in their bodies. However, it will
give you a lean mass and cut the fat while
increasing bone density. High bone density
prevents osteoporosis in women. So, weight
lifting is the right workout for your body.
Day 10 Regular Coffee
viaedition.cnn.com Love coffee? Then you might
hit a local coffee shop number of times, but
that's not good. Your local coffee shop fills
your cups with loads of sugar. And sugar is not
suitable for your waistline. Furthermore, the
whole milk will expand the waistline. So, switch
to coffee made of pure coffee beans, zero-calorie
sweetener, and a bit of cream. However, it's
better to avoid sugar and drink black coffee.
Most people include black coffee in their list
of healthy lifestyle habits.
Day 11 Replace Carbs With Protein
viamuscleandfitness Make sure to include
protein in your healthy meals for lunch and
dinner. Because protein helps you lose fat
faster and gain muscle. So, replace your bowl of
cereal, pasta, or rice with egg, fish, and other
protein meals.
Day 12 Say No To Holiday Specials Although fit
people follow healthy lifestyle habits, they do
crave their lattes. However, they don't cheat
and fulfill their cravings instead, they make
wise choices. So, what do these fit people do?
They avoid flavors and order side dishes
more. Likewise, you should also make a good
order at the restaurant. Avoid mixed drinks and
juice as well because they are full of artificial
flavors. Especially skip the soda as those who
drink soda daily can get a beer belly.
Day 13 Don't Believe The Scale
viacheatsheet No doubt that you should weigh
yourself once a while to check whether you have
reached an ideal goal or not. But, doing it often
is not necessary. Moreover, the scale doesn't
only give you the right indication of your health
and fitness. Instead, have a check on your
clothes fitting, BMI, energy levels, and, most
importantly, regular check-ups to determine your
Day 14 Make Cooking Your Habit
viamoneycrashers Homemade food may not seem
delicious like restaurant food but don't
overlook its impact on your health. Moreover,
your health is in your hands when you choose
cooking at home. This is the best way to control
your calories and maintain an ideal weight.
Cooking is fun too. So, from now on, adopt this
healthy habit of cooking for self.
Day 15 Feel Satisfied Rather Than Stuffed
viamindfullivingnetwork Do you know what
healthy people do? They eat to stop their hunger
and not their cravings. But some people eat to
get most of their money when they go out for
dinner. Avoid such a habit as it can make you
obese. Fuel your hunger, not cravings, remember
Day 16 Have Greek Yogurt
viaseriouseats Greek yogurt is the best snack
for the morning as it has enough protein to give
you energy for the whole day. In addition to
this, it is low in carbohydrates and creamier
too. So, don't forget to bring a bowl of creamy
greek yogurt at your dining table every day.
Day 17 Avoid Overdoing Exercise
viainsider Don't be a gym rat and exhaust
yourself in the gym. Your body needs to rest
more to be productive. Even the gym trainers will
advise you to take rest and let your body
recover. This is one mistake that most people
make to reach their weight goals quickly. So,
give a day off to your body from the gym and
relax at home. You may feel that you are slowing
down, but your body is recovering slowly.
Day 18 Take A Break From Your Seat Lunchtime
is right for this. Go out for a while and let
your body absorb vitamin D. Vitamin D will make
you feel good and boost your immunity as well.
Make the most out of this time by stretching
your arms and legs. Day 19 Post Workout
viamaddyn Don't just hit the gym and begin
strength training. Post-workout stretching is
necessary to release muscular tension. In
addition to this, stretching helps your heart
rate slow down during workout by triggering the
nervous system's parasympathetic part. As a
result, you will feel more relaxed and can
workout better.
Day 20 Dessert Is Good Sometimes
Give yourself a sweet treat once a while. You can
eat your favorite cake or dessert. But remember
only once a month and not a week. Day 21 A
Good Cooking Website Eating boring meals in the
name of health will kill your weight loss goals.
Therefore, you should find a good food website
where you can kill your boredom. A good site
will work as a motivation for you to try quick,
easy healthy meals every day. So, find a
website and follow its menu to fuel your body and
hunger with delicious yet healthy meals for
lunch and dinner.
Day 22 A Deep Breathe
viaorganicauthority Breathing often goes
overlooked. But, a good breathing practice is
more than inhaling and exhaling. There are so
many breathing exercises and yoga that work as
healthy lifestyle habits for stress
relief. Inhaling and exhaling rightly slowly
impact your nervous system, which in turn makes
you calm down. So, practice different breathing
Day 23 Use A Nutrition Tracker
viaexhibitarchives If you are not sure whether
you are getting the right amount of nutrition
from healthy meals for weight loss, then use a
nutrition tracker. It will work as a wake-up
call for you as it alerts you whether you are
walking on the right track or not.
Day 24 Meditate
viamedium.com Stress is the biggest reason you
are drifting towards unhealthy habits rather
than healthy lifestyle habits. As a result, you
don't focus much on your eating habits and
exercise. So, first, reduce stress and meditation
is the best method. And the good part is that
there is no fixed time for it. Do it in the
morning, evening, before sleeping, or during the
commute to work, it works the same. However, it
is best to find a peaceful place and perform
meditation. Adopt these healthy lifestyle habits
for stress relief and feel the difference.
Day 25 Unfollow The Negativity An excellent
reason for developing stress is the social media
that feeds with negativity. Not all social media
feeds serve negative things about body weight.
However, it is good to unfollow all of them to
cut the negative vibes from your life. Also,
one of the healthy lifestyle habits of fit people
is that they stay away from negativity no matter
where it comes from. It means they even walk away
from negative people in their life. So, a road
to a healthy and happy life begins when you cut
Day 26 Healthy Fats
viahealthline Food fat doesn't make you fat.
Researchers say that healthy fats are a guide to
fit your body. Avocado, nuts, olive oil, and
other food with healthy fats are right for your
heart. These fats are also helpful in preventing
cravings for unhealthy foods. However, avoid
including trans fats in your healthy meals for
weight loss instead add polyunsaturated fats.
Day 27 Green Meals
viahealthline Green foods are nutritious and
also help you feel full as they have more water.
So, include foods like lettuce, pale iceberg
lettuce, and other greener vegetables in your
healthy meals for lunch and dinner. Day 28
Learn New Skills
viaboingboing.net A healthy routine includes
habits for keeping your brain and body fit.
Physical activities keep your body fit, but the
brain needs something new. In short, engaging
your mind in learning new skills keeps it
fit. So, find a creative workshop, a dance
class, or learn a new language. The more mental
workout you do, the more healthy your brain
becomes. Also, it will prevent the early signs
of ageing, like memory loss.
Day 29 Say No To Smoke
viaeverydayhealth Smoking will never take you
toward better health. And if you think it has
nothing to do with weight loss, then you are
wrong. Smoking makes your energy level, heart
rate, and even blood pressure go down. You may
feel that lighting up a cigarette releases
stress, but it does the opposite. So, quit the
habit today. Moreover, it is not the only
cigarette that healthy people avoid, but alcohol
consumption is terrible. However, occasional
drinking does not hurt your weight loss goal, but
drinking alcohol a habit surely does.
Day 30 Salt Bath
viaorganicauthority After weight lifting
exercise and other workouts, your body needs to
recover. A salt bath is good for the body to
repair the inflamed muscle and relaxes them.
Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, has
ample benefits like it
manufactures proteins, increases blood flow,
builds strong bones, and more. Taking an Epsom
salt bath once or twice a week is enough to
repair your muscles. So, embrace all these
healthy lifestyle habits and see the changes in
your body. These habits are not tough to bring
in practice, and once they come into a routine,
you will feel healthier. All the best for a new
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