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Plumbing And Sanitary Systems For Your Bathroom - Mathaji Hardware


Water is supplied to the whole house through pipes, and a well-planned plumbing system. Here is all you need to know about the plumbing system, and the products you can get from the best sanitary shop in Bangalore. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Plumbing And Sanitary Systems For Your Bathroom - Mathaji Hardware

The bathroom consists of two main systems
plumbing and sanitary. You need the right
plumbing systems and sanitaryware installed in
your bathroom to avoid all sorts of hassles.
Problem in any one of the two can create a
disaster for you. There may be problems in
drainage, problems with water usage, or leakage
of water. Let us understand these two systems in
detail so that you are well versed with the
right knowledge while building a new bathroom or
renovating an existing one.
The Plumbing system The plumbing system
comprises of the entire system of pipe fittings
and the knobs and taps used to fit into them for
water supply and
drainage. There are a number of different types
of pipes used for different purposes some of
them being PVC pipes These pipes are used
for both internal and external water supply
systems in buildings. They have been in use for
the last 60 years because of the various
benefits they have always been providing like
energy saving, zero maintenance, safety, lifetime
service, and cost-effectiveness. Also, these
pipes suffer fewer leaks and breakages as
compared to other materials, which is why they
last for more than 100 years. Copper pipes
These pipes are a great alternative to steel
pipes in places where there is high corrosion
due to ground water. They are a great option to
be used in hot water installation. Lead pipes
These pipes are used only in industrial building
like chemical plants, nuclear plants, telephone
and telegraph underground piping, pressure
tubes, and paper manufacturing plants. They are
banned in residential applications because of the
alarming health issues it may cause. Galvanized
iron pipes These pipes are used extensively for
water supply and drainage in buildings as they
are very economical. They are basically wrought
steel pipes with a zinc coating. Drainage water
pipes There are various types of drainage water
pipes used in buildings, such as vent pipes,
soil pipes, waste pipes, rainwater pipes, and
anti-siphonage pipes. Each pipe has a different
purpose. Vent pipes are used to release bad
odours soil pipes and waste pipes are used to
get rid of sewage and grey water from sinks and
toilets rainwater pipes are used to remove
rainwater collected on the roofs and
anti-siphonage pipes are used to prevent the
entry of foul gases of sewer lines into the
Sanitaryware While all of the above regarding
the pipes and fittings is the role of a plumber
to install, sanitaryware is the segment where you
can put in your choices. Sanitaryware includes
all those necessary essentials that you need in
a bathroom, such as a wash basin, toilets,
bidets, urinals, cisterns, faucets, etc. But
today, these essentials are not essentials
alone. They are available in a wide range of
designs, materials, colours, and patterns to
make the bathroom also a space that can be
uniquely designed. You can choose from a wide
range of sanitaryware options to install into
your bathroom to add a visual appeal to the
private space. However, whatever you choose,
never compromise on the quality of what you are
installing. Whether you prefer a simple basic
design, or contemporary chic options, always
choose from only the best brands that offer
nothing but quality products. some such
sanitaryware brands are Parryware, Hindware,
Cera, and Jaquar. But, you dont need to go to
every brand to check what all they are offering.
You can avoid all such inconvenience, hassles,
and time investment by simply walking into
Mathaji Hardware, the best sanitary shop in
Bangalore, where you can get the choicest
sanitaryware products from all these brands and
many others, all under a single roof, helping
you to save on your time and efforts. Stay
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