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Reasons why you should take the Mumbai to Dubai cruise.


Jalesh Cruises Dubai Packages: Travel to Dubai in style, book a Mumbai to Dubai Cruise package! Enjoy best deals on your Dubai Cruise. Only on Akbar Travels! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Reasons why you should take the Mumbai to Dubai cruise.

Reasons why you should take the Mumbai to Dubai
  • Taking a trip to Dubai is a must-do on a lot of
    peoples bucket lists. Especially with everything
    that Dubai has to offer in terms of cuisine,
    entertainment, architecture, shopping and so much
    more. Now with the extravagance that Dubai has to
    offer, could you imagine taking that ride to
    Dubai is equally classy? Yes, the Mumbai to Dubai
    cruise by Jalesh cruise.
  • The new mode of travel has caught a lot of eyes.
    A lot of those travelling to Dubai for a short
    vacay or simply to shop and enjoy Dubai have
    chosen the Mumbai to Dubai cruise. Here are a few
    of the reasons why a lot of people are choosing
    Jalesh cruise for their travels.

  • The cruise ambience
  • As the newest cruise ship in India, Jalesh cruise
    brings with it the most style when it comes to
    travelling on a cruise. The ship has been known
    to weigh 70,285 tons with 14 decks for you to
    enjoy the amazing views from.
  • Comfortable accommodation

  • The cruise is known to be packed with 430 ocean
    view rooms with cabins and 209 interior rooms
    that sleeps up to 4 people, 36 mini suits that
    sleeps up to 3 people and, 126 luxurious balcony
    rooms. So depending on the kind of trip you are
    taking, you can take your pick for the
    accommodation. With this wide range of options,
    you could even plan out a perfect family, office
    or maybe even a romantic trip.

  • Variety in cuisines
  • With the variety in Indias staple diets, Jalesh
    cruise has made sure that they have the perfect
    selection of cuisines for everyone. Depending on
    the type of dining, you can choose from the Jain,
    vegetarian, non-vegetarian dishes available. The
    cruise serves at three main restaurants for those
    look for a formal dinner. For those who simply
    want to relax and enjoy something casual, you can
    just choose the different dishes served at the
    food court.

  • Awe-inspiring entertainment
  • With food, entertainment too is another
    attraction on the cruise. Decked on the cruise is
    a Casino that is open to all with its free-entry.
    You could also give a try to a Broadway
    performance. If you are more of a movie-fan, you
    could spend your time watching Blockbusters. You
    could also try the Burlesque show that happens
    late in the night.

  • Fun for children
  • When you take the Mumbai to Dubai cruise and have
    your children, you can stay satisfied knowing
    that Jalesh Cruise has a separate space for your
    dear toddlers and teenagers. The Quest, Quest is
    specially designed for the entertainment of
    teenagers and the 'Adventure and Scouts' is made
    to organise activities for toddlers.
  • With a simple Jalesh cruise booking, your entire
    Mumbai to Dubai travel is perfectly planned for
    your maximum fun. Which means all you have to do
    is pack and ready yourself for an amazing
    cruise-time. The Cruise will plan out all your
    excursions and your travel back as well. So why
  • A bon voyage awaits!

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