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20 Essential Tips for Mobile Responsive Web Design


In these s, there is a discussion about the importance of mobile responsive web design and how you can make your web design more responsive. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 20 Essential Tips for Mobile Responsive Web Design

  • Essential Tips for Mobile Responsive Web Design

Plan Your Web Design
  • Before designing the website, you should have a
    complete design of layouts, images, text,
    navigations and buttons in mind for both PC and
  • If you are an online business owner, you cannot
    go-long with unresponsive mobile site design.
  • Responsive web design makes your website more
    visible on the search engine.

Learn About Mobile User Behavior
  • Your website needs optimization in almost all
    parts and you can also monitor the analytics of
    your site to understand the behaviour of your
  • For example, which pages they are most likely to
    visit on your site.
  • Once you know about the behaviour of your
    visitors, you can make a better design for the
    pages most visited by users.

Flexible Grid
  • The grid is an important element of responsive
    mobile friendly design layouts.
  • The fluid grid in the site allows you to ensure
    the flexibility and scalability of the mobile web
  • The flexibility of the grid has a direct
    relationship with the responsiveness of the

Layouts Should Be Flexible
  • The layouts of the website design should be more
    flexible, so it can be adjustable to different
    screen sizes.
  • You should design more flexible and mobile
    friendly design.
  • It is better to make the layout of the site more
    adjustable for the mobiles, so your users would
    not have any issue to access the desired

Flexible Text Images
  • The text images of the mobile responsible sites
    should be very flexible.
  • You can also make the text more flexible by using
    CSS styles.
  • The CSS coding can make your website text more

Images Optimization
  • The right use of images is essential to make your
    website more attractive.
  • By using the images, you can make your content
    more reader-friendly and it also helps the users
    to view the pictures of your products and
  • You need to optimize the images for the small
    screen also, so they can load fast on the mobile

Use CSS Media Queries
  • You can make a more responsive layout by using
    the media queries in the code more efficiently.
  • CSS media queries said to be the filters for
    applying the CSS styling on the website.
  • The CSS media queries are applied to the web
    design depending on the breakpoint of the device.

Optimize Typography
  • To make the textual content of your website more
    readable on the small screen of mobiles, you
    should do the optimization for the typography.
  • Try to use the legible font styles on your
    website, the curvy and more stylish content will
    be more difficult to read on the small screen.

Minimalist Design
  • You should only show the information that is
    actually beneficial for the user and try to avoid
    any unnecessary details.
  • To make the responsive and adaptive design of
    your website, you must eliminate all the clutter
    and useless information.

Be Careful About Navigation
  • Designing your navigation effectively is critical
    to boosting your website ranking on google.
  • Make sure that the menu in your navigation bar
    is clearly visible on the small screen of the
  • You can also use the hamburger menu for the
    navigation to the other pages.

Use Microinteractions
  • By using the animations wisely, you can improve
    the user experience on your website, it is like a
    cherry on the cake.
  • Many of the companies actually using
    microinteractions to make their use more
    satisfied and it is actually working for them. 

Adopt Frameworks
  • Most of the designers choose to use the Bootstrap
    that is an HTML framework and it is the best
    choice for making the static websites designs.
  • Use responsive frameworks that work faster.
  • For the advanced website, you can choose the
    Joomla framework, that also provides a lot of
    built-in templets to make your website more
    attractive and nicer.

Keep Design Simple
  • Your design should be very simple and
  • Overdoing your designing would not only confuse
    the users but make your site slow to load.
  • Your content on the website should be very short
    (only necessary information), try to use the
    images that are optimized for the different

Add Videos Wisely
  • It is good to add videos on your website because
    it goes very well with both mobile and PC
  • Mobile users are more likely to watch videos than
    desktop users.
  • No doubt using the videos on your site can
    improve its mobile usability but while putting
    the videos you should consider some important

Touch Screen Vs. Curser
  • The mobile users usually use their thumb or
    finger to surf on the internet.
  • The website is said to be responsive if your
    users can navigate and click on it without
    pinching on the screen.
  • The buttons on the mobile screen should be big
    enough to be clicked with the thumb.

Use Icons
  • Most of the times users have difficulty to search
    on your site because of the excessive information
    and clutters.
  • Using a lot of text might be confusing for the
    user on mobile.
  • Using icons is a cool option to make your website
    more interactive with the user.

Keyboard Triggers Forms
  • The keyboard triggers forms help your website to
    adjust its size with the screen size. When you
    input fields trigger on your website, it becomes
    more responsive to your screen.
  • All you have to make sure that your input field
    triggers the right keyboard to the screen. 

Consider Geolocation
  • One of the main advantages of the increasing use
    of mobile is that users can easily access the
    geolocations of businesses.
  • The mobile users are more likely to use the
    geolocation features of the business, in which
    the business can give direction to their users
    about their nearest locations.

Adjust Screen Resolution
  • The screen resolution of the site can adjust
    while making the web design of the website.
  • To make your design more adjustable to the screen
    resolution you should adopt the mobile-first way
    approach while designing your website.  
  • For online shopping, people mostly use mobile
    phones, so you need to make your website highly
  • An eCommerce business does not afford to have
    any mobile responsive website.

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