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Living room interior designs and tips to decorate it


In this ppt ,Iam sharing with you the design ideas and tips to decorate your liing room interiors. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Living room interior designs and tips to decorate it

Tips and Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room
Top 10 Stunning Home Decor Ideas for Your Living
7 Things you should know before decorating your
duplex living room interior
Chapter 1
  • Top 10 Stunning
  • Home Decor Ideas
  • for Your
  • Living Room

  • Owning a home shares the dream of every
    individual. Once occupied, beautification becomes
    the common priority. Lifestyle encompasses
    different styles, which tastes differently unique
    for each homemaker.
  • Thus, OyeExpress extends inspiring and stunning
    home decor ideas for your living room also
    organize and decorate your home in style and
  • Here are some top 10 stunning home decor ideas
    for your luxury living room

  • Open plan living space
  • Its worth having a green lawn and relaxing sit
    outs at home and imagine having an open access to
    these facilities from your luxury living room.
    With a simple partition gives a light and airy
    feel to your room that keeps the space looking
    separate and seamless.
  • Choose a bold wallpaper
  • Wallpaper comes first when talking about the
    living room décor. Wallpapers are commonly
    preferred as they are available in numerous
    variants and also can be custom made. One can
    showcase their own picture on the wallpaper.
    Other accessories of your beautiful drawing room
    shall be noted, before selecting the wallpaper
    for the room. Colors you select for interior
    wallpaper should be a good match to your window
    treatments, flooring and furniture. An added
    advantage with a wallpaper is that they can be
    removed or overlapped as we wish.

  • Hang Modern Art
  • There are chances when you run out of options to
    change the structure of your room. Most probably
    situations arise when the wall looks empty. A
    simple solution from OyeExpress is hang a
    painting on an empty wall in your living room to
    give the space a striking visual element.
  • Pick Comfy Seating
  • Living room is where you spend most of your time.
    So planning furniture turns out to be a confusing
    task as it is going to please the look and host
    you and your guest. The furniture you choose
    should be comfortable and add to the aesthetic
    view of the room.
  • Considering all aspects, a good quality sofa is
    worth spending money on and obviously size,
    practicality, longevity, style and comfort are to
    be taken into account.

  • Paint the Ceiling
  • Since the early times of construction phase,
    ceiling was a part of the aesthetics. But in the
    present day ceiling is a neglected space in room
    design, but it shouldn't be so. Rather than a
    plain paint coating, a floral patterned ceiling
    is like enjoying a springtime picnic. OyeExpress
    suggests you painted black ceiling mirrors and
    the dark hardwood floors in this modern urban
  • Add Candles
  • OyeExpress affordably decorates your home with
    simple ideas. It's worth reminding our
    homemakers, candles play an important role in our
    home decorations. A variety of scented candles
    are available which can add a perfect amount of
    fragrance to our homes.

  • Setup for a new Sitting Area
  • The peaceful conversation with our loved ones
    brings the actual happiness in life. Setting up a
    few sitting areas brings our family and friends
    for a quality time. OyeExpress brings a mix of
    sofas and chairs and experimenting with
    placements to create a number of seating
  • If you have a large living room that would allow
    us for multiple functions use it for a decorative
    seating and we also recommend you to be generous
    with your spacing.
  • Keep it Simple
  • Switching to a costly stuff isnt the only
    possibility to decorate your home. We shall also
    create a beautiful living room with a simple
    layout. Elegant furnishing and decor are not the
    only attractive apparatus. Beautification can be
    as simple as moving some furniture around and
    adding a rug.

  • Eye Catching furniture and Accessories
  • A final highlighter to the decorations is
    assisted by the lights and various accessories
    that occupy the right places. Comfortable sofa in
    tan, printed cushions and accessories make the
    room look ethereal as well as warm. Selecting
    material with different textures and colors is
    appreciated as a choice of materials with the
    same characteristics. Natural colors and
    materials of the furniture contrast against the
    textured walls of the house..
  • While a wide range of decorations are available,
    when it comes to planning and executing, the
    process feels to be thrilling as well as
    challenging. OyeExpress offers a wide range of
    unique simple and elegant pieces of decorative
    ideas that can beautify your home, that brings
    pleasant feel and life to your living rooms.
  • Naturally laid back
  • Incorporating natural scenes to the living room
    brings a unique freshness. Use of whites with
    earth color undertones, along with the natural
    materials creates an organic feel. The flavor of
    green and brown with usage of natural tines
    create a welcoming aura to anyone. OyeExpress
    drives you for decorations with a wooden feel or
    materials related to wood for your floor, walls
    and ceiling to merge the room with nature.

Chapter 2
  • 7 Things you should
  • know before decorating your duplex living room

  • In todays modern age, theres nothing more
    luxurious than living in a duplex apartment. It
    has the luxurious floor space associated with a
    villa interior and all the conveniences of an
    apartment complex. The first room people see when
    they enter your home is likely to be the living
    room. This is the room where you and your guests
    can socialize and relax. Here are seven design
    tips for duplex interiors to make your living
    room make a lasting impression.
  • Here are 7 tips for duplex interiors to make your
    living room make a lasting impression.

  • Define areas with a rug
  • Todays apartments often follow an open floor
    plan. This means that unlike houses of
    yesteryears, the dining room and living room may
    share the same space. Putting up a wall to divide
    the space may make the rooms smaller. Rugs may be
    a much better alternative..
  • Rugs play a key part in defining spaces and
    separating one area from the other. To separate
    the dining and living spaces, you could set up
    the dining table over one rug and the living room
    furniture around another.
  • Choose the right sized furniture
  • It isnt just the length and breadth of a sofa
    that needs to be considered when you look at
    furniture for a duplex house interior. You will
    need to consider the overall size and proportions
    of the furniture. This means you need to keep the
    height of the furniture too. A small room can be
    furnished with delicate furniture but for larger
    room, you will need heavier furniture.
  • The furniture you place in the living room should
    maintain its shape and be comfortable. It should
    also be arranged in such a way that there is
    enough walking space around the furniture. For
    example, you should have at least 1-2 feet of
    space between the sofa and the coffee table.
  • China is a great place to source furniture for
    villa interiors. There are a number of entire
    cities devoted to furniture design and
    manufacturing. If youre considering sourcing
    furniture from China, you will need services that
    help with local navigation, translation and
    logistics. OyeExpress is one such partner who has
    proven to be very reliable and dependable..

  • Make the staircase a focal point
  • Duplex homes must have a staircase running
    through them. This is usually located in the
    living room. When it comes to decorating this
    space, the staircase should not be seen as just a
    means to go upstairs and downstairs but also as
    the focal point of your room.
  • Duplex homes must have a staircase running
    through them. This is usually located in the
    living room. When it comes to decorating this
    space, the staircase should not be seen as just a
    means to go upstairs and downstairs but also as
    the focal point of your room.
  • Arrange the furniture in small grouping
  • The living room is the space to socialize with
    guests and get to know them better. The sofas and
    seating in a living room can be arranged in a
    single large setting or in multiple, smaller
    settings. The former has a more formal appearance
    while the latter is better suited to people who
    like entertaining people in a more informal
  • Small groupings make it easier for people to have
    intimate conversations. A pair of armchairs with
    a table between them may be placed at one end of
    the room with a love seat at the other.

  • Dress up the walls
  • Duplex living rooms typically have double height
    walls. This gives the illusion of a larger space
    but if left plain can be quite boring. A large
    piece of artwork is the perfect way to dress up a
    tall wall. This may be much better than to create
    a gallery of smaller pictures together.
  • The smaller pictures may make the space look
    crowded and too busy. A large canvas or a
    3-dimensional mural are ideal for such spaces.
  • Add a touch of green
  • Plants add a natural elegance to a living room.
    They also cleanse the air by absorbing carbon
    dioxide and releasing oxygen into the air. They
    also reduce stress levels. Plants can be arranged
    in many different ways. A grouping of tall plants
    in a corner can be an interesting focal point.
  • A tall plant may also be placed in a corner. In
    addition, you could add smaller plants on
    bookcases and corner tables. Pothos is one of the
    easiest plants to grow indoors and can be grown
    in hanging planters.

  • Pick the right window treatments
  • Windows are a great way to introduce natural
    light into a duplex living room interior.
    However, large windows can also be an obstruction
    to maintaining your privacy. Thus, you will need
    to dress them with curtains or blinds to keep
    unwanted attention away. Layering window
    treatments is often the best way of keeping the
    balance between maintaining privacy and letting
    natural light in. A layer of sheer curtains will
    allow the light in without allowing people to
    look in. After sunset, you could draw heavier
    curtains across.
  • When it comes to dressing your windows you could
    choose between regular curtains, roller blinds
    and venetian blinds. Choose fabrics and prints
    according to the impact you would want to have.

  • Looking for luxury furniture for your living room
    interior from China
  • OYEEXPRESS is one stop solution for all your
    sourcing and shipping from China.
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