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Reasons Why Goa is the Best Romantic Destination for Couples


A honeymoon is a special vacation taken by newlyweds immediately after their wedding, to celebrate their marriage. Today, honeymoons are often celebrated in destinations considered exotic or romantic. Here are 10 reasons why you need to choose Goa as your honeymoon destination. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Reasons Why Goa is the Best Romantic Destination for Couples

10 Reasons Why Goa Is The Best Romantic
Destination For Couples
After marriage, the very next thing couples are
hassled about is planning their honeymoon. Many
couples prefer deciding on their honeymoon
destination well in advance, even before the
wedding and why not? This is supposed to be the
first trip together after marriage and it ought
to be extraordinary and romantic. There is no
better destination than Goa to offer you all that
you need beaches, sea view rooms the perfect
sunset, to make your honeymoon more than just
special. Goa is said to be the Ultimate
Honeymoon Destination in India. Here are 10
reasons why you need to choose Goa as your
honeymoon destination 1. Romantic
Beaches Relaxation is the key for a perfect
honeymoon and the beaches in Goa allow you to do
so! You can take a dip in the sea, a romantic
walk as the tiny waves lap your feet or
make yourself comfortable in the sand with your
loved one as you can adore the sun sinking by
the horizon of the Arabian Sea. Moreover, you can
also admire the beautiful sunrise from your sea
view room in Goa. You can always go online and
book one of the best beach resorts in Goa which
offers sea view rooms at a great price.
  • Ease of Travel Access
  • Goa is connected to every place in India either
    via rail, road or air. If you reside in the
    neighbouring state of Goa, you can always drive
    to this beautiful state, overnight.
  • Alternatively, you can avail rail or flight
    tickets online at an affordable price. If youre
  • resident of Maharashtra and have booked a Goa
    honeymoon package, then the most
  • romantic option to travel to Goa would be the
    Angriya Cruise Indias first domestic cruise
    liner and enjoy the fascinating sights over the
    deep blue sea.
  • Easy Two or Four-Wheeler Rentals
  • Most couples who visit Goa for their honeymoon
    tend to lease a two or four-wheeler to
  • explore the beauty of the state. What an ecstatic
    feeling to drive through the Dear Zindagi
    road! Rental vehicles are plenty and promptly
    available in any part of Goa. You can likewise
    opt for a rental car or bike beforehand if it is
    inclusive in your Goa honeymoon package.
  • Oh-So-Romantic Beach Resorts
  • Your honeymoon is complete when you settle at the
    best beach resort in Goa. The Bogmallo Beach
    Resort would be the right choice for your stay as
    it is nearby to the airport railways station
    and is said to be one of the best beach resorts
    in Goa having rooms equipped with all the
    amenities and luxurious interiors, offering you
    an exquisite and romantic stay in Goa.
  • Beach resorts with sea view rooms in Goa are
    always preferred.
  • Beautiful Architecture
  • Goa is known for its unique and pristine
    Portuguese architecture, after the beaches. The
    ancient Churches with beautiful domes and precise
    designs with detailed structures are
  • definitely eye-catching. If your Goa honeymoon
    package is inclusive of sightseeing, then the
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa is undoubtedly
    on the list. There are numerous other churches
    that you will get to explore on your honeymoon in

6. Nightlife Nightlife in Goa has consistently
pulled in tourists and why not? Goa has the
most enthralling nightlife. Some of the best
beach resorts in Goa have in-house night parties
and dazzling pool-bars. Apart from this, you can
visit a number of famous clubs like Titos, Sinq
and Showbar in North Goa for the most incredible
nightlife experience with your loved one.
  • Fantastic Goan Cuisines
  • There is no point if you return without trying
    some of the mouth-watering Goan cuisines. Fish
    seafood is always on the hotlist of the Goan
    menu. Try the Goan fish curry-rice and you are
    sure to order for a top-up. Many restaurants in
    Goa offer delicious seafood dishes like squids
    and prawns, which are worth a try.
  • Candle-Light Dinner
  • Make your loved one feel all the more special by
    surprising him or her with a romantic
  • candle-light dinner by the beach. You can
    pre-book for a candle-light dinner as a part of
    your Goa honeymoon package. Some of the best
    beach resorts in Goa offer a complimentary
  • candle-light dinner for two where you can spend
    some quality time with your loved and
  • savour a delicious meal.
  • Water Sports Activities
  • The beaches of Goa are always welcoming, and you
    get to see a lot of water sports other
    activities happening around. Why not step up for
    an adventure? Fly above the ocean by
  • partaking in the parasailing activity or plunge
    into the deep blue sea to experience the

mesmerising underwater life through a scuba
diving adventure. You can always enquire about
these water sports activities with your Goa
honeymoon package provider. 10. Safety Comes
First Goa is always known to be safe for couples
and other tourists. You can freely move around
at any point of time without any worries. This is
the reason why many people prefer visiting Goa
for most of their vacations. The Tourism
Department of Goa always ensures to keep safety
as the priority. Without a second thought, you
can now go ahead and book the best beach resort
in Goa at the most affordable price. Many
resorts and hotels offer sea view rooms in Goa
where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the
sun setting by the horizon. Book your tickets and
head to Goa!
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