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Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks to Consider in 2020


Do you need a high-quality and reliable framework to optimize the process? With that in mind, here we have mentioned the top 10 mobile app development frameworks to consider working with in the year 2020. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks to Consider in 2020

Top 10
Mobile App Development Frameworks to Consider in
  • Mobile apps have taken over the world. The
    revenue in the industry is skyrocketing and only
    expected to go higher.
  • There are apps for fun, apps for staying on task
    and dozens of other helpful categories of
  • However, in order for us to enjoy these apps,
    someone has to create them.
  • A lot goes into the creation and development of
    these apps.
  • This includes finding the right design, using
    high-quality code, using great security, and
    tracking measures to ensure everything is running

  • Of course, you also need a high-quality and
    reliable framework to optimize the process. With
    that in mind, this article is going to go over 10
    of the best mobile app development frameworks to
    consider working with in the year 2020.

1. Xamarin
  • Acquired by Microsoft in 2016 after originally
    being built in 2011, Xamarin is a very smart tool
    and framework to help build your apps. It
    provides flexible native performance and uses the
    C language. It is open-source and has over a
    million developers in the community.
  • One of the best things about the app is its user
    interface. It is not only clear but also makes
    great use of space and gives easy access to a
    large number of helpful development tools. No
    matter what feature or tool your app-building
    journey requires, Xamarin will have it.

2. Ionic Framework
  • Built with Cordova and Angular, Ionic is a
    cross-platform framework that aims to help people
    create iOS, Android, and Windows apps. Like many
    other frameworks included here, it is completely
    open-source and has a strong community of users.
  • One of the biggest benefits of the framework is
    that it allows developers to use default UI
    elements. This allows them to focus on what
    actually matters in the app development process,
    and not spend a lot of time on these UI elements.
    It is very easy to adopt and features great
    performance, as well.

3. PhoneGap
  • Originally launched as Apache Cordova, Adobe
    changed the name of this framework to PhoneGap in
    2011. PhoneGap is a reliable choice for those
    looking to develop in a cross-platform
    environment. Developers can use a range of
    different languages and the apps can be deployed
    to many devices without losing important features.
  • This framework is one of the very few that allows
    and supports the use of phone hardware like the
    camera and GPS. The framework also offers some of
    the best performances and can be used to create
    apps for essentially any operating system.

4. Flutter
  • Coming from Google, Flutter is a popular choice
    for those looking for faster coding. This
    framework is more like a software development kit
    but is still incredibly useful for mobile app
  • It uses a single code base for both iOS and
    Android apps and allows for quick and easy
    modification of widgets.
  • This framework will help you create an app in an
    efficient manner without sacrificing quality or
    performance. It is completely open-source and
    features many contributors from all over the

5. React Native
  • React Native is among the most popular frameworks
    for building apps and was originally created by
    Facebook. It is used by a range of companies
    large and small. Whether you want to build an app
    for Android or Apple, React Native will help you
    do so quickly, while still ensuring the app is
    reliable and powerful.
  • Faster deployment times and shorter development
    cycles are the names of the game for React
    Native. The framework provides very smooth
    animations, is easy to maintain, allows for
    reusable components, and comes complete with many
    useful features.

6. Appcelerator Titanium
  • Appcelerator Titanium is a common choice for
    developers looking for a one-stop-shop for Mobile
    App Development. It is especially popular for
    those with experience in web development, as it
    helps you easily transition into mobile app
    development. A big benefit for this framework is
    that it allows for much of your code to be
    reused, which saves a ton of time.
  • From a single code base, this framework will let
    a developer create hybrid mobile apps quickly and
    easily. It also contains thousands of APIs for a
    variety of different platforms and operating

7. JQuery Mobile
  • Supporting a wide range of operating systems,
    JQuery Mobile is a popular Cross-Platform
    Development Framework for applications. It is a
    very lightweight web framework that ensures your
    application is responsive. It also features a
    library of ready-to-use JavaScript plugins.
  • These plugins can help your app become more
    user-friendly, simple, and interactive for your
    users. In addition to building mobile apps,
    JQuery Mobile can also help developers create web
    apps as well.

8. Intel XDK
  • Another cross-platform development framework,
    Intel XDK benefits from allowing developers of
    all kinds to create mobile apps from a single
    code base. It is a comprehensive tool that can
    help developers with a number of challenges they
    normally experience during the process of
  • One of the major reasons that Intel XDK has a lot
    of space that can be used due to its interface.
    The interface on Intel XDK allows for drag and
    drop, which is incredibly simple to control and
    use. Also, the framework makes it very simple and
    quick to test your app on several different

9. Corona SDK
  • Corona SDK is a popular and free mobile app
    development framework. It is powerful and can be
    used for many different types of apps, but is
    most often used for games. In fact, many large
    games such as Warcraft and Angry Birds use the
    Corona framework in some capacity.
  • The framework is based on Lua, which is a
    lightweight language that is very fast, easy to
    use, and incredibly flexible. Once a project or
    app is created within this framework, it can be
    published to a range of platforms.

10. Mobile Angular UI
  • As you could likely gather from the name of this
    framework, it is a UI framework that helps
    developers to build apps. It is under MIT license
    and open-sourced, so it is completely free to
    use. It comes with a number of interactive
    components to allow for great user experience.
  • A big benefit of this framework is that it can
    simplify the development process, which is always
    appreciated by developers. The framework also
    makes it simple to bring a desktop app to mobile,
    and vice versa.
  • Depending on your needs and goals, each of the
    aforementioned development frameworks are great
    options to consider.
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