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Top 5 Elements of Visual Hierarchy in a Web Design


The visual hierarchy can be defined as an arrangement of different elements on a web page in which users perceive the given information easily. Such arrangements are done by creating visual contrast between different elements where the elements having higher contrast than others are recognized first by visitors. There are many websites on the internet that looks beautiful but it is not necessary that their elements are arr anged according to visual hierarchy. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 5 Elements of Visual Hierarchy in a Web Design

Top 5 Elements of Visual Hierarchy in a Web Desi
An Innovative Website Design Why creating an
effective visual hierarchy is important? The
visual hierarchy can be defined as an arrangement
of different elements on a web page in which
users perceive the given information easily. Such
arrangements are done by creating visual
contrast between different elements where the
elements having higher contrast than others are
recognized first by
  • visitors. There are many websites on the internet
    that looks beautiful but it is not necessary
    that their elements are arr anged according to
    visual hierarchy. The visual hierarchy plays an
    important role in affecting the interaction
    behaviour of users as well as their decision
    making ability. There are other reasons as well
    to use visual hierarchy in your website design
    but enhancing the user experience is the most
    important of those.
  • Lets see what are the other benefits of using
    visual hierarchy in your website design
  • Promotes the specific content of your website.
  • Entice visitors to click call to action button.
  • Encourages users to sign up on your website.
  • However there is no magic formula to build an
    effective hierarchy for a website, so designers
    must invent something new to engage the visitors
    on a site. They can also set right the existing
    applications and platforms to achieve the web
    design goals. Since some hierarchies are simple
    and some are complex to understand from the
    users point of view, you need to look for the
    right visual hierarchy for your website.
  • Some of the visual hierarchy principles that you
    need to keep in mind while considering your web
    design are determining the
  • Size and scale of elements
  • Color and contrast
  • Typography
  • Spacing
  • Proximity
  • Negative Space
  • Alignment

  • Repetition
  • Perspective
  • These are the working principles of visual
    hierarchy that will enhance the look of your
    website. You need to understand one thing that if
    your visitors fails to understand the layout,
    content and call to action of you website, they
    might not want to work with you. You will have
    to portray the different elements on your web
    page in visually appealing way so that they can
    easily understand what they are seeing. It is
    not very difficult to do if you contact a
    professional web design Los Angeles company to
    create an effective visual hierarchy for your
  • Choosing SFWP Experts would be a smarter choice
    as they have intellectually-minded designers and
    developers who can create an engaging visual
    hierarchy for your website. When you rely on
    them, it is 100 sure that your call to action
    buttons will be clicked more number of times and
    the conversion rate will increase. As an
    award-winning web design company in Los Angeles,
    our aim is to build gorgeous looking websites for
    your business that will draw your potential
    customers attention and encourage them to do
    business with you.
  • Now lets have a look at the top 5 elements of
    visual hierarchy in a website design
  • Size
  • From a common perspective, the most important
    element on a page should look larger in size so
    designers always consider the size factor before
    making any decision. For example, a common
    thought keep running in designers mind that the
    objects needed to be clicked by visitors should
    be made big enough so that they can click or tap
    them easily. This idea is true for call to action
    buttons that are placed on the homepage or
    landing page. The call to action buttons should
    not look 10 times bigger than other elements on
    the page as you might want to use some indirect
    methods to convey your message. However in some

cases neither catchy sentences nor attractive
designs are required to engage users with
certain element or product. Its because the
images itself describe everything and work as an
effective call to action. Size affects the
different elements of the page including title,
subheading and the body of content. While
determining the size of different elements on the
page you also need to consider their contrast
and appearance. In some cases the font size of
the content on the page should be kept smaller in
size so that your visitors stay focused on the
key visuals and not distracted from it. When you
build a professional website to engage your
visitors, you need to keep all the elements on
the page in a balanced manner. To do this you
should work on the visual hierarchy of your
website and analyze the proper position, color
and size of the elements. While trying to make
your website more engaging you should not make
something too large, and something too small. You
should determine carefully the size of fonts,
call to action buttons and images. If you dont
want to do it yourself and need someone
experienced to create a visual hierarchy for
your website, look for the highest rated web
design company in the US. They will create
balanced website for your business that will
boost your conversion rate. However you can also
fulfil your website needs through our company as
we offer the best web design and development
services. You can expect from our company to
avail the quality services at a fraction of the
cost that other big agencies charge. Layout The
layout of a website also plays a major role in
enhancing or worsening the visual hierarchy of
that site. It affects the usability of visitors
when they try to do something on your website.
There are a few principles of visual hierarchy
that you can work on to make a big impact on your
users. It includes Fitts law and Hicks law where
the former one is about taking advantage of the
position on a page that can be easily reached by
the visitors. For example, the corner and border
of the screen is the place where a mouse can
easily reach as compared to a fixed point in the
center of the page. Whereas the latter explains
that the more options a user would have, the
longer they will take in making a decision. So
it is good to not give too many options to your
users and not restrict them too much in taking
some action. To understand better take an
example of a well-designed website and a
poorly-designed website. Whom do you like to do
business? Its obvious you are going to like the
former one and not the latter one. Why? Because
everything you see on their page is placed at the
right position and you do not need to scroll the
page too much to find the useful features or
elements. Its also easy to navigate their page
as you can understand well what you are required
to do after landing on their website. The catchy
lines, attractive images and visually appealing
fonts make things clear where the CTA button is
located. If you also dream to have a
well-planned layout for your website, you will
have to wait no longer for it anymore. There are
many good web design companies in Los Angeles
that can provide you the perfect layout for your
website. One among them is SFWP Experts that can
create the best website layout for you and it
would be a valuable addition to your visual
hierarchy. On top of that, our team of designers
and developers are excellent in creating the best
custom web design and that too at the best
prices. This way we make small businesses
capable of competing with the bigger brands that
have a strong online presence. Colour
Contrast Its no secret that people make
emotional connections with colors when it is
used individually or with other colors. You can
enhance or eliminate the psychological effects
of colors by making use of the contrast. When you
contrast some colors against different colors,
it draws more attention of the visitors when
they land on your page. For example, a yellow
call to action
button or font might look more impressive when it
will be placed on a page with blue background.
These types of color combinations will help you
decide what can impress your visitors more than
any other combination for your CTA. The whole
internet is filled with multiple color options to
choose for your website. Now its up to you what
color you like to use for your CTA or the
background of the page. When different colors are
used in designing the layout of a website, the
designers should make sure they work on the
contrast part very well to differentiate between
the key visuals and other visuals. Also they
need to make sure whatever colors they are using
in the website should not be hard on the eyes of
visitors. The color combination that highlights
the CTA on your page is considered to be good
for visual hierarchy. You can also have a
beautiful website for your business if you work
with a good web design company. The designers at
our company make good use of color palette to
decide the right color for different elements of
your web page. We work with the latest
technologies and softwares to ensure the best
web design is delivered to you in the shortest
possible time. The websites designed by us are
so responsive that it can be accessed by your
visitors through all devices including desktop,
tablet, and mobiles. Style You can enhance the
design of your website by adding a touch of your
own personality to it with the help of graphics,
images and textures. It also affects the visual
hierarchy of your page and when you use the
texture correctly, it benefits you in the same
way as the right color and size. For instance
when you place the non-textured element in the
foreground and textured one in the background,
your design will stand out from other designs.
But dont do it excessively otherwise it will
ruin the overall look of your page.
For using the graphics and images on your web
page, it is better to make creative logos,
unique icons and beautiful photos that will be
displayed on your website. The idea behind going
through this process is to create an
aesthetically pleasing design that draws the
attention of your visitors instantly. Remember a
visual hierarchy is formed by the arrangement of
a variety of elements on a web page such as
texts, images, and graphics. If these elements
are placed at the right positions on the page
then its well and good and if not then you will
have to place it correctly. When everything will
be placed at the right positions, your users can
find the desired features and elements easily by
moving their mouse pointer. Sometimes when you
browse the internet you will come across many
gorgeous looking websites but not all of them
have a visual hierarchy that enhances the user
experience. So it is not necessary that all
gorgeous looking websites provide great user
experience. When you start looking for the top
web design companies on the internet, not all of
them have the ability to design an ideal visual
hierarchy for your website. But you can trust us
to create a visual hierarchy for your website if
you want to increase your conversion rate. We
use our several years of experience of working in
the web design and development field to achieve
surprising results for your band. Spacing
Proximity According to Gestalt principles, the
users tend to perceive elements as a similar
function when they are placed together. However
the elements that are related to the central
image of the page are placed just below it and
the navigation options for the content of the
website are placed usually at the right
side. In a web design white space also plays an
important role in enhancing the look of the
website apart from other elements. One of the
common mistakes that some inexperienced
designers make while designing a website is
adding unnecessary elements to the white space
to fill it out instead of leaving it. They
hardly understand that white space should be used
as a design tool to enhance the readability and
visibility of the website content. To make the
key visuals of your website easily noticeable,
the sufficient amount of white space should be
left between the important elements of the page.
This way you can make those elements the center
of attention for all the visitors landing on your
page. You can also improve the comprehension of
the texts by making good use of white space in
margins and between paragraphs. Including white
space in your web design is so important that it
acts as a factor in engaging or disengaging your
visitors with your web content. For this reason
the designers consider white space as an
important element of the visual hierarchy. Now
when you know the top 5 elements of visual
hierarchy in web design, you should keep it in
mind while designing a customized website for
your business. But if you dont have technical
knowledge of CSS and HTML languages you might
not be able to create an effective website for
your business. In that case you should talk to
the designers of web design companies whether
they will be able to build a conversion-focused
website for you. If they agree you should
discuss the charges and if they dont you should
get in touch with SFWPExperts - a innovative
Wordpress website design company. We have been
designing visual hierarchy for several websites
for a long time so we think our designers are
fully capable of creating engaging visual
hierarchy for your website. You can also
communicate with us through emails, phones or
chats and we promise to respond to your query
within a few minutes. Rest assured that our web
designers will answer any of your questions that
you might have related to your
website. Contact Details 213-277-9177
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