SAP Innovations Witnessed by various industries in 2019, What has 2020 got for you? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SAP Innovations Witnessed by various industries in 2019, What has 2020 got for you?


Innovation and success of your business go hand in hand and thus SAP innovations are going to play a vital role in defining the success rate of business growth in 2020. To know more visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SAP Innovations Witnessed by various industries in 2019, What has 2020 got for you?

AcuitiLabs SAP Innovations Witnessed by various
industries in 2019, What has 2020 got for
you? Feb 2020
About Acuiti Labs Acuiti Labs is a Digital
Transformation company that solve business
digital challenges using innovative technologies
to assist clients digital transformation
agenda. Acuiti Labs is proud to be SAP Partners,
deploying cloud-based technologies. As 2020 is
already here, many businesses involved in big
data spaces are eager to understand and grab upon
the next set of SAP Innovations and latest
technology trends that this new year has got in
for them.
Role of SAP Innovations to fulfill Customer
Customers are evolving over the period of time
and so are their expectations. This has somehow
created a virtual world of outgrown competition
with which every business is dealing in reality.
If you are looking for a solution to solve the
most complex business problems and want to bring
your companys vision to life, SAPs innovative
solutions can help you. Many businesses are
already taking advantage of SAPs offerings and
had achieved the greatest goals through unique
and leading-edge software innovations. In 2020,
its your turn to collaborate with SAP to provide
a unique experience to your customers right from
discovery to delivery.
  • 1. Health Care
  • The American Society of Clinical Oncology is
    shaping the future of cancer care by providing
    individualised solution. With the help of big
    data stored in the cloud, people can easily
    access it and use it to create personalised
    evidence-based treatment plans which will further
    result in better patient care.
  • 2. Agriculture
  • In agriculture, Stara which is a farm
    equipment manufacturer is reimagining its
    ecosystem and fundamentally changing its business
    models with the exceptional solutions by SAP that
    are helping to digitally connect the internet of
    things across people, plants and machines. These
    innovations are helping the company realise its
    goals in a better way.

Get Benefited from SAPs experts who have built
over 4000 innovative solutions for more than 1500
clients across the range industries including
  • 3. Transportation
  • Trenitalia, a high-speed rail company is using a
    tailored, dynamic magnets management SAP solution
    that harnesses the internet of things to analyse
    censored data from trains in real-time. Now
    customers enjoy better service and the company is
    saving 8-10 cost annually
  • 4. Retail
  • A retailer company, Tata CLiQ launched the first
    of its kind phygital marketplace with SAP
    Hybris Solution to combine the Physical and
    Digital world. Now, the customers are enjoying
    seamless omnichannel shopping experience that is
    personalized so that they feel special every time
    they visit or buy from here.
  • 5. Entertainment
  • Make your innovations real with SAP innovative
    solutions. Now, it is your turn to best utilize
    these and let your business bloom in 2020. Bring
    your concepts to life with high value,
    individualised solutions built by SAP experts.

SAP Tech Trends and Predictions for 2020
  • 1. Big Data
  • Big Data can play a vital role in transforming
    the decision-making ability of you your business
    with the help of technologies like in-memory data
    management, analytics, artificial intelligence
    (AI), and machine learning. Big data solutions
    for SAP can easily manage your various data
    landscape across data warehouses, data lakes,
    and databases with perfect to use on-premise
    and Big Data cloud solutions.
  • 2. Machine Learning
  • Through the collaboration done with top
    universities in the world, SAP is all set to
    explore the more futuristic choices of machine
    learning and expand the technology for
    businesses. This collaboration will help SAP in
    focusing on a lot of different machine learning
    research topics and work on resolving open AI
    challenges in various industries.

3. Cloud Computing Businesses like yours can be
benefited by choosing the cloud solution as by
doing so you dont need to make direct
investments in hardware or IT staff, but get a
subscription to the computing resource based on
your requirement and pay the amount only for what
you use. These are three main SAP innovations
cloud deployment options from which you can
choose the best fit for your business requirement
public, private, or hybrid cloud. SAP promises
to provide the most secure cloud platform that is
maintained with the highest quality standards so
that your data is safest. 4. The Internet of
Things The Internet of Things can be defined as a
network of physical objects like vehicles,
objects, machines, home appliances etc. that use
sensors APIs to connect and exchange data over
the Internet. Get the most out of the Internet of
Things and SAP in 2020 for your business with
high-tech IoT applications, software, and
5. Blockchain Unlock the potential to
revolutionize the way your business currently
operates with Blockchain technology. Blockchain
is based on distributed ledger technology, which
securely records information across a
peer-to-peer network. Join SAP Blockchain group
and stay ahead of the competition. Easy
communicating and networking with peers, staying
updated with the latest industry trends and
knowledge from speakers and SAP experts are a few
best advantages that any business will be able to
take while using Blockchain. 6. Digital
Transformation A fundamental rethinking of
customer experience, business models, and
operations is what digital transformation is all
about. Any business that chooses digital
transformation automatically chooses new ways to
deliver value to the customers, generate better
revenue, and improve efficiency. Now or later,
every business will eventually have to opt for
digital transformation. A few businesses are
under pressure to go for digital transformation
and built a strong clientele, while there are
others that are looking forward to it and moving
ahead with slowly. Are you among those businesses
that need to be transformed digitally in 2020?
Thank you
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