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20 Greatest Travel Experiences in the Indian Subcontinent for 2020


The India Subcontinent is one of the most-sought travel destinations in the world. With its vast diversity, incomparable mystique, fascinating histories, soulful culture, inspiring architecture and spectacular scenery, it is unique. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 20 Greatest Travel Experiences in the Indian Subcontinent for 2020

20 Greatest Travel Experiences in the Indian
Subcontinent for 2020
The India Subcontinent is one of the most-sought
travel destinations in the world. With its vast
diversity, incomparable mystique, fascinating
histories, soulful culture, inspiring
architecture and spectacular scenery, it is a
unique. This part of the world has the most
incredible range of geographical features, from
glaciers to desert land and rainforests to vast
grasslands. The wonder of the Taj Mahal, the
mystic of heritage sites, the thrill of regal
Bengal tigers, and the quaint tea plantations of
India will captivate you. The mountain kingdom
of Bhutan welcomes with spirituality, rich
culture and beautiful vistas. The Himalayan
Kingdom and the highest point on earth, Nepal has
heritage, culture, adventure and spellnidng
views. The island country of Sri Lanka!
The subcontinent offers a chance of the greatest
travel experiences. With so much to see, do and
experience there are a number of life changing
memories. 1. Calm Cruise on Kerala's backwaters,
India The backwaters of Kerala are a network of
900 km of lagoons, canals, rivers and lakes, and
a meditative calm. Cruising over these tranquil
waters are kettuvalam houseboats that offer a
memorable experience. With private sleeping
quarters, observation deck and other amenities
this is an extraordinary experience of Kerala
tours Packages. Meals are included on a houseboat
cruise. The local fish known as karimeen is a
must-try on the menu and is named among the
tastiest dishes to relish on the Indian
2. Roam the remains at UNESCO World Heritage
Sites in India The vast colourful heritage of
India is one of the major lure for travellers
visiting the country. Spread over eras and
centuries, the history dates back to the start of
the civilization to the many ruling powers. The
legacy of the olden days are preserved and given
the status of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in
India. Roam these remains for the greatest
experiences in the country.
Taj Mahal, the Group of Monuments of Hampi,
Mahabalipuram, Temples of Khajuraho, Walled City
of Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Fatehpur Sikri, Jantar
Mantar, Red Fort, Caves of Bhimbetka, Ajanta and
Caves, etc. are some of the finest specimens.
There 38 heritages sites some cultural, natural
and even mixed heritage. 3. The first light view
of the Taj Mahal, India The Taj Mahal is one of
the most recognised icons of the country. The
graceful monument with its poignant story is
known to captivate all those who glance at the
beauty. While the view takes away your breath
away, anytime of the day, there is certainly
something magical about the dawn. The first
light of the day transforms the ethereal beauty
in one of the best experiences of your lives.
Undeniably it is among the best highlights of
India tours packages.
4. Hike to the Tigers Nest, Bhutan Perched
spectacularly over a cliff above the Paro valley,
The Tigers Nest is one of the must-visit
highlights of Bhutan tours. Known as Paro
Takstang, the 17th century Buddhist Monastery is
a sacred fortress of white-washed walls and
fluted roofs. Built on the sacred cave once
consecrated by Guru Rinpoche, an incarnation of
Lord Buddha, the temple maintains its delicate
setting with Buddhas blessing. Believed to be
visited by the divine deity on the back of a
tiger, the monastery is named so. Fluttering
prayer flags, spinning prayer wheels, beautiful
views and soulful monks and kids make it a hike
5. View the mighty Mount Everest, Nepal The
worlds highest mountain, Mount Everest at an
8,848m is a mighty site. While all visitors may
not be able to hike to the very top of the
Everest, the view is surprisingly accessible.
32km from Kathmandu, Nagarkot offers a
breath-taking view of the mountain and the many
other peaks of the Himalayas. The view certainly
counts among the greatest travel experiences in
the Indian Subcontinent.
6. Spiritual bliss by the Ganges, India
Rivers in India are known as Goddesses and
believed to be the spiritual backbone. Mother
Ganges as the river is worshipped as,
originates high in the glacial sources of
Himalayas flowing through some of the most
sacred cities Rishikesh, Hairdwar, Varanasi and
Allahabad before finally emptying into the Bay
of Bengal 2,510km later.
The ritual of Ganga Aarti is one of the most
spiritually-enriching experiences in India. Every
evening in a grand ceremony is held on the
Ganges River Banks. The most spectacular prayers
are held at Varanasi, Haridwar and Rishikesh. 7.
Explore the backstreets of Kathmandu,
Nepal Nepals wonderful capital city, Kathmandu
counts among the best tourist places in the
Indian Subcontinent. The ancient city of sacred
Hindu temples is dotted with a number of UNESCO
world heritage sites. Surrounded by lush
mountains, the town preserves Newari traditions
and culture. The Durbar Square is the heart of
the town known for presenting unique art of wood
and stone carvings.
8. Visit the rock city of Sigiriya, Sri
Lanka Sigiriya Rock Fortress listed as a UNESCO
World Heritage Site dates back to the 5th
century, and is perhaps Sri Lankas picture
postcard monument. The massive rock structure
jutting out of the forested plains like a giant
tooth still has the remains of the Fortress and
the Royal Palace. The climb up to the Sigiriya
Rock Fortress is 1200 steps through the Mirror
Wall and the giant stone paws of a lion, Sigiriya
means Lions Fortress in the local Sri Lankan
language, Sinhalese.
9. Embark upon wonderful railway journeys India
makes railway journeys simply some of the best
travel experiences. Indian luxury trains allow
exploring India without having any hassle of
packing, unpacking and checking in and out every
day. The train journeys cover the rich history,
culture and heritage along with truly pampering
There are also trains, rare feat of engineering
such as The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and
Kalka- Shimla Train, UNESCO World Heritage site
that winds through the mountains. Trains journeys
in India are some of the greatest travel
experiences in India. 10. Wander through
Rajasthans Mighty Forts Rajasthan is a
quintessential chapter of Indian history. The
land of the fierce warrior clans of Rajputs, it
is home to some of the mightiest forts. Hill
forts of Rajasthan deserve special mention. Named
among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India,
these fortress are example of defensive
architectures. Jaipurs Amer Fort, Ranthambore
Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Gagron Fort, Chittorgarh
Fort and Kumbalgarh Fort are some of the
must-visit. Jodhpurs Mehrangarh Fort, Bikaner
Fortress and many others are some of the most
interesting places to explore.
11. Go Wild on Wildlife Safari India is blessed
with lush expanse of jungles that serve as
inhabit to the ferocious Royal Bengal Tigers,
roaring Lions, elusive one-horned rhinoceros,
colourful birds and many other species of the
animal kingdom. These thriving jungles allow
thrilling wildlife safaris in India that make the
visit some of the best travel experiences.
Besides the thrill of spotting the wild animals
in their natural habitats there is stay in
wildlife resorts, treehouse and other adventure
Wildlife tours in India are unique experiences,
be it in Madhya Pradesh- Bandhavgarh, Pench or
Kanha, Ranthambore in Rajasthan, Gir in Gujarat,
Periyar and Nagarhole in South India, Kaziranga
in the east or the UNESCO World Heritage Site of
Sundarbans. 12. Pampering your senses with
Ayurveda Massages Ayurveda is one of Indias
ancient secrets of health and wellness. The
holistic treatments are said to pamper the body,
mind and soul. Kerala is said to have been the
birthplace of the healing tradition. With time
the rituals spread all over India and now are
practiced at the foothills of the Himalayas, calm
seaside towns and also the top hotels of the
country. Unlock harmony of all your senses with
Ayurveda massages and treatments. Ayurveda and
wellness packages offer the ultimate bliss and
the memorable experience.
13. Spiritual Enlightenment with Yoga Yoga is
another ancient secret of health and wellness
that finds its source in ancient India. Till date
practiced at the foothills of Himalaya, they
imbibe practitioners with many secrets of the
union of body, mind and soul. Rishikesh has
earned the reputation of the Yoga Capital of
India. Ashrams by the holy River Ganges were the
first to begin the traditions of yoga and till
date continue the rituals. The International
Yoga Festival is the annual celebration that
brings visitors from far ends of the globe.
14. Delicious taste of Food and Culinary
Classes India tours are not just about
sightseeing, it is more about experiences. Indian
food is the greatest delight of exploring the
country. From the North to South, East to West,
the gastronomy is unique. Each region, each city
and almost all cultures deserve a visit to savor
each of the tastes. From Rajasthani food,
Mughlai cuisines, South Indian dishes, sweets,
beverages, street food and more, everything
calls for a food tour. While the tastes will make
its place among the best memories, culinary
classes imparts the knowledge to be taken home.
15. Shopping Shopping may not sound that
glamorous but in India it is definitely among the
greatest travel experiences. Handicrafts-
clothing jewellery are the greatest bargains
but there is also spices, local produce and
unique highlights of every region. Besides the
deal the experience of negotiation is the
16. Stay at Royal Palaces Hospitality has been
the very base of India tours. Royalty has been
the very basic fabric of the colourful legacy of
the country. The royals of the olden days built
and lived in some of the most fantastic palaces.
They royal palaces have now been converted into
hotels that pamper guests with an exclusive stay.
Stay in the royal palaces turned heritage hotels
are among the greatest travel experiences. Royal
Rajasthan tour with heritage hotels are the
favourite tour for the one in love with royal
pampering luxuries.
17. Discovering the popular Golden Triangle The
most popular of India tours, The Golden Triangle
Tour is among the best experiences of India in a
short time. Covering the cities of Delhi, Agra
and Jaipur, the journey covers the impressive
remains of the many dynasties that rules Delhi,
Mughal Culture and a glimpse of the royal
Rajputana traditions. The concise tour covers
the wonder of the World- Taj Mahal, UNESCO World
Heritage Sites and there unique cultures.
18. The vast nothingness of the Rann of Kutch and
the burst of colors A unique landscape, the Rann
of Kutch is a vast expanse of the salt-marsh
desert. Imitating nothingness and often
mirroring the sky, the land is truly incredible
and the view among the cherished memories of a
lifetime. The beautiful Rann comes to life during
its colourful Rann Utsav (November to February.
Drive out over the plains in a jeep, stay in a
tent city, come across folk culture, embark upon
camel safaris, and fall in the love with wonder.
19. Sussegado in Goa Goa is Indias tropical
haven. Blessed with beautiful beaches, thrilling
adventure sports, Portuguese heritage culture
and many leisurely experiences, Goa is synonymous
with relaxed fun. For the ultimate beach
holiday, Goa has it all. Relax by the shore with
your favourite drink, enjoy the privacy of your
beach resort, try water sports, explore spice
plantation wildlife sanctuaries, discover the
old churches and forts and have the great
vacation. Goa offers the best of travel
experiences in the Indian Sub-Continent.
20. Experience the Kandy Esala Perahera The
streets of Kandy are witness to one of the most
spectacular processions in the world. The Esala
Perahera (also known as The Festival of the
Tooth) is an annual festival every July or August
(depending on the Full Moon Poya Day). Hundreds
of whip crackers, flag bearers, fire-dancers,
Kandyan drummers, and elephants in bejewelled
capes make it an awe-inspiring event and the best
among experiences to try on a tour of the Indian
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