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Top 5 Secret PHP Web Performance Tips to Improve Success Rate


Website Speed Optimization is using the strategies and techniques to speed up your site & make it faster to load in the web browsers. If your website loads slowly then you will lose your site rankings in search engine results. It requires a lot of efforts & tweaks to optimize your website speed. I have listed over 5 website speed optimization tips to increase your website speed. Moreover, you can use these techniques for both WordPress & Non-WordPress. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 5 Secret PHP Web Performance Tips to Improve Success Rate

Top 5 Secret PHP Web Performance Tips to Improve
Success Rate
  • We are going to discuss five relatively quick
    and easy checks which will help you in increasing
    PHP web performance. Lets start with a sort of
    action necessary to improve the performance of
    server-side PHP code.

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1. Caching
  • In the list of various website speed
    optimization tips, caching ranks top. Caching not
    only enhances the websites UX experience but
    also helps in increasing web application
    performance by reducing page download times. This
    strategy is easy to implement and important to
    attain speedy recovery for your PHP web

2. Profiling
  • Profiling is another hack, one can opt for
    better web performance. You can do profiling of
    your website from any of the open-source tools
    available in the market. It will give you an
    exact portion of your PHP code taking most of the
    time. Most commonly used among them is Xdebug. As
    its name implies, Xdebug was initially launched
    as a debugging tool. However, the utility of
    profiling was added to it later.

3. Suppress Loops
  • For profiling, there are several tools
    available in the market. Popular among them are
    Xdebug and Zend Debugger which help in creating
    profiling reports. If you go with Xdebug, you can
    also make use of Webgrind, a web front-end for
    Xdebug. These reports help in finding bottlenecks
    and blockades in the code. Well, the bottleneck
    is a problem, but it iterated 10000 times, it
    becomes 10000x bigger problem. So try not to
    forget such issues for a better PHP web

4. Minify Static Scripts
  • If you want to reduce total processing time
    and increase the loading speed of an application,
    minifying these static scripts is a good
    approach. To do so, there are several manual
    steps available which include minimizing server
    requests, minimizing downloadable elements size,
    Load order optimization, merging, refreshing
    JavaScript and CSS files, and so forth.

5. Review Database Access
  • In terms of web performance problems, you
    can consider database access as the main source
    for web performance without even inspecting the
    code. And probably, you are right, Database
    connections are expensive operations, especially
    in the case of PHP language due to the lack of
    connection pooling.

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