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Title: ForexSecret123 (22)

Trading Forex With Bitcoin How Does It Work?
  • The Forex Secret

ABOUT Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin has evolved in recent years into a
    speculative investment for individuals seeking
    alpha from alternative assets and a possible
    hedge against global uncertainties and weakness
    in fiat currencies. Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital
    floating exchange that is pegged to the U.S.
    dollar like in foreign exchange (forex). However,
    unlike gold, there is no underlying physical
    asset on which one can base the price.

Is Bitcoin a Currency?
  • The debate over whether bitcoin should be
    considered a legal tender has accelerated in the
    wake of the high-profile attack of Japanese
    exchange Mt. Gox and the widespread adoption of
    it in payment processing at major U.S. retailers.
    Unlike the U.S. dollar, the Chinese yuan, or the
    euro, bitcoin is not recognized universally as a
    currency by every participant of the global
    markets, including regulators and government

Bitcoin Trading Versus Forex
  • Bitcoin is not subject to the supply uncertainty
    created by international central banks.
  • Bitcoins are mined at a predictable rate, while
    unexpected shifts in monetary policy, like the
    Swiss National Banks decision to unpeg its
    currency from the euro earlier this year, can
    create significant swings in currency prices.
  • The greatest difference between Bitcoin and Forex
    is the matter of liquidity. Global currency
    trading is a 5 trillion market, compared to a
    bitcoin market valued in the billions.
Trading Bitcoin on Forex
  • A number of forex brokers like Bit4X and 1Broker
    state that individuals can deposit, withdraw, and
    trade on a bitcoin-based account.
  • the functionality of 1Broker may have legal
    implications for Americans given the fact that
    contracts for difference (CFDs) are not allowed
    in the United States.
  • In order to purchase bitcoins, users must create
    a bitcoin account and initiate a transfer of
    money into the account every time they want to
    purchase a bitcoin.

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