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Top Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey


No need to worry for lack of hair or thinning of hair or no hair... We at MHC provide top clinics with best surgeon in Turkey that suit you ,which is cost effective and will save your time. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Top Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey
  • About hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic procedure
which works by extracting hairs you already have
and implanting them to areas of the head that are
either thinning or have no hair. Hair, or lack of
hair, is a prominent feature of the face and one
of the first things anyone is going to notice.
Regaining hair with a hair transplant is the kind
of thing thatll massively alter the way you
look, and the way others perceive you.
Popular treatments
  • Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) A strip of
    skin is removed from the section of the head
    where the follicles will be taken to carry out
    the implant. The area of the scalp where the
    strip was taken is sewed back together, leaving
    any scarring to remain hidden by the hair.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) Back of the
head is shaved and individual follicles of hair
are removed one by one by the surgeon and their
team. May leave some marks, small dots, but will
be covered by the hair when it grows back.
Istanbul aesthetic center - Hair Transplantation
  • Istanbul Aesthetics and Medical Surgery Center is
    a well established hospital in Turkey that
    provides great cosmetic treatments through its
    staff of highly experienced doctors and
    personnelIstanbul Aesthetic Center is located
    in Esentepe Mahallesi, Istanbul Aesthetic Center,
    Keskin Kalem Sokak, Sisli/Istanbul, Turkey and
    has very good links to transportation nearby . We
    place specific focus on ensuring ease and comfort
    of all our patients and their relatives or
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Medical Park Hospital Group - Hair
Transplantation Turkey
  • Providing healthcare services in Turkey since
    1995, Medical Park Hospitals Group serves
    patients in 31 hospitals located in 17 cities and
    is a pioneering actor in the sector with 211
    operating rooms and 16,000 employees.Working with
    specialists, patient-oriented service approach
    and multi-disciplinary work under one roof,
    Medical Park Group of Hospitals provides quality
    diagnostic and therapeutic services in all
    hospitals, including four accredited by Joint
    Commission International (JCI). It is located in
    Bahçelievler Mahallesi, Medical Park Bahçelievler
    Hospital, Kültür Sok., E5 Yolu,
    Bahçelievler/Istanbul, Turkey.
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Medical Park Hospital Group - Hair
Transplantation Turkey

  • Memorial Hospital Group is a leading care
    provider with 15 care centres across Turkey. We
    specialise in a wide range of surgical and
    non-surgical treatments including cosmetic
    dentistry.We are well known outside Turkey.
    Memorial Hospitals Group is one of the leading
    healthcare companies in the Middle East, Africa,
    and Eastern Europe. Around 35,000 international
    patients receive medical treatment in our
    hospitals annually and this number is growing.
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Estpoint Aesthetic Hair Center - Hair
Transplantation Turkey
  • Estpoint Aesthetic Hair Center is a well
    establish medical facility that has been
    providing care for local and international
    patients since 2005. The hospital treats over
    10,000 patients a year across a many medical
    disciplines, including cosmetic surgery,
    dentistry, dermatology and a variety general
    medical practices.The Estpoint Hair Clinic in
    particular is a popular department amongst men
    from all over the world, with thousands of
    international patient treated to date.
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Mono Medical Center - Hair Transplantation Turkey
  • Our hospital serves over 10.000 patients each
    year since 2005 with highly qualified medical
    professionals and staff members by adopting the
    principles of excellent services, building
    peace, trust, customer satisfaction, openness to
    innovation, criticism and respectability. It
    also sets out to offer the best in its field and
    took this goal as its base. With its long years
    of experience, knowledge and work experience in
    the same sector, it provides a customer oriented,
    accurate and high quality service.
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