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Top 5 eCommerce Future Technology Trends you Should You Atleast


Want to increase your eCommerce sales by transforming your online store as per customer needs? Can you establish a good eCommerce marketplace? Can these 5 eCommerce technology trends provide greater customer satisfaction and increase your business. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 5 eCommerce Future Technology Trends you Should You Atleast

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Ecommerce Future Trends
  • Nowadays, eCommerce is based on the internet and
    electronic technologies such as online
    transactions, mobile commerce, electronic data
    interchange, electronic data interchange,
    inventory management, supply management systems,
    data collection, automation, and digital
  • As per the stats, the share of eCommerce in the
    worlds total global retail sales has increased
    from 6 in 2015 to 13.7 in 2019. And experts
    think that it will cross 18 by the end of 2021.
  • The future of the eCommerce industry is bright
    businesses have a lot of scope in it!
  • However, the competition is also growing fast and
    you must transform your business. For this
    reason, use these top 5 future technological
    changes that are going to happen in the first
    quarter of 2020.

B2B Commerce Will Explode
  • B2B companies are leveraging upcoming eCommerce
    trends, too. Its even been projected that B2B
    eCommerce sales will increase worldwide to 6.6
    trillion by 2020.
  • The combination of e-retail and social media has
    resulted in evolving B2B Commerce marketplaces.
    Facebook and Instagram are the greatest examples.
    The social e-commerce will grow by 25 in the
    next 5 years.
  • m-Commerce or Mobile commerce is another great
    example where online shoppers prefer mobile
    solutions to make purchasing. Mobile generates
    50 of internet traffic therefore, B2B commerce
    will increase in the future.
  • Thus, focus on personalization customer
    engagement to give better benefits to customers,
    and clients while they shop at your eCommerce

Beacons Dash Buttons
  • Beacons drive retail sales and provide a
    personalized mobile shopping experience at the
    same time. Similar is the case with Dash Buttons!
  • According to a presentation in 2013 by Apple,
    beacons were told to be heavily used by the top
    retail stores. Urban Outfitters, Target, Macy's,
    and CVS use them in building more personalized
    content strategies.
  • The device transmits Bluetooth signals to all the
    nearby smartphones having the correct branded
    app. It increases the chances to use the app and
    complete the purchase. You can utilize beacons to
    gather consumer information and send personalized
  • Similarly, the Dash button appliance from Amazon
    offers easy order-placement of the most regularly
    purchased goods. These button devices are tagged
    to a place where these goods are often used.

AI, Assistants, and Chatbots
  • In 2019, robots will invade eCommerce stores. Not
    humanoids, but chatbots artificial intelligence
    (AI) that enhance a customers overall shopping
  • AI assistants can handle several tasks at a time
    more efficiently than a human. These digital
    assistants carry out various processes, freeing
    up time for you to focus on other aspects of
    running the business.
  • For instance, chatbots can fulfill many customer
    service needs, from answering questions about a
    product to discussing a complaint. AI and
    chatbots also learn from customer conversations
    evolve to better assist in a users personalized
    eCommerce experience.
  • In the future, we will witness conversion-based
    experience in eCommerce space!

Interactive Product Visualization
  • Weve all hesitated to hit the Buy button when
    shopping online. Before you enter your payment
    info, you begin to wonder Is this product going
    to be exactly what I need? Is this a quality
    product? Or, is this a knock-off?
  • these doubts show that we doubt the quality and
    we a better way of visualizing a product while
    doing online shopping. Hence, we have interactive
    product visualization technology in progress.
  • With the help of Augmented and Virtual reality,
    3D imaging, now it is becoming possible to
    interact with a product from the laptop or
    smartphone. The best example is the 360-degree
    online shopping experience!
  • Interactive product visualization technology
    seeks to bring tangible in-store experience to
    online consumers and alleviate their hesitation
    before purchasing.

Blockchain Technology
  • With the e-commerce growth, there are issues with
    trust, slow transactions, higher fees, policies
    digital data ownership. This industry is getting
    revolutionised by blockchain technology. With its
    concept of a distributed, genuine ledger of all
    digital transactions, blockchain helps to build
    trust in online payments.
  • As a real-life example, Amazon has policies for
    its listed retailers. They reduce contact with
    their customers, as they can just send one
    follow-up email. Amazon employs its own customer
    support that is not acquainted with the
    merchants products.
  • At present, experts are working on the future of
    the e-commerce marketplace. It is called
    ECoinmerce and will be blockchain-driven to solve
    the aforementioned issues

Are You Ready To Transform Your eCommerce
  • The top eCommerce development services in USA
    understand these technological trends. As a
    result, they are continuously evolving the ways
    of eCommerce app and web development to increase
    more customers.
  • If you want to remain in the eCommerce
    competition, then you will have to adopt these
    changes, otherwise, you will soon lose your
  • If you are ready in transforming eCommerce
    business, then you can contact us anytime. We are
    24x7 available to serve your needs!

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