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Tips and ideas to paint house


tips to paint your home like a pro. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips and ideas to paint house

Tips and ideas to paint house
  • The art of being a painter is not just to take
    the brush, a bowl, paint and paint crazy as if
    the world was over. There is much more behind and
    a series of guidelines and tricks to paint walls
    that we must take into account so that they are
    left with a termination of homogeneity and
    professionalism on the surface to be treated, be
    it a wall or a complete room, a piece of
    furniture or whatever price.
  • Currently techniques for painting smooth or rough
    walls there are many, many other tools and in
    finishes we are in a range that can literally be
    lost in a thousand colors and reliefs that really
  • New techniques in wall paintings such as not
    finishing painting a wall (It is fashionable)
    although it seems unattractive, use the technique
    of "Color blocks or color blocking" which is
    about combining pieces, objects and surfaces of
    different colors, mainly in planes and with
    colors that stand out or use special rollers with
    reliefs that will print the painting with
    drawings on the surface imitating the style of
    the wallpaper but with a tempting finish.

How to paint a wall?
  • In this article we will give the guidelines of
    how to paint walls and methods in a coherent and
    simple way from the perspective of a
    professional, so before going to buy anything, we
    will review some necessary ideas.
  • To determine how to paint a wall before we will
    have to ask two simple questions

What are we going to paint?
  • Determining the surface on which we are going to
    act when painting the wall is essential not to go
    over our budget. So think well that we want to
    change or reinforce in more vivid colors.
    Remember that the roof also exists!

How much paint do we need for a wall?
  • How to calculate the necessary paint for walls is
    very easy, whether for exterior or interior we
    only have to do a few simple calculations to
    obtain the surface on which we are going to act.
    We can see it in the following example of a room
  • A useful note. Do not subtract the doors or
    windows from the surface .... Why? It is always
    worth more than missing material, then we can
    reuse it, give a new layer or save it for an
    emergency. Returning to the store again means a
    good increase in our initial budget. An example
    of a calculation on several rooms would be

  • When we have the total surface area in square
    meters (Remember to add all the rooms, if
    applicable and see if we are going to give a hand
    or two). When we are in store, we will only have
    to see on the label of the boats, what is called
    the performance of the paint, which is indicated
    on the cans in square meters per liter (m2 / L).
  • The "yield" are the approximate square meters
    that we can paint per liter. (Currently, it also
    indicates directly the total area covered by the
    boat you buy in size)

The color on the wall
  • We must take into account the space we have, that
    is, a trick to paint walls of different colors
    giving the feeling of spaciousness, in its
    general appearance, you can choose to paint the
    walls of the color you want, but the ceiling It
    should be white that will give an appearance of
    altitude. In addition, it also influences the
    economic aspect since white paint, as a rule, is
    cheaper than that of color.
  • The effect of colors on itself can be identified
    in the following image. You have to take this
    aspect into account when choosing a color

  • We can use the opposite effect to the Color
    Blocks that we mentioned previously. If we paint
    the walls of the same color as the furniture we
    will have a deep visual, which I already tell you
    is very much appreciated and an aspect of
    impolutive and order in the decoration of the
    dining room, the living room or a small room of
    the house and Even from a bathroom.
  • A very good idea when decorating with reference
    to homes that have very high ceilings and it is
    preferred to give a more coherent visual with the
    space. It would be to paint the ceiling with two
    shades darker than the walls. The effect
    convinces anyone!
  • Within the best painting tips, it is an app that
    we find interesting and that on some occasion can
    help us. It is an application that captures
    real-world colors and adapts them to the
    Sherwin-Williams color palette. It is a free
    application from Itunes Apple called ColorSnap

  • The use of gloss finishes, preferably use only in
    the bathroom and kitchen, you will have a feeling
    of cleanliness and hygiene, and the matte finish,
    for the rest of the house. Large spaces with
    walls in brightness are annoying to the eye and
    more if it reflects the light.
  • How a wall is painted must be fun and
    unfortunately it takes patience and time. Not all
    of us have the necessary qualities and we are not
    a handyman, so going to a professional is not a
    bad idea and, for example, since painters in
    Madrid are paid once the work is finished, which
    is not bad at all! ... Always trying to have Of
    course the colors you like. You have to look at
    magazines, catalogs ... etc. To have a good idea
    of what we really like.

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