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Inspiring short story with moral lesson of Avinash Kuri!


He did his engineering, got a job, and was called up for early promotion, but he refused to accept it. Dreams cannot be planned but their execution can. In the case of Avinash Kuri, it was different or said, complicated. He liked acting since his childhood but didn’t know how to take the next step. Being an outsider it was challenging to get into the film industry. It.s motvational story with moral lesson. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Inspiring short story with moral lesson of Avinash Kuri!

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  • Avinash Kuri was a big fan of Bollywood. Since
    his childhood, his dream was to become an actor.
    His father was in Indian Army, and hence he has
    spent his childhood in Army Cantonments.
  • Though its hard to believe Avinash used to copy
    his Grandfathers action when he was just 2 years

  • He used to mimic others when he was grown up a
    bit. His favorite time pass was to watch movies
  • Avinash used to think about choosing his fathers
    career path, also most of his friends were going
    on the same path as they all were army kids.

  • While watching these all movies on Doordarshan,
    he had so many ideas. He wanted to make a film on
    an Army soldier from a non-officer perspective
    but situations never let him think more about his
  • His love for acting was never going to leave him.
    He was in the 5th standard when he watched a
    Vinod Khanna film which was based on the life of

  • This movie left a different impression on him.
    Avinash liked this movie so much that he gathered
    his friends to make their own bandits story.
  • While watching famous superstars like Amitabh
    Bachchan, Govinda, Shahrukh Khan, etc on the big
    screen, he always wanted to experience that in
    his life. Watching these actors made him fell in
    love with acting even more.

  • One of his life incidents changed his mind, he
    even stopped watching movies. One day his teacher
    asked to write an essay on What do I want to
    become when I grew up? He wrote about becoming
    an army soldier while one of his friends wrote
    about becoming an actor.
  • His teacher shouted at him for choosing acting as
    a career, which was wrong at her part.

  • After getting his mind off from movies, he saw
    his classmates going after Engineering. He
    decided to go with the flow.
  • He joined The Army school of Technology, Pune and
    once again acting came to his life. When his
    seniors used to call him for ragging, he used to
    mimic or some story depiction.

  • It didnt take him any longer to realize what he
    actually wanted to do in life. Entertaining
    people by his skills and talent was going to be
    his next step.
  • He had another mountain in front of him to
    convince his parents for his new career choice.
    With a confused mind, he joined a job in a
    Software company named John Deere.

  • Still, he wasnt ready to give up on his dreams,
    he joined a theatre group to work with them after
  • He did his first professional theatre play
    Khamosh Adalat Jaari Hai. Then the show was
    never going to stop, he worked on his next play
    called Long Live Revolution which was
    co-written and co-directed by him

  • After completing his 3 years at John Deere
    company wanted to give him an early promotion but
    he refused and also resigned from the job to
    follow his dreams.
  • He shifted to Mumbai and worked really hard. His
    upcoming feature film Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy is
    proof that hard work always pays off. His life is
    not less than a movie itself.

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